Top Gun: Maverick made a splash at the box office and grossed $1.023 billion. It proves that people still go to the movies when something’s on; You’re willing to pay to watch it instead of finding something to stream.

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top gun It may be a 30-year-old film, but it’s a film that fans are willing to pay and see, and that’s because of its success Top Gun: Maverickthere may be others Tom cruise Movies that need a sequel.


“Rainman” (1988)

rainman was a smash hit when it was originally released. Not only was it a crowd pleaser, but we also won several Oscars, including Best Picture.

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It has one of the most exciting and famous scenes in film history: Charlie Babbitt (Tom Cruise) and his artistic brother Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) dress up and visit a casino. It’s a fake scene the Hangover. It might be time to revisit Charlie and his brother Raymond over 30 years later with a new film. rainman can be streamed on HBO MAX or Hulu with a premium subscription.

‘Magnolia’ (1999)

magnolia is not for everyone. A sequel to magnolia maybe not a good idea. But a movie about an aging Frank TJ Mackey might be a great idea. Cruise shocked and wowed audiences by playing misogynistic character Frank TJ Mackie. He’s a charismatic jerk who teaches desperate guys how to get laid with his motivational speeches and products.

It would be interesting to revisit a character like TJ Mackey over 20 years later. Has he changed? Is he still an idiot or is his encounter with his father behind him? magnolia change him? magnolia can be streamed with a premium subscription on Amazon Prime or Paramount+

“Risky Business” (1983)

A risky venture is the movie that started Tom cruise to the superstar. Tom Cruise plays rich teenager Joel Goodsen, who turns his parents’ house into a brothel after he crashes his father’s Porsche.

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Tom Cruise and (Lana) Rebecca de MornayThey had great chemistry together in A risky venture. It would be interesting if these two characters crossed paths again almost 40 years later. What kind of work does Joel do now? Is Lana still a prostitute or does she do something else? A risky venture can be streamed on HBO MAX with a subscription.

“The Color of Money” (1986)

The color of money is a Martin Scorsese Film that doesn’t get the awards of other films Goodfellas, taxi driveror The departed, but it’s still a great movie. Many don’t know that The color of money is a sequel to the classic film the hustler.

The only bad thing about making a sequel The color of money would be that Paul Neuman passed away and it would have been interesting to see Paul Newman and Tom Cruise back on screen. But it would still be great to revisit Cruise’s character Vincent Lauria. Is he still arrogant and cocky like he was when he was younger, or has he matured? Does he go alone or is he the mentor now? The color of money can be streamed with a premium subscription on Amazon Prime or Paramount+.

“Cocktail” (1988)

cocktail is a film that Tom Cruise probably wishes was forgotten. It’s a film that garnered a lot of hate and is still made fun of today. But despite all the hostility this film has faced, it made big money when it was originally released and has some excellent mixing drink scenes.

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cocktail is a movie that would probably be a better reboot than a sequel. Maybe cast Austin Butler as Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) this time. However, a sequel could be entertaining. Was Brian Flanagan’s business a big hit or a big flop? Do Brain and Jordans (Elizabeth Shue) Marriage works, or are you divorced now? cocktail can be streamed with a premium subscription on Amazon Prime or Paramount+.

Mission Impossible Movies (1996-2024)

People won’t have to wait long for a sequel Impossible Mission. Impossible Mission Dead Reckoning Part One scheduled for release in 2023, and Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part 2 should appear in 2024.

Mission Impossible movies are like James Bond films; They are an almost unlimited number of films that can be made. If the films keep making money and everyone is interested in making them, they will keep making films. It feels like this franchise may be coming to an end. It’s not because the Impossible Mission Films are not successful; they are. But what Tom Cruise is doing with the character of Ethan Hunt feels like closure. cruisementioned that tooMission Impossible Eight would be the last film in the franchise.

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