Two years after Sony’s announcement disease, the film eventually hit theaters in April 2022 to lackluster reviews. The film had its flaws, from obvious plot holes and continuity errors to mediocre acting and poor scripting and direction, and its initial release was bombastic. None of this stopped the film from securing a re-release just months later.

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The film’s embarrassingly low ratings spun disease into a meme. The internet joined forces to mock the Jared Leto movie and joked about a sequel called Morbius 2: It’s Morbin time. Sony took the trend seriously and broadcast it disease back to the cinemas. The film failed a second time, leading to discussions about other films that deserved a second chance on the big screen.

10 Blade, the superior vampire superhero

Marvel Studios recently released a list of upcoming movies to complete phases 5 and 6 of their acclaimed cinematic universe. One of those titles brings the vampire-hunting Dhampir Blade back to the big screen and MCU. Fans are eager to compare the entry to Wesley Snipes’ 1998 action-packed classic.

Instead of Jared Leto’s disappointing performance as the Spider-Man villain, a re-release could have given New Line Cinema a second chance at box office success blade to the cinemas. The cult following the film has garnered over the years would easily outweigh the disappointing box office successes disease‘ reissue.

When the trailer for Morbius released, the movie teased Michael Keaton’s Vulture from the MCUs Spiderman: Homecoming. Fans speculated how Spider-Man could be a part of it disease‘ universe in light of Marvel Studios’ recent foray into the multiverse. Sony brought Adrian Toomes into Morbius while breaking the rules of Doctor Strange’s spell Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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Tim Burton’s gritty take on The Dark Knight was re-released in a limited edition in 2019. Michael Keaton Batman is a much better choice for a re-release, even in 2022. It’s about time the film that helped define modern comic book movies was introduced to a new generation of fans.

8th Sony should have gone with The Amazing Spider-Man

Sony missed the point. done to the audience disease into a meme that didn’t mean they wanted to see the movie again. Hopefully Sony has learned a lesson from the disappointing box office results. They should have taken a cue when Andrew Garfield captured hearts after his return and redemption Spider-Man: No Way Home.

After Marvel Studios scored its second-biggest theatrical release of all time, Sony got a chance to re-release one of Garfield’s web-slinging entries. With all the honest social media talk about completing Andrew Garfield’s trilogy, The Incredible Spiderman would have made the audience forget disease.

7 The penultimate night in Soho

Director Edgar Wright is known for his fast-paced comedies with fast editing combined with outstanding soundtracks. Out of Shaun of the Dead to hot fuzzWright understands the intricacies involved in adding horror elements to his films. Last night in Soho however, is a bit more serious and frightening than those movies mentioned above. It received average reviews from critics, but fans of Edgar Wright will be delighted to check it out.

Rising star Thomasin McKenzie alongside Anya Taylor-Joy and her stunning voice. It’s an immersive, visual jaunt from start to finish. There was no other reason why the film should be remade, as it was the last appearance of Dame Diana Rigg, playing the Queen of Thorns Olenna Tyrell game of Thrones and Mrs Peel on the BBCs avenger.

6 The Northman is a much more appealing adaptation

disease was of course a loose adaptation of comic book source material. Instead of paying to see this mess of a movie The Northman offers a much more exciting and visually stunning experience. As an adaptation itself, the plot is very similar to that of Williams Shakespeare hamlet.

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Director Robert Eggers went straight to Shakespeare’s source material, a Norse myth about Saxo Amleth. The gory Viking tale features incredible performances from Alexander and Bill Skarsgård, Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Björk and a brief but memorable appearance from Willem Dafoe.

5 The bearable weight of Nicolas Cage’s tremendous talent

Nicolas Cage keeps the fans on their toes. He jumps willingly from obscure indie films to big-budget blockbusters. The method actor is one of the most original performers of his generation. And his skills are highlighted as part of the storyline in one of his latest films, The unbearable weight of massive talent.

Faced with financial ruin, Nicolas Cage, who plays a version of himself, accepts a $1 million payment to attend a fan’s birthday party. With the CIA getting involved, Cage must recreate some of his most popular characters to save lives. Even the two-sentence summary sounds far more entertaining than a re-release of disease.

4 A24 had a little lamb

A24 is developing into one of the most original film companies in recent memory. The studio has a catalog primarily focused on horror, but not limited to one genre. One of A24’s films that was released just as audiences balked at returning to theaters is the Icelandic Folk Tale lamb.

María and Pétur discover a lamb-human hybrid born in their barn. The couple raises the child, and then the plot becomes stranger and more unpleasant. Director Valdimar Jóhannsson has created a hauntingly fascinating film that is far more worthy of a re-release than disease.

3 Pig offers more emotions than Morbius

Nicolas Cage is a busy man. In addition to The unbearable weight of massive talent, the method actor, starred in an incredible film about a man and his truffle pig. Instead of watching Morbius start testing vampire bats again, moviegoers missed a shot of Cage avenging his stolen pig.

Cage lives in the Oregon wilderness and plays a truffle hunter named Robin Pig. When his beloved pig goes missing, Robin experiences an emotional upheaval. The plot takes unexpected turns and Nic Cage offers much more emotion than Jared Leto than Michael Morbius.

2 The Snyder Cut is the real second chance superhero movie

Discuss movies that deserve a second chance and disease does not break the top ten. The re-release was an embarrassing blunder by Sony. The studio released the same cut a second time without fixing any of the egregious mistakes that made the film a ridiculous meme in the first place. Sony should take some notes from Zack Snyder justice league.

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When #ReleaseTheSnyderCut made the rounds on Twitter, no one was counting on 4 hours justice league edited with significantly more than Zack Snyder’s original vision. Since The Snyder cut Premiered on HBO Max, a second chance at a theatrical release was more than deserved disease.

1 Everything again everywhere at once

Critics agree with the plot disease is everywhere. Rather than suffer through Leto’s attempted comedy in a film that couldn’t tell if it was a horror film, a superhero film, or both, Everything everywhere at once is all but everything a feature film should be.

Stuck and deep in debt, Evelyn Wang, played by the incomparable Michelle Yeoh, transcends an interdimensional breach into the multiverse. She experiences multiple instances of herself and the possibilities of life. Directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinerthas have crafted a film with more heart and emotion than any superhero release in recent years.

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