Being able to identify with a character is important for fans. Viewers look for a certain vulnerability behind their favorite characters, and finding that vulnerability in the most unlikely of places is always a charming plus.

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An unlikely place are the characters, who might seem intimidating, perhaps because of their size or their fighting skills, but the way they’re humanized makes viewers fall in love with them. However, sometimes non-human characters are humanized because they are still able to show emotions such as empathy.

10 Hagrid shows empathy for friends and Fantastic Beasts in Harry Potter

Rubeus Hagrid, also known as Hagrid, is a half-giant in the wizarding world Harry Potter. He becomes something of a father figure to Harry after introducing him to the concept of wizards. He’s also the one who told Harry the truth about his parents.

Hagrid is nearly nine feet tall and intimidating, but his gentle care and consideration for his friends and the fantastic beasts of the world made fans fall in love with him. He cries over the many losses in his life, all the while showing empathy and compassion. In short: Hagrid is a true gentle giant.

9 Hulk’s loving side is evident when it comes to Natasha Romanoff

Bruce Banner, also known as The Incredible Hulk, takes on a giant green form when he’s angry. This is something he can do on command since he”always angry.“However, there is another side avenger hero who comes out around his fellow cast member Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow.

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Hulk is nearly 8 feet tall and has a muscular build. He’s more brawn than brain. However, when he needs to calm down, no one can help him more than Natasha. Her bond bypasses the Hulk form and reaches the inner banner. Despite this, the Hulk is wary and sweet with Natasha, even in his angry state, which is a testament to his love for her.

8th Po Ping takes care of everyone, although he is often underestimated

Po is a giant panda who trains kung fu and becomes a champion of the valley. He exudes a lot of enthusiasm and has a lot of love and hugs to himself. However, this empathic trait means Po embarks on several dangerous adventures to save those he cares about.

Despite his size and obvious eagerness, people underestimate Po’s ability to train and become a warrior, but that doesn’t deter him. This generosity only makes his success all the more amazing. The suffering he endures does not change his heart; Po remains compassionate and caring towards everyone he meets.

7 Baymax is dedicated to helping people in need, whether they like it or not

Baymax was created to help people as a personal health companion. He was designed and built by Tadashi Hamada and left in the care of his brother Hiro. Although Hiro’s care extends to Baymax, Baymax helps Hiro through the grief of losing his brother.

Baymax inflates to a large size, which qualifies him as a gentle giant. He’s a 6ft 2in tall robot designed to help those in need, and while he may look intimidating – especially in his armor – he’s six feet tall, full of love and camaraderie.

6 Gandalf has a hobbit-shaped vulnerability

in the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, Gandalf is a leader, fighter, and advisor. He is a powerful figure who was instrumental in Sauron’s defeat. But Gandalf is not only loved for his skills and wisdom.

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Gandalf is of average height but towers over many of his companions who are hobbits and dwarves who are around three to four feet tall. Because of his size compared to his companions, Gandalf has the appearance of a giant and is perceived as a threat. However, the White Wizard has a soft spot for hobbits and treats them with dignity and respect, especially when they are underestimated by others.

5 Edna Turnblad has a song in her heart

Edna has stayed in her home for many years to avoid other people as she fears judgment due to her size. She is a loving mother to her daughter and the main character in hairsprayTracy hugging herself and eventually helping her mother hug herself and her body as well.

Edna realizes that she is wasting her life keeping her tender heart closed to everyone, even her own husband, out of self-loathing. Beneath the exterior that Edna begins to accept is kindness and love, and she joins Tracy in finding her own sound.

4 Ice Age’s Manfred is a giant mammoth with a giant heart

Manny closed his heart after losing his wife and child, whom he fearlessly tried to defend against human attack but failed. Mammoths survive in herds, but Manny has committed to a life of solitude after such a tragedy. That changed when he opened his heart to a new kind of herd, filled with all sorts of animals.

Mammoths are huge creatures, and Manny off ice age is no exception. He weighs around eleven tons and is over six meters tall, but somehow manages to hold a baby and bring it back safely to his family. Manny eventually finds a new love and brings new life into the world.

3 Heimlich is a sweetheart with a sweet tooth

Heimlich is a big caterpillar with an even bigger heart. Despite the fact that he always eats, Heimlich remains cute and brave. As in ice agethe premise of The Life of a Beetle surrounds different species that come together to save each other, and Heimlich does his part to help the ants.

When Heimlich finally fulfills his dream of becoming a butterfly, his friends help him up from the ground. With trust and devotion, these friendships are formed, and although Heimlich is intimidating for an ant of his size, he does everything he can to protect her.

2 Chewbacca from Star Wars loves his friends

Chewbacca is a fan favorite in Star Wars, despite only speaking Shyriiwook. However, his closest friends understand him, that’s all he needs. Affectionately known as Chewie, the 7″ 5′ Wookie is a warrior and co-pilot of Han Solo and his best friend.

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Despite his amazing size and intimidating appearance, Chewie is soft, gentle, and visibly devastated after Han Solo’s death. He doesn’t kill without a reason; He’s a rebel fighting for everyone’s freedom.

1 Kronk shows genuine remorse in The Emperor’s New Groove

Kronk could be an antagonist in Kaiser’s new groove, but the fans don’t see it that way. Standing 6′ 3″ tall, he is the hired muscle behind the main antagonist Yzma’s underhanded schemes. Although Kronk is in cahoots with Yzma, Kronk is her opposite. While Yzma is vindictive and filled with hatred, Kronk is lovable and kind, which he ends up being regrets his involvement in their plans.

Being a people’s darling makes Kronk do Yzma’s bidding. However, he does not kill Kuzco as she orders. Instead, he throws his llama body into a canal. Kronk doesn’t want to hurt anyone, not really, and ends up running a boy scout troop for children and recruiting Yzma on the side.

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