That X-Men and X2 Sets were full of accidents and alleged crimes

The idea of ​​a X-Men Film had been circulating in Hollywood for years; but while previous plans to produce a feature film in which Wolverine turns evil after being “seduced” by the villainbefore she was eventually murdered in a giant stone nostril (don’t ask) it never came to fruition, eventually the iconic superhero characters made it to the big screen in 2000, directed by Bryan Singer, who was most famous at the time The usual suspects — and later famous for… not good reasons.

later became a singer charged with sexual assault by multiple partiesand recent reports have shown that the theorem of X-Men It was a nightmare to work on. for one thing according to The Hollywood ReporterHer singer is said to have “hanged”. X-Men Auditions and Roles Against Sex” with young men. And horribly, the actor who played Pyro “filed a civil lawsuit four months after production wrapped, alleging that he was raped by three of Singer’s friends and business associates.”

There were also reportedly “tantrums” and “drug use” behind the scenes, but Singer still delivered a successful film, causing the studio to “shut down” its requirements for the second film. According to one executive, they “created a monster.” The set of X2 was even more tense; At one point, a fight actually took place between Singer and his producer Tom DeSanto shut down production.

According to THR sources, this came after DeSanto found out that “Singer was incapacitated after taking a narcotic,” as were some crew members, and he worried that “someone on set might get hurt.” What’s happened. A “botched stunt” injured Hugh Jackman, and the stunt coordinator was absent because the scene “was scheduled to be shot the next day.” So DeSanto used his authority to stop production.

Incredibly, the studio sided with Singer in the argument, ordering DeSanto off the set, forcing the cast to “confront” Singer in his trailer and “threaten to quit” if the producer left — all while wearing their superhero costumes. Although Singer officials deny this ever happened, some reports claim Halle Berry told Singer, “You can kiss my black ass,” presumably while she was clad in a badass caped leather onesie.

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X-Men: The Last Stand – The studio scrapped the story and hired another creepy director

If the third film in the X-Men Series, X Men: The Last Stand, seems like a confusing mishmash of half-baked stories, well, there’s a good reason for that. Bryan Singer left the project as a director – not because he got fired for it (gestures on paragraphs above), but because he got the chance to direct (and ruin) a . superman Movie. Originally Matthew Vaughan (who later directed) was to be his successor X-Men: First Class) and the film should focus on telling the popular Dark Phoenix storyline from the comics.

But after Vaughan left the project, the studio feared the storyline was impressive X-Men comic fans was “a little too dark for a mainstream summer blockbuster.” So they snooped Another Storyline into the script about a mutant “cure” based on a comic arc by Joss Whedon. Which meant none of the stories felt fully explored, and the result was a mess that future films just ignored like it was the Daniel for them X-MenBaldwin family.

To make matters worse, the film was ultimately directed by Brett Ratner, who Also would charged with sexual abuse after his X-Men Work. According to Elliot PageRatner even made derogatory, homophobic remarks the last Standmaking him feel “hurt”.

X-Men: Apocalypse – Oscar Isaac was unhappy and the director routinely disappeared

The series appeared to be well past its sell-by date at this point X-Men: Apocalypse rolled around – but at least it had a new villain, played by acclaimed young actor Oscar Isaac. Unfortunately, the role required one of Hollywood’s most promising stars to dress up like the lead in HR Gigers Smurfs reboot.

Isaac later admitted the experience was “excruciating” as he spent the entire shoot “covered in glue, latex and a 40 pound suit” and “always had to wear a cooling device”. And while he took the gig to hang out with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender, he had to spend his free time sitting on a “specially designed saddle” and had to be “wheeled into a cool tent between takes.”

And because everyone deserves a second — or apparently 500th — chance, Bryan Singer was back as a director. According to co-star Olivia Munn, Singer disappeared for mysterious medical reasons, although there was no shortage of doctors in Montreal (where the film was filmed). Even weirder, he just randomly stormed off the set and texted the actors to “just film without me.” And supposedly if “When challenged about his behavior, he sometimes cried.” This problematic trend apparently continued on set Bohemian Rhapsodywhich Singer was somehow still going to direct – possibly just because his last name was a description of the subject.

Test audience literally laughed at Dark Phoenix

The last film in the admittedly extremely confusing original X-Men continuity was Dark Phoenixa second trying to tell the story that was so hopelessly botched again the last Stand. Who did Fox hire to direct? Simon Kinberg, one of the co-authors of The last Stand. Yes, despite the fact that his resume literally consisted of screwing up a film adaptation of the Dark Phoenix storyline, this guy pulled it off Dark Phoenix Work.

Unfortunately, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it appears the studio “learned the wrong lessons” from the lukewarm response X Men: Apocalypse, Executives reportedly believed that “the film’s failure was due to an excessive amount of explosion and scale, not franchise fatigue in general.” So with the wrong notion that ApocalypseThe big problem with was its grandiosity (rather than literally everything else). Fox decided to call back Dark Phoenix. And the results… weren’t good.

Except that none of the X-Men Characters seemed to age at all between the early 1960s when First class takes place, and in the early 1990s when Dark Phoenix took place in what was supposed to be one of the most dramatic scenes in the film and literally provoked laughter. According to reports, test audience actually giggled at Mystique’s death.

Which possibly contributed to the excessive reshoots that delayed the film and inflated its budget around $200 million – help to become that “biggest box office flop of 2019” Luckily, it’s entirely possible that all of these horrific stories just exist crappy comics in the logan-Verse.

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