STANLEY, Idaho — Yes, the Gree-Wolds go west — Russ, Feet Russ — meets the British Open — look kids, Big Ben, Parliament — as we conquer the open country and try to eat Joey Chestnut potato products .

There’s a lot to achieve, and we have a few interactive opportunities today. We hope the comments are fixed, if not send me your thoughts, replies and entries to [email protected]

And I think we might be getting close to a modern 5-to-10 record for movie quotes today. So there is.

Weekend Winner

Those white-hot Atlanta Braves. Man, you want to know a group that doesn’t want to break up for the All-Star Game? Yeah, those Atlanta Braves. They’ve cut the Mets’ lead to 1.5 games, won three straight games against the Nationals over the weekend and are 8-2 in the last 10. And how about starting the summer with the heat of the Macon Tarmac to greet: On June 1, the Braves were 23-27; since they are 29-8. Get some wood there, boy? (Topic show: Can we do a throwback comedy movie line for each article before the ‘this and that’ because I believe we can. And the first person to identify each quote’s movie — honor system people, no Googling — will get some TFP swag when I come back deal? deal.)

Novak Djokovic. I’m playing tennis today, grandpa. And Novak does it as well as anyone. I’ll let the smarter folks who follow tennis more than I do iron that out, and he may be as likable as an angry case of athlete’s foot, but the joker is the GOAT, right?

Our family. Idaho is great. The family wedding at Grand Targhee Resort was spectacular. The kids love it. Now I might have to get a second job when we get back because, damn – and I mean damn – but what a collection of memories. These aren’t pillows.

Better call Saul watchers. We’re back in business tonight. What kind of velvet is this? As always, there is a one-day grace period before discussion—unless the Stanley space doesn’t offer AMC. Side note: Want to know what makes a great vacation? I haven’t turned on the TV in Boise since Wednesday night.

Alejandro. It takes more than a little bit to pick a regular in this area for the weekend’s winners, but consider this: Alejandro snagged tickets to this week’s British Open through a pal, mind you a VIP pass, a behind-the- Scene tour of Johnny Walker’s Distillery – hmmmm that sounds good I think I’ll have that – and will play several rounds of golf in Scotland including at least one at a venue that’s in the hosting rotation. Maybe he didn’t win the weekend as much as he did the week. Have fun, my good man.

loser of the weekend

Cameron Tringale. The guy snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and cost himself a pretty penny – I want my $2 – with an errant 74 on the Scottish Open’s par 70 course, which played more like a par 66. Yes, it’s hard to tell anyone who pocketed a quarter of a million to play 72 holes “lost” nothing. But the guy was on the verge of a monster win and let it slip.

All Star Selection. Hey, I’m really in favor of letting the fans have their say. This is an exhibition. But the ‘every team gets an all-star’ sucks. And there needs to be a safety net process so the biggest stars in the most competitive positions – if you look at Freddie – aren’t left out of the game. I wish we had had him two years ago – we had – four years ago back then. Wow, Austin Riley quit too.

Baker Mayfield. The stories from Cleveland are anything but glowing. The prospects in Carolina are far from optimistic – did you see a side in Vegas lower the Panthers’ win of the season after the trade for Mayfield? – at a time when success is in the nine-figure range. Maybe he could declare the annexation of Puerto Rico? Throughts?

The Lamar Jackson situation in Baltimore. Now the former Heisman winner has taken his contract talks to social media – never a smart game – as he enters the final year of his rookie contract. Lamar has posted enough numbers and enough success to be in that nine-figure pay club that A-level QBs demand. But I also understand the Ravens’ reservations, because without running, Lamar isn’t A-level, and when you run, the likelihood of injuries increases — with or without a flabby waist — and an injured QB with a nine-figure cap hit up high destroys everyone Franchise.

Gulf over the Gulf

So golf is having a pretty historic week.

The final major of the year returns to the birthplace of golf – St Andrews.

And it comes at perfect timing, because we’re hoping for at least this week, the only time we can talk about LIV is when Steven Tyler’s daughter, the actress, is dating one of the players. Act? Act.

Granted, since we’re in the Northwest, a lion’s share of TV coverage will be completed before the sun fully hits here in Stanley. But we will be home for the weekend and there are few things better than great sports in Europe and being done sightseeing by early afternoon and getting on with your day.

Let’s remove a few elements from the top.

First, who wants to play a 5v10 major golf competition? i am game Traditional rules apply.

Submit five players – top four count – and your contribution will be awarded points based on the player’s final finish. For example, if you pick the winner, two guys who share fourth place, and the seventh place finisher, that’s – 1 + 4 + 4 + 7 – a total of 16 points. And that would be an excellent result.

You can write them in the comments or send them to [email protected] Act? Act. And as Bluto Flounder and Pinto said of the Delta House beer as they entered the Rush Party, “Don’t taste nuttin.”

And there’s one more thing we need to discuss in this second-best week of the year in golf. (Yes, Augusta week is 1, and we’ve performed it annually because the Ryder Cup is a lot of fun too.)

Tiger is on the field. Yes, it’s impossible to have high hopes, but Tiger has made the impossible seem doable for so long that we can hope, right? And for all the controversy, as much as Rory would take the rowdy pulpit of the winner’s circle and rail, Tiger’s stoic style and embrace of generational heritage over generational wealth would be iconic.

will it happen Almost certainly no.

But that’s the beauty of sport, the amazement and brooding and wishing for the almost unthinkable, to find a way.

Because seriously, here’s what I believe: If Tiger Woods wins the 150th Open at St. Andrews, the most historic venue in all sports, it’ll be the biggest esports story since a bunch of college kids lashed those commie pros in Lake Placid 42 years ago .


this and that

– Baylor School graduate Keith Mitchell, who will tee off at the British Open this week, got a go-ahead to pay for his trip to the birthplace of golf by finishing 36th at the Scottish Open. That comes with a check for $46,033. It was a shot better than Harris English, a Baylor School graduate who earned $37,200 on T42.

— Double A does it again. Braves added Robinson Canó to a deal for cash, paying the former All-Star League’s minimum dollars and taking on a completely risk-free lottery ticket that could be a motivated veteran filling in as runner-up for Ozzie Albies and a Veterans Bank presence on the postseason push. And if he’s the same Robinson Canó that’s been junk for the past few years, they’ll cut the bait and move on.

– Tennessee Recruiting was also a contender for winning the weekend. Here’s Paschall with a few more new volumes. Man, Josh Heupel – and that card-carrying, cash-wielding NIL faction – are landing some talent. UT has Recruitment Tier #5 for the Class of 2023 and includes two five-star types. Side note: If the PACs – political action committees – do what they do, should we then call these NIL operations RACs – recruiting action committees – to move forward? And make no mistake, in no way, shape or form am I saying Tennessee got anything wrong. That’s the structure of the new age of college football recruiting, and Heupel and Co. are in full swing.

– Another thought for an all-star team assignment – man, pitching dominates batting at historic levels if those charges (with ERAs in parentheses) were all-star snubs: San Fran’s Carlos Rodón (2.70) , Philly’s Aaron Nola (3.15) and Zach Wheeler (2.46), Seattle’s Robbie Ray (3.51 but .91 in his last six starts) and Logan Gilbert (2.80), Kevin Gausman out Toronto (2.86) and Chicago’s Dylan Cease (2.45 and MLB-leading 133 Ks). whoops

Today’s questions

Winners and losers of the weekend. Walk.

If I count the two “holiday” movie quotes in the opening, I count a total of 12 movie quotes in the first three sections.

What do you have?

As for today, well, it has to be international lucky day, right? It’s 7/11 after all.

I think we did Rushmore with lucky charms. I think we did Rushmore of dice games. And I think the host would have kittens if we tried a rushmore of craps.

So, in honor of the fellow Seven-Eleven, what’s the rushmore of the best non-gas convenience store purchases.

Go and remember the open competition.

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