Filmmaker Jordan Peele creates intriguing characters that add to the appeal of his fantastical horror movies, so when actor Daniel Kaluuya teased character details about Peele’s upcoming film nope, it drew a lot of attention. Though Peele’s central characters are often deep and relatable, they can be just as compelling for their wickedness.

That makes it all the more difficult to determine which characters deserve to be known as the best in his earlier films, but luckily for the film fans of Ranker he was put up for a vote. The poll produced some surprising results that will be of interest to fans of Go out and Us.

Note: Leaderboards are voted on by fans, are live and continue to collect votes, so some leaderboards may have changed after this release.


10 Adelaide Wilson (us)

Adelaide goes outside with a gun

From their first introduction as adults in Us, it is evident that Adelaide is still deeply affected by her memory of encountering her own doppelganger as a child. Thanks to Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o’s fantastic acting, her emotional turmoil comes across hauntingly throughout the film.

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She shows inner strength after rallying in response to the tethered attack, and that immediately makes her more likable to audiences. However, it’s the shocking final twist that redefines her as a character, making her a more interesting character to some but a less likable character to others, leading to her middle spot in the poll.

9 Georgina (Out)

Georgina is standing at the window in Get Out

One of the most beautiful confusing characters of Go out, Georgina is the Armitage family’s black housekeeper, although the eerily creepy way she talks to Chris makes it immediately clear that something is wrong with her. Their odd nature makes them far from likeable, but it makes them fascinating to watch.

Go out is a movie to watch over and over again, and details like the way Georgina reacts to Chris’ comment about him getting nervous about too many white people are a big part of it, making the whole moment suddenly a whole gives new meaning. It’s this fundamental meaning of everything she says that makes her a compelling choice.

8th Andre Logan King (Get Out)

Andre Logan King stares into the distance in Get Out

When he introduces himself as Logan King, when he’s clearly Andre Hayworth, a person who disappeared six months earlier, it’s immediately clear that something is wrong. Of course the audience doesn’t really get to see much of the real Andre as it’s very much Logan who is in control.

At least that’s the case until Chris accidentally flashes his phone camera at the man, leading to the terrifying moment when Andre’s entire face changes and he yells at the other man to flee while he can. The massive contrast between the character depending on who is in control is what makes him such an interesting and, to some, amazing character.

7 Pluto (us)

Evan Alex as Pluto in the US film

Even among the tethered, Pluto immediately catches the eye with the creepy white mask he wears that wouldn’t look out of place in a slasher movie. This, coupled with his love of fire, makes for a terrifying character, made even more potent by Jason’s reaction when he first met his double.

Though not everyone appreciated the ending of Us, there’s no doubt there were some incredible moments, and that includes Pluto’s final confrontation when Jason finds a clever way to beat him. Not many of the tethered have had as much of an impact as Pluto, and that’s why he was a popular choice.

6 Gabe Wilson (us)

Winston Duke as Gabe Wilson in We.

Adelaide’s husband, the very sensible Gabe, turns his world upside down when he is forced to come to terms with the fact not only that the mysterious memories haunting his wife are true, but that they are there to enter his own life in an extremely violent way. Played by Winston Duke, best known for playing M’Baku in the MCU, Gabe is the perfect foil to the bizarre events of Us.

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While he’s a likable on-screen presence, a relatable contrast to a world gone mad, it also means he doesn’t have much to do after his triumphant moment of killing Abraham as Adelaide has a more interesting story arc. However, his pleasant presence was more than enough for many fans, meaning he scored well in the end.

5 Young Adelaide (US)

The young Adelaide in us

Played incredibly well by such a young actor in the form of Madison Curry, the younger version of Adelaide manages to make as much impact as her older self despite her much shorter filming time. While Lupita Nyong’o’s take on the characters of Adelaide and Red is considered one of the finest horror performances, it’s equally impressive that Curry pulled off a similar feat with the two younger characters.

Of course, the character of Adelaide herself is a big part of what makes the performance great, as a young girl who is genuinely disturbed when she encounters someone who looks exactly like her in the Hall of Mirrors. Her lack of screen time meant the viewer couldn’t get a fully fleshed out image of the character, but she’s at least one that no one could dislike.

4 Chris Washington (Out)

Get out of 2017 Chris

Daniel Kaluuya has played some incredible roles in his career, and he’s likely to add even more if he stars in the upcoming movie nope, but his role as Chris Washington stands out as he managed to find a character that would make the perfect horror movie protagonist. In the bizarre world of the Armitages, Chris must share in the audience’s growing concern and eventual horror.

As a photographer, Chris is reluctant to even meet Rose’s family until she assures him they are not racist. As the story progresses, the character is caught between trying to figure out what’s going on out of morbid fascination and a self-preservation instinct that tells him to run far away. This resonated with many fans and brought the character a lot of popularity.

3 Zora Wilson (us)

Zora Wilson in us

While Zora Wilson is a great character, it’s surprising that she was such a popular choice, beating out the entire rest of the Wilson family despite not having as much to do. She has a few moments that set her apart and help explain her high position, including an early one when she is told to run from her sadistic doppelganger and immediately does so without looking back.

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Given the horror movie trope of characters sticking around far too long after it’s clear what danger they’re in, this may have immediately won some fans over to Zora. Ultimately though, it’s probably the fact that Shahadi Wright Joseph was able to convey a hopelessly frightened child in a situation far out of control so effectively that no one could turn down the character.

2 Rod Williams (Get Out)

if Go out has a hero, which is a pretty big if considering how dark and uncomfortable a movie is, that hero would be Rod Williams. Rod, played by actor/comedian Lil Rel Howery, is Chris’ best friend, the TSA agent, and the phone conversations between the two are some of the funniest parts of the film.

Of course, what made the character so special is that in the end it’s Rod who saves Chris from the nightmarish situation he’s in, even dropping a controversially cool one-liner at the end, “Consider it done”. Action movie hero style. It’s no surprise that this worked well for many fans of the film.

1 red (us)

From her introduction, it’s clear that Red isn’t quite like the other Tethered, with her ability to speak, albeit in a hoarse voice, which makes her seem like a sort of leader of the group right away. Ultimately, this turns out to be truer than anyone could have imagined, as it is revealed that Red is the organizer of the Tethered Uprising.

Her interactions with Adelaide are dark and compelling throughout, and the final twist just goes to show that Red didn’t quite look like the all-evil horror movie antagonist she should have been. No Jordan Peele character has enchanted fans more than Red.

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