Moviegoers never tire of the action film genre, which explains why fans revisit a number of acclaimed action films. Especially in the 90’s there were some action movies that are now recognized as classics including Total recall and point break. But for every successful action film, just as many have been bombed in the eyes of critics and viewers alike – some spectacularly.

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However, there are a number of action movies released in the 90’s that deserve a remake. Some of these films had great concepts but lacked real execution; others could be enhanced through the use of modern special effects, and some could take their story in a new direction. Regardless of the method of execution, these remakes could become the classics that the originals never became.

10 Freejack could be a more satirical sci-fi action hit

Loosely based on the novel by Robert Sheckley Immortality, Inc., Freejack stars Emilio Estevez as Alex Furlong – a racing driver from 1991 who is transported to the then-future of 2009 shortly before his death. In this future, mercenaries called “Bonejacker” are hired to bring people from the past who are on the verge of death to 2009. In this way, the near-deceased can serve as new bodies for the rich and the sick.

Furlong escapes and goes on the run, becoming what is known as a “Freejack”. Meanwhile, he is being pursued by a top bonejacker named Victor Vacendak (Mick Jagger). While Freejack It’s entertaining, it mostly feels like a derivative of other futuristic sci-fi movies Bladerunner. A remake could keep the man-on-the-run approach but with more humor and satire from Sheckley’s novel.

9 John Carpenter’s vampires could use more bite

Horror legend John Carpenter directed this film, which stars James Woods as Jack Crow, the badass leader of a group of vampire hunters working for the Vatican. When a legendary vampire slaughters his team, Jack is forced to team up with a young priest to take down the bloodsucker before finding a relic that allows vampires to exist in the sunlight.

Carpenter’s film has some fun bits of action, but that’s about all it really has to say. Besides its extremely masculine, mean tone, the film mainly suffers from a lack of character development. Perhaps a remake could benefit from a more personable tone without sacrificing the terrifying thrill or having three-dimensional characters.

8th A new Tank Girl movie could be crazier than the original

Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett’s wacky comic series, tank girl, made the leap to the big screen in 1995 with a film starring Lori Petty as the eponymous anti-heroine. However, the comic’s success did not carry over to the film. It received a fairly mixed reception from critics and was bombed at the box office.

The success of fast-paced and irreverent comic book adaptations like Dead Pool are proof a tank girl Film can work and do justice to the madness of comics. A new film would benefit from an inventive director on board, the involvement of Martin and Hewlett, and more modern special effects, all of which could allow for the sorts of ridiculous antics not possible in the original film.

7 Which movie deserves a remake? The shadow knows…

With superheroes dominating both film and television, it’s about time more of the older pulp heroes claimed some of the limelight. That includes The Shadow, who hasn’t appeared on screen since the 1994 film adaptation starring Alec Baldwin. While the movie is underrated, a modern day movie starring the character wouldn’t be a bad option either. A new adaptation of The Shadow that remains a play from the superhero era but also incorporates elements of classic film noir and gothic horror could strike awe and excitement in moviegoers’ hearts.

6 Steel could be reforged into a much better film

DC Comics character John Henry Irons was a weapons designer who discovered his technology was being used to harm innocents. Inspired by Superman, Irons donned super-powered armor and became the superhero Steel. The character’s popularity led to an unsuccessful 1997 film adaptation starring basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal.

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In the years since, superhero films have evolved through the use of CGI and modern special effects, allowing them to do things that would have been impossible in 1997. A new version of Steel could succeed in ways the original film couldn’t. such as the hero donning an enhanced, comic book-accurate suit created through CGI and motion capture technology.

5 A new version of barbed wire could suit the superhero crowd

Based on the Dark Horse comic, Barbed Wire was supposed to be a star for Pamela Anderson, but critics and audiences disagreed. Among the film’s many flaws is the fact that the film’s plot bears far too many similarities to Casablanca. This is unnecessary if the comic has more than enough material to draw from.

For example, the comic is set in an alternate version of Earth that is more technologically advanced and filled with superhumans, most of whom are criminals that Barbara “Barb Wire” Kopetski deals with on a regular basis. A Barbed Wire A remake that more closely follows its source material could stand out in the crowded superhero landscape if given a unique voice and attitude.

4 Johnny Mnemonic could use an upgrade

Writer William Gibson is best known as one of the pioneers of cyberpunk literature. He later adapted his short story Johnny Mnemonic into a film starring Keanu Reeves in 1995. The film wasn’t a success by any means, but it’s had a slightly warmer reception from fans of the modern genre in recent years. With the cyberpunk genre still loved by many, there is potential for a remake of Johnny mnemonics Succeeding where the original didn’t, especially when it comes to special effects, action set pieces, and staying true to the original story.

3 Zoro deserves to ride again

Like The Shadow, Zoro is another pulp hero who deserves a return to the public eye. There are rumors of a crossover movie starring Jamie Foxx’s Django Freeman Django Unchained and Antonio Banderas’ Alejandro Murrieta/Zorro from the 1998s The Mask of Zoro. If this movie doesn’t work out, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make an entirely new Zorro movie, maybe one with the original Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega. As long as such a film stays true to the character’s swashbuckling nature and desire to protect the downtrodden, Zoro could become popular again.

2 A new spawn movie has unlimited potential

When it comes to popular non-Marvel or DC comic book characters, Al Simmons/Spawn is one of the most well-known. Aside from an acclaimed HBO animated series, he hasn’t found much success outside of comics, though not for lack of trying. A film based on Spawn was released in 1997 and is still vilified to this day.

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Since the film’s release, Spawn’s creator Todd McFarlane has spoken of wanting to make a new one Spawn Film he would personally write and direct, although that project is in development hell. If or when a new one Spawn If a movie is made, it could certainly benefit from today’s sophisticated special effects and a creative team that can properly translate the horror and fantasy aspects of comics to the big screen.

1 Last Action Hero could be a bigger hit

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s satirical meta-action comedy Last action hero was a massive flop upon its release in 1993, but it’s a lot better than its reputation would lead viewers to believe. For example, it contains several clever jokes at the expense of Schwarzenegger’s star persona and the over-the-top nature of action films. Still, a remake wouldn’t be a huge mistake.

A new attitude Last action hero starring someone like Dwayne Johnson could take his satire even further, poking fun at the tropes of modern action movies, Johnson’s personality, and how the blockbuster action genre is to some extent overshadowed by superhero movies. Phil Lord and Chris Miller are the perfect directing duo for a remake like this.

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