Austin Butler just made a star elviswhich was released on June 24thth to critical acclaim. He will next be seen in Denis Villeneuves Dune: Part Two, which will no doubt be another smash hit for the aspiring actor. If he continues this trend, he could very well be included in Ranker’s list of the most prolific actors who are consistently making great films.

Hollywood is a fickle business and sometimes it’s impossible to know how a film will be received, but certain actors have a knack for avoiding the less than desirable projects. Certainly, it’s impossible for an actor to make acclaimed movies at every turn, but this list of actors has a filmography where the good far outweighs the bad.

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10 Daniel Day-Lewis

Daniel Day-Lewis’ first known film role was in Gandhi (1982), which won Best Picture at the Oscars. From then on he starred in a number of critically acclaimed films including A room with a view and my left foot, which earned him his first Oscar nomination and win. The actor was subsequently nominated five more times (winning a total of three Oscars) and eight films from his filmography were nominated for Best Picture.

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Day-Lewi’s dedication to method acting and transformative performance make his films must-sees. Gangs of New York, there will be bloodand Lincoln are just a few of the iconic films Day-Lewis has starred in. Audiences and critics alike praise the attention and care he devotes to each role, and so the films become instantly popular, and rightly so.

9 Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

Out of Sophie’s choice to The devil Wears Prada, Meryl Streep has always shown she’s not afraid to try something new, and it’s paying off as she currently holds the record for most Oscar nominations in history (a record-breaking 21 nominations). Her illustrious film career isn’t just filled with critical favourites Far away from Africa and A scream in the darkbut she was also in many commercial hits like Mamma Mia! and Juliet & Juliet.

Streep has remained one of the most versatile actresses in film and it shows in her work. It’s no secret why she’s considered one of the greatest actresses of all time. Whether it’s a comedy, drama or musical, audiences know their performance will be top notch and the film that surrounds them will be just as amazing.

8th Anthony Hopkins

“Hello Clarice.” Anthony Hopkins is notable for starring in films that were not only successful but also culturally significant to the history of cinema. Anthony Hopkins is a prime example of never losing your star power. The legendary actor has starred in several acclaimed films such as as The Elephant Man, Amistadand of course, The silence of the Lambs.

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For over 50 years, Hopkins has been a highly admired actor for his countless fantastic performances. The films he makes always have an air of sophistication. His recent achievements include The father and the Thor franchise, showing that the actor is still making great films even in his 80s.

7 Christian Balle

Borden presents a coin to a boy in The Prestige

From a young age, Bale appeared in many well-received films such as Empire of the Sun and little woman. As Bale matured, he began to carve out a niche for himself playing transformative characters that drew on his impeccable acting skills. movies like american psycho, The fighter, and The great short film are all highly regarded films that prove that the actor knows how to choose the right project.

It’s impossible to talk about Christian Bale and not talk about the bat in the room. The Christopher Nolan Dark Knight The trilogy is one of the most successful and popular film franchises of all time, with many fans hailing Bale as the greatest Batman of all time. Bale has been able to smoothly transition from prestige films to summer blockbusters, but the fact remains that it’s a good film when Bale stars in it.

6 Matt Damon

Matt Damon The Bourne Ultimatum

Damon won an Oscar for co-writing at the age of 27 goodwill hunt in 1998. After literally “making” a good movie, Damon starred in more critical and commercial hits like Saving Private Ryan and The talented Mr Ripley. Damon has also been part of two very popular franchises, The Bourne Identity and Ocean’s Eleven.

It would be fair to say that Matt Damon’s filmography isn’t just filled with hits. Of course, there are a few missteps here and there (The Great Wallfor example) However, for each We bought a zoothere is a Interstellar & The Martian making the actor’s work collection more good than bad.

5 Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington sits behind microphones in Malcolm X.

Glory, Malcolm Xand training day are just some of the successful films that Denzel Washington made at the beginning of his career. His excellence and passion for film have resulted in a large number of acclaimed films throughout his four-decade career.

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The two-time Oscar winner has proven he has a knack for picking the right projects to star in American Gangster Flight, and fences show that the actor does not lose his ability to make really great films that not only entertain but also have something valuable to say.

4 Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood wearing a yellow shirt and sunglasses and a watch sitting behind the wheel of a car

Pitt isn’t called a movie star for nothing. While you’re in popular movies like B. start in smaller roles Thelma & Luise and true romancethe actor moved on to starring in a number of well-received films such as Legends of Passion, fight cluband The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

The veteran actor’s career is brimming with hugely successful films and critical acclaim. Pitt’s charisma and talent have undoubtedly resonated with audiences and critics, who seem to enjoy seeing the actor on screen. Ad Astra and Once upon a time in Hollywood are two of his most recent films, both of which received critical acclaim.

3 Morgan Freeman

Why Shawshank Redemption Morgan Freeman Character Named Red

Morgan Freeman’s legendary talent has led him to star in projects that have become part of the pantheon of cinematic greatness. movies like The Shawshank Redemption and seven have demonstrated their cultural importance and impact million dollar baby not only earned him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, but the film itself won the Best Picture award.

Freeman is known for his effortless performances, but he is identified even more by his signature voice, with Freeman being the most recognized voice in the business. In addition to acclaimed films, he has lent his voice to many documentaries March of the Penguins.

2 tom hanks

Tom Hanks has been in the film business for over four decades and his expansive career has spanned some of the most celebrated films ever made including Forrest Gump, Apollo 13and The soldier James Ryan. His foray into voiceover work led to his casting in one of the most successful animated franchises of all time, toy story.

Arguably one of the most likeable actors of all time, Hanks’ charm oozes off screen whether he’s playing an FBI agent Catch Me If You Can or Walt Disney himself Save Mr Banks. There’s a reason Hanks has been loved in Hollywood for so long, and that’s because he sure knows how to make a great movie. Hanks recently starred in the musical biopic, elvis.

1 Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio, in his role as Jay Gatbsy in The Great Gatsby, offers a champagne toast as fireworks go off in the background

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that DiCaprio made the Ranker list, as the fan-loved and critically-revered actor has starred in many popular films, including the third-highest-grossing film of all time. titanic. His collection of work is filled with many critically acclaimed films such as The Aviator, Inceptionand The Wolf of Wall Street.

DiCaprio made the leap from social climber to teen heartthrob to leading man. He effortlessly selected projects that not only enhance his career but also allow him to fully utilize his acting skills. The recognition DiCaprio received eventually led to his first Oscar win in 2016 for The revenant.

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