The release of The Batman in theaters and HBO Max gave fans a new take on the Dark Knight that embraced the character’s horror roots. The Riddler received a sinister reimagining as a masked serial killer who would have found kindred spirits in other costumed slashers seen in popular horror movies on the big screen.

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While the latest iteration of The Riddler would fit into most slasher movies, there are also some horror movie antagonists like Jigsaw and Hannibal Lecter who would feel right at home in Gotham City. These horror movie villains could present Batman with a challenge that would make them dangerous members of Gotham City’s villain gallery.

10 Hannibal Lecter is a brilliant psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer who outwits the police

Author Thomas Harris first introduced the character of Hannibal Lecter into the novel Red Dragonwhich was first adapted as 1986 manhunter. However, one of the most popular versions of the murderous psychiatrist appeared in the 1991s The silence of the Lambswhere fans really got a taste for the cannibalistic serial killer.

Batman has addressed his share of murders that could star in their own true-crime documentaries about serial killers. However, Lecter’s incredible brilliance may present the Dark Knight with a new challenge. He faced similar threats with characters like Dr. Hugo Strange or Cornelius Stirk, but Hannibal Lecter could potentially get into Batman’s mind even better than The Joker.

9 Batman would definitely investigate the mystery of the masked slasher Ghostface, who targets teenagers

That Scream Franchise introduced the masked killer(s) known as Ghostface in 1996. He massacred teenagers in the small town of Woodsboro. Each entry in the franchise introduced a new set of characters under the store-bought Halloween mask. Every Ghostface in the Scream Series had their own reasons for joining the meta-slasher’s dark legacy.

Ghostface’s use of horror film trivia and tropes in her crimes is similar to some of Batman’s villains. The most notable is a serial killer known as the Movie Freak. Scream‘s Slasher would fit well in Gotham City as another costumed villain. However, Ghostface’s lack of additional abilities or weapons may not stand up to the bat family.

8th Thing is a shapeshifting alien being that can infect and replace a living being in order to survive

Batman has encountered a number of different alien species over the years. He even counts some visitors from other planets among his closest friends. However, over the years he has also faced off against a number of dangerous alien species. Aliens such as the shape-shifting White Martians or Starro the Conqueror have frequently attempted to take over Earth.

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John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi horror hit the thing introduced a deadly alien visitor who could shapeshift and disguise himself as a human. The titular thing from another planet could prove unstoppable if given a chance to infect Gotham City and spread. Batman would definitely have his hands full to contain the alien threat the thing.

7 Jason Voorhees is an unstoppable masked slasher with incredible strength that’s impossible to kill

There are a few different slashers that seem tailor-made for Gotham City, like the masked killer Michael Myers or the chainsaw-wielding Leatherface. One of the most dangerous slashers that could end up costing Batman money is Friday the 13th‘s hockey mask wearing Jason Voorhees.

Voorhees is one of the strongest movie supervillains and he feels neither pain nor compassion. However, following his death and rebirth as an undead monster in the long-running franchise, he has also become a supernatural character. Batman has some experience with undead monsters like Solomon Grundy, but could still be caught off guard if Jason were to take Gotham City.

6 Pennywise is the supernatural monster who kidnaps children so it can feed on their fear

Stephen King created some powerful monsters and evil villains that would pose a serious threat to Batman. Pennywise comes from the two-part cinema adaptation of It, this is a Stephen King story destined to become a comic. Pennywise is an ancient supernatural creature who dons an inhuman clown disguise every three decades to prey on frightened children.

Gotham City is already home to terrifying clowns like The Joker, which could lead to a rivalry with the Clown Prince of Crime. However, Pennywise would still work well in the Gotham City sewers. At least until Batman or one of his teenage partners like Robin could solve the mystery of the missing children.

5 Jigsaw’s cerebral traps, forcing his victims to fight for their lives, would give Batman a run for his money

2004 Seen shocked viewers with the use of violent death traps and the introduction of the series’ main threat, Jigsaw. John Kramer’s diagnosis of his terminal illness and the injustices he felt he was facing started his drive to become Jigsaw. He was one of the few movie villains who got what they wanted because his traps were designed to make his victims fight for their lives.

Batman is no stranger to violent death traps set up by his costumed villains to take down their heroic foe. Jigsaw’s crimes would be just the kind of mystery that would produce a detective like Batman. On the other hand, his alter ego Bruce Wayne might just be the kind of victim that Jigsaw is aiming for. The two were almost made for each other.

4 Just like Chucky, The Dark Knight had to deal with a few other killer dolls in Gotham City

The serial killer doll known as Chucky first appeared in 1988 child’s play. Chucky was originally a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray who was forced to use an ancient ritual to place his spirit in a child’s toy after he was shot by the police. Chucky has threatened a number of children and adults over the years in the long-running line of films and a television series.

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Batman has already dealt with quite a few killer dolls, having faced multiple versions of The Ventriloquist and Scarface over the years. The original duo became powerful crime bosses, while other versions became homicidal serial killers like Chucky. Batman might not have major issues with Chucky, although the seemingly immortal doll could still be a constant threat to Gotham.

3 Pinhead is a Hell Priest from another dimension who rules the cenobites and worships sadomasochism

Horror legend Clive Barker’s 198 hit Hellraiser featured the debut of the Priest of Hell, who became popularly known as Pinhead. The leather-clad monster from another dimension could be summoned to Earth through a puzzle box called the Lament Configuration. Pinhead and the other-dimensional cenobites lived to further their own sadomasochistic experiments.

While Batman isn’t always known for dealing with supernatural or extradimensional enemies, he’s not without some experience. Batman was dealing with his own version of Pinhead when he encountered the multiversal villain known as The Batman Who Laughs. Pinhead and The Batman Who Laughs would likely get closer over the torment they could inflict on the Dark Knight.

2 Kevin Wendell Crumb’s dissociative identity disorder made him the horde that followed the mighty beast

2016 Splits by director M. Night Shyamalan introduced the character of Kevin Wendell Crumb. He was a man with dissociative identity disorder whose true personality was buried among 23 other personalities, all vying for control of his body. They eventually worked together to become The Horde and worked in the service of a new alter called The Beast.

The beast was able to enhance its physique beyond its own physical limits. Batman has a few villains who struggle with multiple personalities like Two-Face. He’s also dealing with stronger villains like Bane, which might make his fight with the Horde a bit more manageable. Splits felt like a horror movie inspired by real events which added to the scare.

1 Freddy Krueger’s assault on teenage minds through their nightmares would definitely produce the Batman

Robert Englund famously played Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street Franchise. He is one of the few actors to have played a horror film villain for several decades. Krueger started out as a child killer known as the Springwood Slasher before his fiery death. He later returned as a vengeful ghost who found he could still claim more victims.

The mysterious case of teenagers scared to death in their dreams would surely interest a detective like Batman. His experience with other fear-based villains like Scarecrow might even give him an edge when facing someone like Freddy Krueger. Batman’s own nightmares may be too much for the knife-glove horror slasher.

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