If someone needs some excitement in their life, one suggestion might be to go to one of the new, modern theaters and buy a ticket to Maverick.

Don’t know the title? It is a sequel to the original film about naval aviation.


The people who put the film together did an excellent job of reflecting reality over the two hour runtime of the film. Flying is performed by top gun pilots with actors in the second seat.

This arrangement makes it possible to experience real situations and conditions that contribute a lot to the film.

Just like the first presentation, the acting is unique, to say the least.

choose a seat

As a suggestion, a good idea would be to use a cinema where you can buy a specific seat and avoid being too close to the screen. The action is right in front of you and the noise can be excessive at times.

There is a theme that includes air combat and a special mission for the Navy pilots who train during the first part of the program.

An experience

During my time in the Navy I had the opportunity to learn about Navy aviation. The experience was crossing the Pacific from Hawaii to Japan.

As we neared the end of the voyage, some journalist friends who belonged to the ship’s company arranged for me to board one of the planes ferried to Japan and fly ahead.

This was one of my best experiences of the trip, although I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.

To be honest and serious, the pilot and I both agreed that there would be no fun stuff during the 30 minute flight after leaving the boxer’s deck.

On my soap box

From the actions of the US Supreme Court over the past few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that there is no living politician who is capable, or any real official, who is entitled to such recognition.

The public has seen what a court designed to do the people’s work as far as the constitution is concerned will do when politicians, not legal scholars, who want our democracy to remain intact, are too involved.

What will happen?

I believe that the life term of judges must be abolished. In addition, any engaged politician must be permanently barred from serving on the nine-member body.

Ideally, further background checks on involvement in border organizations need to be more thoroughly investigated and shared with the public.

In my opinion, those who are closely associated with the person making the appointment or sharing actions with the beliefs of those who stand outside of reason for the good of the nation should never reach the nominating level.

Do not forget

Currently, in this democracy of ours, there are groups and individuals who wish to have their way when it comes to rights that we all enjoy or have benefited from in the past.

Nor do we forget the sacrifices, both originally nearly 250 years ago or most recently on a distant battlefield, who have answered the nation’s call to arms and kept our liberties intact.

For no other reason alone, those who created today’s situation are still out there, wanting nothing better than an opportunity to right the mistakes they recently wrote on the books and return to positions of power in government.


Anyone brave enough and genuinely interested in the welfare of this nation should have their eyes opened wider during the recent Congressional Committee hearings.

The testimonies of those on the ground floor during those difficult hours painted only a bleak picture of what the leaders did or did not do.

Breaking the law is nothing to some people; a fact from which no group or individual can escape. There are enough law-abiding people from any political party to get this thing going again.

Beginning with the Supreme Court, whose personal thinking has been reflected in recent rulings, declarations and leaks have proven that there are new and veteran members who must go.

A personal note

In two more days this member of the fourth estate will reach the year 93 on this earth, a fact that gives thanks to God every day (especially those I think of).

Virtually all life has been in the Ozarks, which gets a second “thank you.”

Bob Mitchell is the former editor and editor of the Cassville Democrat. He was inducted into both the Missouri Press Association Hall of Fame and the Missouri Southern State University Regional Media Hall of Fame in 2017.

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