A group of misfits getting into trouble, a mean, authoritarian figure that got them out, and an extraordinary event that started it all were the trifecta of many Movie hits of the 80s. If the Duffer brothers brought stranger things to Netflix, throngs of people tuned in to see it because the series took many of them back to the time they were growing up.

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The Duffer Brothers embraced nostalgia, planting many references to hit television series and films of the era in the seasons of stranger things. They have also not been shy in almost reproducing some iconic scenes from cult films to honor the many writers and directors who influenced them in the creation of this hit series.


The children on bicycles on a mission

stranger things introduces a tight-knit group of friends who are both adorable and goofy. When one of them disappears, the others set off on their bikes to find him with the help of Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) in “Holly, Jolly”.

The same theme can be seen in The Goonies when friends set off on their bikes to find lost treasure save their homes from foreclosure. It’s no coincidence that in both cases, all the kids travel on bikes, wear coats, and are on the lookout, and their de facto leaders are both named Mike.

Escape from the evil government men on bicycles

When the government searches for Eleven, the boys flee with her on their bikes while Eleven rides with Mike (Fin Wolfhard).

in the ET the extraterrestrial, Mike and his friends flee government agents on their bikes while ET rides in a basket with Mike. In an interesting parallel, when the boys seem to be cornered in both scenes, a supernatural event occurs that gets them out of the sticky situation. Eleven lifts up a van coming their way and ET sends the boys flying on their bikes to escape the agents.

The human incubator

The final episode of the first season sees Hopper (David harbor) and Joyce (Winona Ryder) search for will (Noah Schnaps) upside down. They find him strapped to a sticky structure, with a long tentacle inserted into his mouth and throat. After pulling it out of his mouth, Joyce and Hopper perform CPR on Will to revive him. It is later revealed that Will was used as an incubator to create other Demogorgons.

If this scene looks familiar to you, it is similar to the scene in Foreigner where Ripley saves Newt from becoming a human incubator himself. The sticky structure, the creepy monster that hatches from its egg and tries to attach itself to its human host’s face, the child in danger, the savior that comes to save him. The Duffer Brothers took that scene and ran with it.

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The strange light in front of the house

In “MADMAX,” Will is haunted by terrifying visions of the Upside Down. In a scene where he wakes up at night to go to the bathroom, he is drawn to a strange light outside his house and the front door opens, revealing a nightmarish monster in the distance.

in the Close Encounters of the Third Kind, young Barry wakes up to the sounds of his electric toy making noise. He is drawn to his front door by a glow entering through the keyhole, and he opens it to reveal a bright yellow light. He escapes from his mother’s arms and disappears with the light. This scene of Barry being abducted by aliens is forever etched in the minds of viewers who have seen this iconic film. No wonder the Duffer Brothers recreated it stranger things.

The Mysterious Disease

Will becomes the host of the Mind Flayer who has infected him and is using him to spy on the people. Unsure what’s happening to Will, Dr. Owens (Paul Reiser) arranges a meeting with other doctors to find a solution to his illness. Joyce loses patience with them as no one can really tell her what is happening to her son.

In an almost similar scene in The Exorcist, Chris MacNeil sits at a table with a horde of psychiatrists who have no precise diagnosis of their daughter’s condition. Chris is also frustrated with them. Ultimately, they suggest that she seek the help of an exorcist as they believe Regan believes she is possessed by a spirit. Like Regan, Will is possessed an evil force and later undergoes an exorcism to get the ghost out. This shows where the inspiration for this story came from.

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Go underground to defeat the monster

To help Eleven close the gate, Mike, Dustin (Gate Matarazzo), Luke (Caleb McLaughlin), maximum (Sadie Sink) and Steve (Joe Keery) descend into the tunnels dug by the Mind Flayer. They plan to set them on fire, hoping that this will stop the Demodogs from guarding the gate.

A group of friends also decide to face a monster It by descending into the sewers where it resides. In both cases the group consists mainly of boys and one girl. Both must navigate through a maze of spooky tunnels. The similarities with the StephenKing Horror classics aren’t hard to miss in this chapter.

Go into the air ducts

Convinced Russians have the Starcourt shopping center Robin (Maya Thurman Hawke), Steve and Dustin weigh Erica (Priah Ferguson) to get through a tiny ventilation duct into a secret storage room suspected of being guarded by gunmen.

Although not the same premise, Die Hard is known for its hero John McClane, who used the air ducts to escape from German radicals. This cult film was so successful in the 80s that four more sequels were made. It’s no wonder The Duffer Brothers wanted to incorporate a reference to such a classic film in this episode, not without humor as McClane would certainly do.

The creep at the door

Nancy (Natalia Dyer) and Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) run for their lives in a desolate hospital wing when one of their ex-colleagues, Bruce (Jake Busy), tries to kill her. He is one of the Flayed, obsessed with the Mind Flayer and now part of the Swarm. As Nancy and Jonathan lock themselves in a room, Bruce smashes the window and grins menacingly at them through the door while reaching down to unlock the door.

It’s not difficult to say where the inspiration for this scene came from. Jack Torrance broke open a closed door with an ax and peered through the hole he had made on his terrified wife before reaching down to open the bathroom door, in which she locked herself. It’s one of the most terrifying scenes she’s been in The glow and one of the most memorable scenes in movie history, not to mention A must see film for horror enthusiasts.

The visit to the prison

Robin and Nancy pose as psychology students and visit Victor Creel (Robert Englund), who was imprisoned for butchering his family. But Nancy knows the real culprit of the murders is Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower) and that Victor somehow escaped his deadly curse.

The rules for visiting Victor Creel are almost verbatim, the same for visiting Hannibal Lecter in The silence of the Lambs. The way down to the last cell, the young, insecure FBI newbie with the good bag and cheap shoes looks a lot like Robin and Nancy walking down the prison corridor to Victor’s cell. While not an ’80s movie, this staple of the horror genre is now a cult classic. And this famous scene in between Jodie Foster and Anthony Hopkins was too good not to replicate.

The villain never dies

They found his hiding place. They baited and caught him. They had a good plan and phase four was almost a success. Robin and Steve threw Molotov cocktails at him and set him on fire. Nancy then shot him several times, threw him through a boarded-up window and fell three stories down. But when they came down to look for him, Vecna ​​was gone.

One of the tropes of many ’80s horror movies was that the villain, whether human or supernatural, never died. Said the Duffer Brothers John Zimmerman had a significant impact on them, so they gave Vecna ​​the same ending as Michael Myers Halloweenand amazes everyone.

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