They may be monsters, but sometimes they can still be quite adorable. Whether they’re stomping the streets terrorizing the townsfolk or going a little crazy if you feed them after midnight, some horror movie characters are as cute as they are spooky.

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If audiences want to see a movie with some cute creatures on screen, horror movies probably aren’t the thing, but sometimes scary movies use characters that appear cute and cuddly, so they can scare viewers even more if they turn nasty.


Gremlins — ‘Gremlins’ (1984)

gremlins is a horror comedy that begins with a father looking for a present for his son’s birthday. He encounters the adorable “Mogwai” Gizmo, but is warned never to expose him to bright lights or water, or to feed him after midnight. If the rules are accidentally broken, Gizmo spawns more Mogwai and they transform into reptilian monsters known as gremlins.

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It’s easy to see why Gizmo would make a great pet if you play by the rules. He is small, soft and gentle. He has a sweet smile and big sparkling eyes. The Mogwais are still pretty cute when they transform into goblins, although their original form looks a lot nicer to cuddle.

Mini Stay Puft Marshmallow Men – Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)

When a mother and her two children move to a new town, they discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters and the secret legacy their grandfather left behind. Ghostbusters: Life After Death draws heavily on nostalgia from the ’80s movies, and what better way to do that than to reinvent the iconic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but this time in miniature form.

Gary Grooberson (Paul Rudd)discovers the tiny threats at a local Walmart. The miniature creatures are lovable but incredibly destructive to everything around them. Like the Gremlins, the Mini-Stay Puft Marshmallow Men run wild through the store causing mayhem.

Black Phillip – “The Witch” (2015)

The witch is set in 1630s New England, where a Puritan Christian family mourns the loss of their youngest son who suddenly disappears. The family blames the eldest daughter who was watching him at the time of his disappearance. They accuse her of witchcraft, but what they don’t know is who controls her destiny, Black Phillip, the mortal form of Satan himself who is tormenting the family.

Black Phillip was portrayed by a 200-pound billy goat named Charlie, who was chosen for his beautiful deep black coat. He was very well received by fans and soon became a cultural icon. The cast and crew on the set of The witch may not consent to Charlie making a list; However, the goat was said to be very aggressive and was a challenge to work with. Despite being a threat on set, Charlie nailed the role perfectly.

Sam – “Trick ‘r Treat” (2007)

Trick or treat tells four different Halloween stories, all with a common thread, Sam (quinn sir), a mysterious character who appears whenever a Halloween tradition is broken. Sam takes Halloween very seriously. So if someone refuses to give out candy, puts out a jack-o’-lantern before midnight, or has committed other Halloween crimes, Sam seems to seek revenge.

Though his face is quite intimidating under the mask, the burlap headgear he wears makes him look pretty adorable even while wielding a knife. The mask has tiny beads for the eyes and a smile sewn on. He’s also relatively small, so his costume makes him look like a little kid dressed up for trick and treating.

Tiffany – “The Bride of Chucky” (1998)

in the Chucky and his bride, Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) eventually finds the doll of her former boyfriend, convicted murderer Charles Lee Ray, trapped in the body of a doll named Chucky (Brad Dourif). She reanimates Chucky, but ends up being a doll herself after he murders her. The two hatch a plan to recover an amulet from Chucky’s human corpse and use the corpses of Tiffany’s neighbors to become human again.

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Tiffany may be a murderous doll with a fetish for violence, but Tilley makes viewers fall in love with the character. Despite Chucky imprisoning her in a doll’s body, Tiffany still has her signature look. She bleaches her hair, puts on gothic make-up and wears a leather jacket. Tilley’s iconic voice also adds cuteness to the creepy doll.

Cujo – ‘Cujo’ (1983)

Based on a novel by StephenKing, Cujo tells the story of a cute and cuddly St. Bernard named Cujo, who turns into an uncontrollable monster after being bitten by a rabid bat. He locks a mother and son in a car with no hope of escape.

This movie is not recommended for animal lovers as Cujo is a lovable loving dog before he goes insane. He’s a classic sweet St. Bernard that’s perfect for cuddling. Five different St. Bernards and a Rottweiler played the role of Cujo in the film. The Rottweiler had to fill in for certain scenes as it was difficult to make the lovable giants look scary, especially when they were constantly wagging their tails.

Ada — ‘Lamb’ (2021)

In rural Iceland, a childless farming couple discovers a strange newborn in their sheepfold, a baby with a human body and a lamb’s head. They decide to raise her as their own, but dark forces try to bring the child back to the wilderness she came from.

A creature with a lamb’s head and a human body could easily stray into body horror territory, but into it lamb, do not do it. The horror comes from the terrible forces trying to take Ada away from her family. Ada herself is frankly adorable and beautiful. She has a sweet, kind personality and it’s easy to see why her adoptive parents are willing to fight so hard to keep her.

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