Sonic the Hedgehog is a blue mammal in red sneakers who has an appetite for Chili Dogs and runs at supersonic speeds. George Bailey is a humble man who runs the Bailey Brothers Building and Loan in Bedford Falls. A character is in a video game movie that became a hit at the box office. The other character, played by James Stewart, starred in A Train, which flopped when it first premiered and gained popularity when it was televised over the holiday season.

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Completely different films, right? Well, not quite. Apparently Sonic the Hedgehog is not a masterpiece of the film, but both it, andIt’s a beautiful life are two completely different genres, they are more similar in characters and themes than one might think.

5 Both show protagonists with wanderlust

Ever since he was young, George Bailey has dreamed of traveling around Europe and seeing the world. However, the death of his father forced him to remain in Bedford Falls as Executive Secretary of the Bailey Building and Loan, and despite his best efforts to leave town, life would get in his way.

Sonic the Hedgehog‘s Tom “Donut Lord” Wachowski (James Marsden) has his own wanderlust. Tired of small-town life in Green Hills, he finds his role as the local sheriff unfulfilling. So he and his wife Maggie (Tika Sumpter) set up their offices in San Francisco, where he believes there would be greater opportunities for him.

4 Both films revolve around a small town

Every film focuses on small, quiet towns. Tom lives in the Midwestern community of Green Hills, which is full of quirky characters, like “Crazy Carl,” who claims to have a sketch of the “Blue Devil” who lives in the woods. Everyone knows everyone and the townsfolk are always happy to see Tom when he shows up at the local pub.

At the heart of It’s A Wonderful Life is its very own community, Bedford Falls, where the residents don’t have much, but they do have each other. They always look out for one another, and the Bailey Building and Loan is here to help people build a life for themselves.

3 Both have villains obsessed with power

if It’s a beautiful life has a “great evil,” it’s Henry Potter, the local robber baron who owns practically the entire town, with the exception of Building and Loan. The film follows George Bailey’s war with what he calls “the twisted, frustrated old man” as he tries to bring down the Building and Loan. Such attempts include trying to get the board to dissolve the business, buy its customers and trick George into working for him. That way, residents would be stuck in the cheap slums owned by Potter.

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Sonic the HedgehogMr. Potter is Doctor Ivan Robotnik (Jim Carrey). He uses his technology and intellect to bully and coerce. The moment he steps on camera, he declares himself in charge of an entire military operation, proudly declaring that he got a school bully to “drink through a straw for a year.” Seeing Sonic as the source of ultimate power, he tracks him to Sonic’s Road Runner as Wile E. Coyote.

2 The main role of every film has a guardian angel.

At a turning point in It’s a beautiful life, the Bailey Brothers Building and Loan threatens to collapse on Christmas Eve. After stealing the money needed to keep it afloat, Mr. Potter orders an arrest warrant for him, accusing him of fraud. In his state of mind, George is alienating his family and contemplating suicide when a guardian angel, Clarence, shows up to prevent this, eventually showing him a world he was never born into.

Also calling Sonic a guardian angel sounds like a stretch. He’s hyperactive and not the best of listeners. However, he has watched over Tom and Maddie practically since arriving in Green Hills. Through Tom and Sonic’s road trip to recover Sonic’s teleportation rings, the hedgehog reminds him how valued he is and says that the residents of Green Hills don’t call just anyone to help them with their problems; you name him.

1 The protagonists realize what a wonderful life they had

After George Bailey’s journey through a world he was never born in, he becomes a different person. He recognizes how much he has changed the life of the Bedford Falls community and appreciates everything he has, even if it means potentially going to jail.

James undergoes a similar transformation in Sonic the Hedgehog. The blue blur reminds him that there is nothing more important than taking care of the people he cares about. He also found that he could protect people in a life-or-death situation without having to leave town. This is in a way the most important lesson of It’s a beautiful life: “No [person] is a loser who has friends.”

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