Video game movies have long provided fans with well-deserved fun. In recent years, movie studios have upped their game even further, producing some of the funniest and most visually stunning video game movies of all time. There is a wide range of live action and animated video game movies out there proving that this genre deserves more attention and love from filmmakers.

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Not only do these films look great, but they are also immensely entertaining for the whole family. Thanks to these video game movies, fans can enjoy their favorite games in a whole new way. Viewers experience unique storylines starring creative and inspirational leads, as well as some of the film’s greatest villains, making these stories even more memorable.

8th Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle

Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle is one of the best adventure fantasy movies of recent years. It’s a great tribute to the Robin Williams classic jumanji Movie from the 90s. In this new version, players will be trapped in a magical video game.

The four students must find a way to complete the game and get out of the jungle world of Jumanji so they can finally return to their real world. The characters must fight for their lives, but they also embark on some hilarious and exciting adventures that will help them overcome their greatest fears and insecurities.

7 The Angry Birds Movie 2

The second film based on the widely popular Angry Birds Game was even funnier than the first. This hilarious animated video game movie has a brilliant cast including Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage, Nicki Minaj, Jason Sudeikis and Bill Hader.

It’s one of the best choices for fans looking for some comfort that the whole family can enjoy together. This time, Bird and Piggy Islands must find a way to save their homes after Zeta, the leader of Eagle Island, decides to occupy them.

6 Free guy

Free guy is by far one of the funniest action movies set in a video game world with an inspiring lead. Guy is one of the most lovable movie jerks ever created. He does everything in his power to free himself after discovering that he is just an NPC in an open world video game.

As he gets to know his own world better, he realizes that there is virtually no limit to what he can achieve and is determined to save not only himself but the other NPCs as well.

5 Sonic the Hedgehog 2

The second sound The film dominated the box office and became the highest-grossing video game film of all time. Fans even argue that it might be the best video game movie of all time, one that’s as entertaining for kids as it is for adults.

Viewers can embark on a new adventure with Sonic as he’s still eager to prove he’s a true hero. dr Robotnik’s return gives him and his new partners’ Knuckles and Tails a chance to save the day and prove their worth. The trio embark on a fun journey around the world to find a mystical and dangerous emerald before Dr. Robotnik can get his hands on it and use it for something evil.

4 Lara Croft Tomb Raider

That Grave robbers Franchise is one of the most popular adventure games of all time, and the first two films starring Angelina Jolie are the most famous video game action films of all time with female leads.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider may not be the best made video game movie, but it’s a beautiful and fun adventure story with great action scenes. In the first film, Lara embarks on a journey across the globe to recover an artifact that can control time. A secret society is also after the relic and is trying to stop Lara by any means necessary.

3 Ready player one

Steven Spielberg’s Ready player one Book-to-movie adaptation really flies its geek flag. The film remains exciting, surprising and captivating with touching character developments throughout the film. It’s also one of the best choices if you love Easter egg-packed movies or want to enjoy a video game movie with someone who isn’t into games.

Thanks to this stunning adaptation, fans had the chance to experience a life- and world-changing adventure in Halliday’s virtual reality world as Wade sets out to win a quest and earn a fortune, as well as OASIS itself.

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2 werewolves inside

This hilarious horror comedy is based on the werewolves inside video game and is the perfect choice for fans who love chills as much as silly stories. Fans can enjoy hilarious characters and solve a mystery in a small town where all residents got trapped after a massive snowstorm.

Finn, the new forest ranger, and Cecily, the town’s postal worker, team up to solve the mystery behind a mysterious creature terrorizing the community. werewolves inside is one of the funniest horror movies of recent years which is also perfect for mystery movie lovers.

1 Destroy it Ralph

Ralph and Vanellope’s unlikely friendship has stolen millions of hearts around the world thanks to Disney’s cutest and badass character. Not only does the film have great leads, but it also provided some of Disney’s biggest supporting characters and a lighthearted story that easily entertains viewers of all ages.

The film is based on the world famous Destroy it Ralph video game, but also includes many other characters and is full of surprising Easter eggs. One day, Ralph realizes he doesn’t want to be the villain anymore. When he decides to embark on a journey to become a video game hero, he accidentally unleashes a dangerous enemy that jeopardizes the very existence of their entire world.

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