The film should have started shooting in Norwood and Dedham starting in August.

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Disney Plus has suspended production on a Halloween movie that was due to start filming in Massachusetts starting in August. DisneyPlus

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First, Disney+ decided to shoot Hocus Pocus 2 in Rhode Island instead of Massachusetts. Now a second Disney+ Halloween movie that was set to start filming in the Bay State next month is on hold.

The untitled project was scheduled to begin filming in August in Norwood and Dedham. But planning conflicts with the film’s cast have put the planned Halloween movie on hold, according to city officials.

“We regret to announce to the community that the Disney Halloween movie has been delayed and is not filming in town as planned next month,” said Tony Mazzucco, Norwood general manager, in a press release. “We were excited to welcome the production team to Norwood and to allow audiences around the world to see what our town has to offer through this film.”

According to Patch, at a public hearing in June with Norwood city officials, site manager Kyle “Snappy” Oliver described the film as “a fun, kid-oriented, spooky” Halloween movie that Oliver said could help make Norwood a tourist destination make.

“The only problem with this is that we might end up creating an urban legend for you,” Oliver said. “Maybe you have a little rivalry with Salem.”

For now, it seems the dream of tourism revenue is on hold, although Dedham’s public information officer Amanda Smith told Patch she was “hopeful the business will come back” once its planning issues are resolved.

A Disney+ representative did not immediately respond to’s request for comment.

Despite the suspension of the Disney+ project, 2022 was a big year for the Massachusetts film industry. The Sony Marvel superhero movie Madame Web began production Monday, with Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Gray) playing the title character, first introduced in the Spider-Man comics.

Several other star-studded productions have filmed time in the Bay State this year, including Zendaya tennis drama Challengers, Bradley Cooper biopic Maestro, Tommy Lee Jones crime drama Finestkind, and the Lisa Kudrow – Ensemble comedy The Parenting and historical drama Boston Strangler, directed by Keira Knightley.

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