The release of Everything everywhere at once on April 1, 2022, seemed to rekindle the feeling among many that Hollywood films are still capable of capturing something unique about the human experience, and was widely critically acclaimed. For many, it embodies the perfection of the medium of film.

As such, it joins a slew of other films from different decades that Reddit users have said were surprisingly perfect. These are the types of films that, as the comments make clear, serve as a reminder to people why films continue to hold sway over the collective imagination.

Apocalypse Now (1979)

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Few war films have achieved this status apocalypse now. Although an adaptation by Joseph Conrad heart of darknessis very much about the Vietnam War and the terrible toll the conflict is taking on the human mind and spirit.


Redditor Paddlesons has this to say about the film’s perfection: “This film is inadvertently better than most ever made. What I mean by that is that it captures the essence of its subject matter so well that even subjects that weren’t necessarily intended stand out and demand attention.” As a result, it stands as a testament to how effective the films are in the experience of armed conflict can capture.

Charade (1963)

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Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn were two of the big stars of Hollywood’s golden age farce brings them together and allows their significant chemistry to drive their narrative forward. A skillful blend of comedy and mystery, it allows each of its stars to bring their unique talents to the production.

Redditor Crawgust was particularly effusive in his praise of the film, writing, “The pacing is great, the script is clever and twisted, the actors are charming – I loved it dearly.” It’s the kind of film that never goes out of style eyes that it should be entertaining in every way.

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

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Charge into battle in Lawrence of Arabia

When it comes to epic movies, Lawrence of Arabia stands out and is considered one of the best the genre has ever produced. The focus is on the famous TE Lawrence, who played a key role in the revolt of the Arab tribes against the Ottoman Empire.

Reddit user GandalfGreen95 writes, “I was watching Lawrence of Arabia for the first time the other night. It’s a masterpiece. Honestly, a perfect film.” It’s the kind of film that blends form and function so that its aesthetic perfectly supports its thematic content; The viewer feels like they are literally witnessing the story unfold.

The Thing (1982)

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John Carpenter has established himself as one of the great creators of horror films, and his filmography is filled with his best endeavors. the thinghowever, is truly one of his finest creations, perfectly capturing the sense of claustrophobia and terror felt by his characters when confronted by an alien being with the ability to take on the appearance of any other organism.

Mikeywizzles writes of her first viewing of the film: “The film just starts straight away and I was hooked from start to finish. Say hello to the makeup team too, this movie was BIG.” 40 years later, the movie still has the power to freeze blood.

What We Do In The Shadows (2015)

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In recent years, Taika Waititi has shown that he is not only one of Hollywood’s most unique acting talents, but also one of its most unique directors. What we do in the shadows combines his two talents as he directs a mockumentary about a group of vampires living in modern-day Wellington.

Redditor Suspicious-Rip920 is particularly ebullient upon seeing the film for the first time: “I finally got to see it and there were moments where I was literally brought to tears and laughed so much. It was hilariously funny and awesome.” With its subtle charm and strong writing, it’s a testament to Waititi’s impressive skills.

Amadeus (1984)

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Antoni Salieri looks angry in Amadeus

amadeus has become one of the best musical biopics over the years. Although it is primarily about Mozart, it is also about the rivalry between the composer and fellow musician Antonio Salieri.

While not always the most historically accurate film, it nonetheless immerses the world in the rich and elaborate world of the Viennese court and offers strong performances from its leading actors. No wonder then that Schmetterlingeffect calls it “an absolute masterpiece”.

All Everywhere at Once (2022)

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Michelle Yeoh with blood on her face in All at Once.

When it was first released, some must have wondered if Everything everywhere at once – with its whimsical story about a multiverse – would succeed. Very quickly, however, it proved to be one of the best films of the year, in large part due to Michelle Yeoh’s powerful performance and the film’s emphasis on such resonant themes as cross-generational trauma, parenthood and motherly love.

Reddit user Allofthesandwiches said, “I knew I would love the action and the visuals, but I was also sooooo impressed with the acting. For such an unconventional film, the characters and story were surprisingly relatable.”

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

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iconic shot from 2001's A Space Odyssey showing Keir Dullea as an astronaut in a lighted spacecraft

During his career, Stanley Kubrick was responsible for many major Hollywood films 2001: A Space Odyssey is considered one of his most notable triumphs. A profound, disturbing and exquisitely beautiful film that reflects the big themes that so often motivate science fiction as a genre, from the nature of humanity to what helps the species evolve and advance.

Redditor Rafaeliki poignantly writes about how they “thought it was just an old sci-fi movie and didn’t realize it touched something inside me that I still don’t fully understand.”

Field of Dreams (1989)

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The 1980s were something of a golden age for nostalgic and sentimental films field of dreams is in many ways the epitome of this trend. It’s about many things, including baseball, the shadows of the past and, perhaps most importantly, the bond between fathers and sons.

Redditor SteelerFan97 had a particularly strong emotional reaction to the film: “The ending also hit me so hard personally, I just sat there and cried. Great movie.” The film demonstrates the wisdom of the old axiom that sometimes a simple story is the best.

The Northman (2022)

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Alexander Skarsgard in the movie The Northman,

The Vikings have held a particularly prominent place in popular culture’s imagination, but rarely have they been portrayed with such brutal beauty as in The Northman. A visceral retelling of the story of hamletit features powerful performances, stunning cinematography and a gritty story that captures the bloodiness of the Nordic world.

Redditor GingerMau makes this point very forcefully, writing: “cruel, harsh and miserable (IF you could manage to stay alive…because everything and everyone was indifferent to your survival). Brilliant storytelling aside, I think it nailed that point very well.”

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