There are moments in movies that push the boundaries of realism to the point where the viewer is pulled right out of the story. However, some movies seem to have the ability to be completely unrealistic while still keeping viewers hooked.

While fantasy films, outrageous comedies and superhero adventures are meant to be extraordinary, these films ground themselves in a real world only to ignore that world’s logic. Fans might shake their heads and chuckle at how outrageous these movies are getting, but that doesn’t stop them from being entertained.


10 Wanted (2008)

A shot from the 2008 film Wanted starring James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie

The action movie Searched stars James McAvoy as a mild-mannered office worker who is thrust into a new life when he discovers his father was a member of a secret society of assassins. With such a premise, the film doesn’t take itself too seriously.

However, Searched goes even wilder in terms of ignoring the laws of physics for its inventive action sequences. These include the film’s now-famous bullet-curving moments, where the characters can maneuver their bullets around targets, leading to some brilliantly ridiculous action sequences.

9 Weekend at Bernie’s (1989)

A comedy centered around a corpse doesn’t seem like a great idea, but kind of Weekend at Bernie’s pulled off his incredibly stupid premise. The quintessential ’80s comedy sees two young men trying to pretend their dead boss is still alive in order to enjoy a weekend of fun at his beach house.

The image of these two men putting sunglasses on this dead body and leading it around like a puppet should be too morbid to ever work. But there’s an undeniable fun in the film’s embrace of this odd idea.

8th Speed ​​(1994)

Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves drive a bus in Speed

Of all the films played on the Die Hard Formula, speed is often considered the best. It’s a thrilling and action-packed ride starring Keanu Reeves as a police officer who has to keep a bus going over 50 mph or it will explode.

The premise may be silly, but it sets the stage for an intense and vibrant adventure. It’s such an exhilarating ride that audiences are ready to engage in moments like this massive bus leaping through the air over an unfinished freeway.

7 Home Alone (1990)

Joe Pesci looks shocked home alone

Despite being considered a family-friendly Christmas classic, it’s quite surprising how intense it is Home alone is. Macaulay Culkin plays a young boy who is accidentally left alone when his family goes on vacation and is then forced to fend off two burglars.

The idea of ​​responsible parents leaving a child behind seems unlikely enough and it’s hard to believe that the police wouldn’t take care of the child in the meantime. But the real tension in reality is seeing how much brutality the robbers endure at the hands of this little kid and his traps, but it’s the slapstick violence that makes the movie so entertaining.

6 Face / Off (1997)

The combination of Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in a ’90s action movie is enticing enough, though Face/Off also features one of the most ridiculous premise of the entire genre. Travolta plays a determined cop on the hunt for Cage’s deadly criminals as the two men undergo surgery to remove each other’s faces.

Aside from the endless reasons why this shouldn’t work, the movie is really just an excuse for these two actors to have a blast playing each other amidst some very fun action sequences.

5 Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Deep blue sea 1999 Shark swimming underwater

Animal attack movies are never the most realistic form of cinema, but they can be extremely fun when done well. deep blue sea goes for an over-the-top version of the shark attack movie as sharks with genetically enhanced intelligence predictably run amok in a marine lab.

What makes the film work so well is that it doesn’t seem to know it’s a B-movie. It treats the premise seriously and the actors don’t wink at the camera, making the ridiculous moments that much more enjoyable. This includes the iconic surprise death scene of Samuel L. Jackson.

4 Armageddon (1998)

Sci-fi premises Armageddon

Michael Bay is a king of over-the-top filmmaking. But while it can sometimes lead to a messy end product, like the Transformers movies, Armageddon is the director who delivers pure popcorn entertainment with no regard for logic or reasoning.

The disaster film is about an asteroid hurtling towards Earth and a ragtag group of oil drillers-trained astronauts who are sent to plant a bomb on it in order to save the world. As star Ben Affleck hilariously pointed out about his own film, it would make more sense to teach astronauts how to drill than the other way around, but that would rob the film of so much of its pointless fun.

3 Fast and Furious 6 (2013)

Dom escapes from burning plane in Fast and Furious 6

It’s wild to remember that the Fast and Furious Franchise started out as a simple car racing movie, however Fast & Furious 6 might be the movie that really saw the shift in the series. The film turned Dom and his family into international super-spies and took the action to ridiculous places.

No sequence illustrates this better than the culminating airplane scene with the endless runway. It might not have made sense, but it’s hard to deny that it was loads of fun.

2 Crank (2006)

To show how out of control crank is, it’s basically speed but with a human body instead of a bus. Jason Statham plays a killer who has been poisoned and must find various ways to keep his heart racing or die before he can exact revenge.

The film follows this wild action star as he takes various drugs, has sex and electrocutes himself. It’s a hilarious and absurd ride that’s as unrelenting as its main character.

1 Bad Boys 2 (2003)

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence point their guns at KKK members in a scene from Bad Boys 2

While Michael Bay is the first Bad Boys was a decent look at his distinctly wild style as a filmmaker, the sequel felt like he was truly unleashed. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return as cops from Miami, but the conspiracy they’re involved in doesn’t matter.

The movie just jumps from one absurd action sequence to the next, from the partners infiltrating a KKK rally, to a car crash where bodies are thrown out of cars, to an entire mansion being blown up.

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