Chip Zdarsky and Jorge Jiménez are the new creative team Batman, and fans are excited for their first addition to Gotham City’s villain gallery. Failsafe promises to be Batman’s doomsday, and first glimpses of the character have given fans more than a few horror movie villain vibes.

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Batman has grappled with powerful horror movie villains like Dracula before Batman: Red Rain. Of course, his regular villain gallery is still full of terrifying villains who share many of the same traits as other popular horror movie villains. These costumed criminals would look just as good on the big screen as they do in Gotham City.

10 Doctor Death is a mad scientist whose experiments turned him into a monster

One of the first villains Batman ever faced was a mad scientist named Dr. Karl helpers. He was a master chemist who hoped to hold Gotham City for ransom with his poisons before being stopped by the Dark Knight. The character was terrifyingly reimagined in the New 52 continuity during Batman’s definitive origin story, “Zero Year.”

dr Helpers was a gifted scientist who hoped to use an experimental serum to strengthen human bones so they would not fracture from accidental trauma. The continued failure of his research and a series of personal traumas prompted him to experiment on himself. His body was terrifyingly altered by his ever-changing bones, and he became a monster known as Doctor Death.

9 dr Kirk Langstrom transformed himself into a giant bat-man using an experimental serum

Another scientist who used himself as a human subject was Dr. Kirk Langstrom. He was a zoologist who hoped to give mankind the same echolocation ability used by bats. His experiment technically worked, although it transformed Langstrom into a monstrous creature that came to be known as the Man-Bat.

Langstrom fought Batman for years, though fans may not know that Man-Bat also acted as an antihero. dr Langstrom’s horrifying transformation into Man-Bat would appeal to fans of werewolf and monster films that have been popular in the horror genre for decades.

8th Deacon Blackfire is the leader of a dark cult with violent plans for Gotham City

Batman: The Cult first introduced the character of Deacon Blackfire in 1988. Blackfire was a supernatural cult leader who formed a large following in the sewers of Gotham City, made up of the city’s homeless citizens. He had powerful psychic abilities that allowed him to exert his influence over others and may have been over a century old.

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Blackfire was able to even temporarily control Batman’s mind in order to radicalize him along with the rest of his army. he hoped to start a war that would help him take over Gotham City. Dark cults have played a huge part in the horror genre over the years. Blackfire’s unique psychic ability to spread his influence would make him a deadly horror film antagonist.

7 Killer Croc is a powerful monster that roams the sewers of Gotham City

Deacon Blackfire isn’t the only Gotham City supervillain to take up residence in the sewers. Waylon Jones was born with a genetic condition that gave him a powerful reptilian appearance and earned him the moniker Killer Croc. As an adult, he settled in the sewers of Gotham City before deciding to become a crime boss.

Killer Croc’s animalistic looks is one of the main reasons he would fit into the horror genre. Fans have watched horror movies about killer crocodiles and alligators for years. Jones’ unique personality and criminal drive already make him a compelling character, and his powerful reptilian body as Killer Croc pushes him further into horror territory.

6 Victor Zsasz is a serial killer who marks his body for each of his victims

Batman has encountered quite a few serial killers over the years. However, no one has shaped Gotham City quite like Victor Zsasz. The psychopathic serial killer is a common inmate at Arkham Asylum who lacks powerful abilities. He has an identifiable trait that would help him fit in with some iconic horror movie slashers.

While slashers like Jason Voorhees or Ghostface are known for their recognizable masks, Zsasz is known for the tally marks that cover his entire body. For each victim he claims, Zsasz makes a single mark on his body to count his kills. It’s an obscure but instantly iconic identifier that only makes Zsasz a more terrifying criminal.

5 Solomon Grundy is a massive undead swamp zombie with incredible strength

Batman has frequently feuded with an undead swamp monster named Solomon Grundy, who lives just outside of Gotham City in Slaughter Swamp. Cyrus Gold was killed there, but he returned as a reanimated corpse named Solomon Grundy. His name comes from the classic nursery rhyme he would sometimes murmur during his fights.

Solomon Grundy would be right at home with some of the cinematic undead, although he doesn’t fit the typical mold of some of the film’s scariest zombies. Grundy has at times acted as an anti-hero when it suited his purposes, as his worst deeds have almost always been committed as a result of manipulating others.

4 Professor Pyg is a deranged criminal surgeon who wears a hideous pig mask

Lazlo Valentin was originally an agent for a spy organization called Spyral before drug experimentation drove him insane. He became obsessed with the story of Pygmalion and strove to create his own perfect being. This led to him kidnapping and mutilating a number of victims, whom he turned into his mindless dollotrons.

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Professor Pyg is one of the most unsettling characters to be introduced to the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery over the years. He’s also one of the scariest due to Professor Pyg’s sick and twisted experiments. He would have been in the horror genre alongside other mad scientists like Dr. Moreau just right re-animator or even dr. Frankenstein.

3 The Batman Who Laughs is a mocked dark knight from a dark universe

horror movies like Far away and phantasm Often explored some of the terrifying horrors that existed in alternate dimensions or in parallel realities. The Dark Knight turned himself in during the Dark Nights: Metal Event when he encountered The Batman Who Laughs from the Dark Multiverse.

The Batman Who Laughs was a Bruce Wayne who broke his no-kill rule and ended up murdering The Joker. However, Joker’s death unleashed a final poison that transformed Batman into a Joker version of himself. The Batman Who Laughs seemed to take inspiration from that Hellraiser‘s Pinhead, eventually making him a terrible threat to the multiverse as The Darkest Knight.

2 Cornelius Stirk is a cannibalistic serial killer with terrifying psychic abilities

Another inmate who spent much of his life in a cell at Arkham Asylum is Cornelius Stirk. He is a cannibalistic serial killer who believes that eating hearts full of fear enriches his own life force. Stirk had a unique telepathic ability that made him an even more dangerous killer and potential horror movie star.

Cornelius Stirk had the psionic ability to disguise himself in front of his victims. He could get close to them because he could get them to see him as someone they loved and trusted. He was also able to use this ability to induce fearful hallucinations in his victims. This reminded some fans of the nightmare-inducing Freddy Krueger from the long-running hit Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise.

1 Scarecrow is obsessed with fear, which drives his experiments

Stirk wasn’t the only villain to specialize in fear. dr Jonathan Crane was a psychiatrist and gifted chemist obsessed with fear. He created his costumed Scarecrow persona so he could further test his hallucinogenic fear gas on his victims. He hoped to better understand fear in all its different forms.

His obsession with fear and the various psychoses associated with the emotion fueled his criminal exploits. He used his fear gas to delve into Batman’s motivations and explore his psyche in some of the creepiest scarecrow stories from comics. Scarecrow almost feeds on the fear of its victims, which it shares with villains like Stephen King’s Pennywise It.

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