The soundtrack makes a movie. The right film music can enhance an image, set the right tone and set the viewer in the right mood. In addition, the right song can make a movie scene an iconic and unforgettable moment.

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Certain films can be remembered for the songs or soundtracks used, but the music can also overshadow the film. Although melodies provide an emotional climax, the music used in films is often overlooked. Even so, a film can have flaws in its plot, characters, or themes, and the soundtrack can still be a success.

10 Juno’s music fits the mood perfectly

Juno Stars Elliot Page, Michael Cera and Jennifer Garner. After debating whether Juno would listen to Elliot Page, director Jason Reitman sent the script to musician Kimya Dawson. Dawson sang tracks alone and with her bands Antsy Pants and The Moldy Peaches. Reitman also contacted Mateo Messina, who continued to work with him thanks for smoking, and had Messina compose “the sound of the film” based on Dawson’s work. Without Dawson’s contributions, Juno would not be what it is.

Other music used in Juno includes The Kinks’ A Well Respected Man, Sonic Youth’s cover of The Carpenters’ Superstar and Barry Louis Polisar’s All I Want Is You. Junos The soundtrack is one of the most iconic and recognizable film scores of the 2000s.

9 Forrest Gump’s soundtrack follows the passage of time

Forrest Gump has a soundtrack that, much like the film, travels through many significant periods in history. Featuring music by Elvis Presley, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Doors, the soundtrack follows Forrest’s aging in a changing America. Lately, Forrest Gump was criticized for various things, such as the film’s problematic themes. As such, the soundtrack may be one of the few aspects of Forrest Gump that holds.

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The soundtrack sets the tone Forrest Gump perfect as each song is a recognizable track from each decade. The music highlights specific time periods, keeping viewers grounded and helping them follow Forrest as he stumbles into historical events.

8th Drive has a perfect synth pop soundtrack

With Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan, journey carries a retro synth pop score. The soundtrack was composed by Johnny Jewel and Cliff Martinez (although most of Jewel’s music was omitted from the final soundtrack). journey was directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, known for infusing his films with neon lighting and unique cinematography that perfectly suits the synthesizer soundtrack.

Perhaps the most well-known aspect of the soundtrack is the opening song “Nightcall” by French electronic musician Kavinsky featuring Lovefoxxx. The song plays behind the opening credits and title card. While some critics can’t get behind it journey For its violence and storyline, there’s no denying that the soundtrack elevates it where it might fail elsewhere.

7 American Honey has a mix of genres to match the tone

american honey, written and directed by Andrea Arnold, is named after Lady A’s song, which also features on the soundtrack. The film follows a teenage girl who joins a group that sells magazine subscriptions across the Midwest. The soundtrack acts like their road trip playlist, which includes rap, hip-hop, and country music. American honeyThe plot of can drag on at times, so the modern soundtrack does a great job of captivating viewers with sing-alongs and changes in tone.

Featuring artists like Migos, Lil Wayne and E-40, the soundtrack fits the mood of the characters moving from town to town perfectly. Despite earning meager earnings, the characters still manage to have fun in the murderous landscape they find themselves in.

6 Empire Records is a cult classic because of its soundtrack

Empire records is known for its soundtrack and has been cited as a source of inspiration for others, including Emerald Fennell when she was working on it Promising young woman Soundtrack. While the film was a box office flop, it has become a cult classic thanks largely to the soundtrack.

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The score features artists such as The Cranberries, Gin Blossoms, Drill and Coyote Shivers. Some tracks, like “Sugarhigh” and “The Ballad of El Goodo”, feature vocals from members of the cast and add to the immersion in the music Empire records“Musical aspect.

5 The best thing about Twilight is the soundtrack

While dusk While it still has a bad rap almost fourteen years after its release, there’s no denying that it has an iconic soundtrack full of great songs. The soundtrack features alternative songs by bands such as Linkin Park and Paramore, as well as music by Robert Pattinson, who stars in the film.

The soundtrack debuted at #1 on the US Billboard 200 and has since become the best-selling motion picture soundtrack Chicago. It was also nominated for a Grammy. Notable songs from the soundtrack include Muse’s “Supermassive Black Hole,” which is included in dusk‘s legendary baseball scene. Pattinson’s “Never Think” is also included. Additionally, “Decode” by Paramore was released as a single after the release of dusk.

4 Music reinforces the story of Scott Pilgrim VS. The world

Edgar Wright’s film Scott pilgrim vs the world is inherently driven by its music, so there is no film without a top-notch soundtrack. What the film lacks in plot it makes up for in expertly written music. Wright oversaw music production along with Marc Platt and music producer Nigel Godrich. Artists on the soundtrack include Beck, the Rolling Stones, Plumtree and Metric.

Lots of songs in there Scott pilgrim vs the world were recorded as full-length songs and added to albums. One of the most popular songs, Metric’s “Black Sheep,” was sung by Brie Larson’s character in the film. It was not recorded with her vocals until the soundtrack album re-release in 2021.

3 The Promising Young Woman soundtrack features mostly female performers

Promising young woman is Emerald Fennell’s directorial debut. The film follows a woman who seeks revenge on predatory men after the death of her best friend. The soundtrack includes originals, covers and instrumentals and features mostly female musicians.

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Promising young woman Includes “Boys” by Charli XCX and an instrumental cover of “Toxic” by Britney Spears. The film has its share of criticisms, including a disappointing ending for its protagonist and a base-level revenge, but it’s not heavyHave fun Promising young woman for its expertly compiled soundtrack.

2 Guardians Of The Galaxy is for the nostalgia seekers

James Gunns Guardians of the Galaxy has a soundtrack driven by the nostalgia of its main character, Quill, who only knows the music of the ’60s and ’70s, which he loaded onto a mixtape in his Walkman. He uses his Walkman to connect with the family he lost when he was taken from Earth. The music connects viewers to Quill and the fun tone of the film.

The MCU and Guardians of the Galaxy is no stranger to reviews, and many had argued that this film wasn’t even Gunn’s best MCU installment. For a character who loves music, the musical choices were incredibly important. With songs like “Hooked on a Feeling” by Blue Swede, “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways and “Escape (The PiƱa Colada Song)” by Rupert Holmes, viewers are introduced to the character of Star-Lord.

1 Marie Antoinette does not let time define her music

Although it is a historical piece set in France in 1770, it is owned by Sofia Coppola Marie Antoinette has become known for its modern soundtrack. The score consists of electronic and guitar driven rock music that is often popular and recognizable.

Brian Reitzell produced the soundtrack, which included artists such as Bow Wow Wow, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure and New Order. Interspersed with the modern tracks are several tunes by artists such as Vivaldi and Scarlatti. This combination creates a soundtrack that leaps between eras and contributes to the memorable nature of Coppola’s film. With only 57% on Rotten Tomatoes, Marie Antoinette wasn’t a critical hit, but even many of the negative reviews cite the soundtrack as a highlight.

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