A Clockwork Orange is a film that continues to divide viewers and critics more than 50 years after its release. In fact, it’s as controversial today as it was in 1971: per Slash Film, A Clockwork Orange initially received an X rating and American Catholics were banned from viewing it. Granted, it’s not hard to see why, given that Stanley Kubrick’s film features extreme and graphic violence. In addition, of course, the film offers a debate on the concept of free will, morality and psychology.

A Clockwork Orange revolves around Alex, a gang leader who is being rehabilitated after being arrested in prison. Like all of Kubrick’s films, it still has tremendous cultural significance and is considered one of the greatest contributions to cinematic history. Here are 7 movies like A Clockwork Orange to see next.

7 Brazil

Brazil was released in 1985, directed by Terry Gilliam, and is widely considered a classic film. The film is extremely imaginative and resembles Kubrick’s In A Clockwork Orange by depicting a dystopian future where media and government can be blamed for the problems society is facing. Brazil focuses more on the effects of technology and we see the main character Sam escaping his employers through dreams.

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6 taxi driver

taxi driver Widely regarded as one of the all-time greats, directed by Martin Scorsese, it portrays an unstable taxi driver (played by Robert De Niro) who loses touch with reality. We quickly discover that the protagonist or narrator is unreliable and this is a similar technique used in A Clockwork Orange. We’re being told a story from a significantly distorted and unstable perspective, resulting in a unique viewing experience that feels uncomfortable.

5 fight club

fight club has remained a classic since its release and is responsible for a large part of Brad Pitt’s success by portraying an insomniac who starts an underground fight club. The movie is similar A Clockwork Orange in terms of the amount of violence seen on screen; Similarly, however, the characters use this violence to rebel against the norm and advocate a return to human nature by embracing violence.

4 american psycho

american psycho is another well-known film that draws strong parallels A Clockwork Orange. american psycho tells the story of Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale), an influential businessman who is also a serial killer. The film shows how the emptiness he feels inside stems from capitalism and his hobbies soon turn violent. The parallels to draw with A Clockwork Orange are easy to spot here.

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3 the lobster

the lobster was released in 2015 and is another example of a futuristic dystopian reality. The film takes place in a reality where people who cannot find a life partner are turned into animals. The film is strange but comments on what modern relationships entail and what is expected of them. It resembles Kubrick’s in the dystopian themes as well as in the in-depth exploration of the damage modern relationships can wreak.

2 dark city

dark city was released in 1998 and directed by Alex Proyas. The film takes place in a futuristic world ruled by a totalitarian group that wreaks misery on the masses. The similarities to Kubrick’s film become clear when we see damaged societies on screen.

1 Natural born killers

Natural born killers is a film directed by Oliver Stone that features romantic partners who are serial killers and become a staple of the tabloids. As described by The Guardian, the film was controversial upon its release for its alleged glorification of crime, which is precisely the criticism Kubrick received for A Clockwork Orange. Both films comment on this in a broader sense, and the similarities are very clear.

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