As dying movie franchises often make a last-ditch effort to bring back fans with iconic or original characters returning to try to end on a high note or lift the franchise from its grave. Jurassic World: Dominion is a prime example than original stars Sam Neil and Laura Dern reprized their roles in what will (hopefully) be the final film after that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom bombarded with audiences and critics, and domination is currently bombarded with critics.

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Top Gun: Maverick witnesses wild success Tom cruise to reprise his role rather than completely reboot the franchise. Whether it’s a reboot, sequel, prequel, or spin-off, movie lovers will take every reason to see their favorite characters back on screen if done right. If the superheroes, villains, and wizarding worlds can do that, then why not the average, solid, non-blockbuster? We’d love to see these characters back on screen, not because they’ve died and we miss them, but because they make the movie experience worthwhile.

The following entries contain spoilers.


Holland March and Jackson Healy

The greatest private detective duo needs a comeback. Shane Black‘s The nice boys was grossly underrated when it was released in 2016 Ryan Gosling as Holland March and Russell Crowe As Jackson Healy, these two put their investigative minds together to solve a mysterious case involving a dead porn star, a runaway and the Detroit automakers in 1970s Los Angeles.

Comedic roles for both stars, Gosling and Crowe, demonstrated an unparalleled onscreen chemistry that audiences had not seen in buddy cop films in a long time. One movie wasn’t enough and one series would be too much, but fans of the film would appreciate another chance for March and Healy to solve the case. Black would have to return to write and direct again as the pair tackle Los Angeles in the ’80s or maybe the ’90s.

Eliza Doolittle

With only one recognizable film adaptation in the books, it’s time for Eliza to return to the big screen. A story about finding yourself when the world wants to change you, my beautiful lady Classic film lovers are provided with a film adaptation of the stage play. Skillfully portrayed by the beloved Audrey HepburnEliza is a dreamer with some inappropriate language habits in 1910 London. She is introduced to snobbish phonetics professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) that he can turn her from a clumsy florist into a real Englishwoman.

The film version retains the musical element, but a reboot would not require one. Filmmakers were able to take creative liberty and set Eliza’s story in contemporary London. Eliza’s bravery and rebellious nature would make her a dream come true for every aspiring actress.

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Will Andersen

Any fan of classic westerns or John Wayne would be curious to see rancher Wil Andersen back on screen for a remake. That coen brothers proved they could make a classic Wayne movie like new True grit and received ten Oscar nominations for it, with the original earning Wayne his only Oscar win. You could do it again, but this time with the cowboys, and put their stamp on the western villain character that spawned them Bruce Dern one of Hollywood’s most hated stars.

In the film, Wayne plays Wil Andersen, an aging cattleman who hires a group of schoolboys to drive his herd to market. The driveway is ambushed by a group of ranchers led by Dern. The cowboys is one of the few films in which Wayne dies. The Coen brothers could turn to them Jeff Bridges once more to put on the essence of who Wayne was in a western. Dern might even have a cameo. Paralleling the cinematic intensity of the original film, a newcomer would best serve to be cast as the villain opposite an acting legend like Bridges.

Keyser Soze

One of the last minute twists in film history, The usual suspects and the character of Keyser Söze would bring generations of movie lovers together if a remake got into the right hands. When the audience first saw the original and that of Verbal (Kevin Spacey) After the events in question, which called a group of five criminals to a police line-up, there was an almost absolute certainty that Keyser Söze had not been caught and was almost entirely a fabrication. The final moments shocked the audience in one of the directors Bryan Singer and writers Christopher McQuarries finest cinematic ventures.

While recreating the twist and character dupe would be impossible, the right filmmakers could reinvent the story while maintaining the basis of Söze’s character. In the digital age, the right group of young actors could make an excellent lineup of the usual criminal suspects for a crime with a Söze character hidden within.

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Miranda Priest

As a villain we’re reluctant to love, this editor-in-chief deserves a backstory. The devil Wears Prada brought Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) to the big screen, and moviegoers have been obsessed since her 2006 release. How did Priestly climb to the top? runway magazine and stay there? A prequel to the events of The devil Wears Prada would satisfy fans’ cravings to see Priestly back on screen.

As a character that audiences cheer on, Priestly resembles Cruella. The two shared a flair for fashion and were once aspiring young women who would do anything to rise to the top. The success of Cruella’s origin story film shows that viewers identify with iconic antagonists and are curious about what events led to their future behavior as cinematic villains.

Jack Crawford

It’s time for a new focus on a classic franchise. In the Hannibal Lecter franchise, Jack Crawford is the agent in charge of the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit at Quantico. He has been portrayed in film and television by various actors such as Scott Glenn and Laurence Fishburne, but always as a supporting character. Throughout the novels and the various film versions, Crawford is a legendary agent for his work catching notorious serial killers. We see a glimpse of his skills throughout the series Hannibalbut the films leave his past a mystery.

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Crawford’s character is so established that franchise audiences will recognize his name, but his subject matter hasn’t been beaten to death through multiple adaptations. Crawford’s backstory would make a good detective film competitive Se7en or Catch Me If You Can. There are many creative liberties a filmmaker could take without upsetting the staunch franchise fans as the entire franchise revolves around Clarice, Hannibal and Will Graham. A prequel movie could revive the franchise without overdoing it.

Coraline Jones

After the 10th anniversary in 2019, fans of coral still come back to this movie every Halloween (or all year long for those who continuously celebrate the season). The film is an adaptation of Neil Gaiman‘s novella about a young girl who moves with her family to a spooky new house with a mysterious other world behind a locked door. Despite fans’ desperate pleas for a sequel, the author recently denied via Twitter that a sequel is in the works, citing that he’s waiting for a story that’s better or as good as the first, and another film wouldn’t come when he could not hold his own for the first time.

That doesn’t stop us from seeing Coraline on the stop-motion screen again. Not that we’re authors of successfully adapted works, but what if Coraline grew up and returned to the house just as it was about to be demolished? Thoughts, Mr. Gaiman? Anyway, this movie is iconic in the Halloween and scary genre of animated family movies that we would love to see Heinrich Seilick direct again.

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