The teen slasher subgenre is always popular and Scream (2022) was a hit and proved that audiences like likable, realistic young adult characters who also deal with a killer or villain. Tara Carpenter, Mindy Meeks-Martin, Chad Meeks-Martin and Liv McKenzie are just as dynamic as OG Finale girl Sidney Prescott.

High school life is already full of drama, making it a clever backdrop for some spooky elements. Horror fans have shared some of their favorite teenage slashers on Ranker, and many of these movies are classics, proving that these stories will endure.

Note: ranger Lists are live and continue to collect votes, so some rankings may have changed after this release.


10 Urban Legend (1998)

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Natalie and Brenda scream in Urban Legend

The 1998 movie urban legend notes that Natalie Simon is afraid to stay on her college campus while students are murdered based on stories that have been around for years. Natalie can’t believe her eyes and trusts the wrong person as she thinks Brenda Bates is her best friend.

Without a doubt the film is cheesy, but it has relatable characters, a spooky but familiar and comforting setting, and a good concept. urban legend lingers to this day, but not as popular as other teen slashers such as Scream, suggesting why it is not ranked higher.

9 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974

With a 2022 film releasing on Netflix, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a popular franchise and the first film is also a popular teen slasher. Horror fans still enjoy rewatching this 1974 film and seeing where Leatherface began.

Final Girl Sally Hardesty is a young adult who fans immediately learn cares deeply for her family when she learns people have been stealing from graves in Texas. Ever since her grandfather died, she has wanted to make sure everything is okay. Unfortunately, Sally encounters Leatherface and the other villains. Sally is an acclaimed strong character and the film is a reminder of how tough someone can be when confronted with the unimaginable.

8th The Faculty (1998)

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The Faculty 1998 Casey

Another take on a teen slasher the faculty tells the story of a seemingly normal and typical high school where something wild and intense happens. Casey Connor realizes that Herrington High School’s teachers are incredibly strange and discovers they have been taken over by aliens.

the faculty recognizes that high school can be complicated, tough, and emotional, while adding a sci-fi element that’s cool and fascinating to watch. Casey’s colleagues are compelling characters too.

7 Friday the 13th (1980)

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The Camp Counselors Friday the 13th (1980) Ned

One of the best settings for a teenage film is camp, as the characters often have a dramatic time as counselors, make new friends, fall in love, and find their independence. In case of Friday the 13th, The young adults at Camp Crystal Lake regret ever coming here after realizing a killer is nearby.

The famous Jason Voorhees mask is just a memorable part of this film and will be an all-time classic thanks to its location, villain and overall tone.

6 Last Target (2000)

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Alex panics and tries to get off the plane in Final Destination

In the first final destination film, Alex Browning knows taking his class to Paris is going to be a terrible idea. Despite knowing that saying the plane will crash is risky as people most likely won’t believe him, Alex has such a terrifying vision that he knows he has to say something.

A creative and new take on a teen slasher final destination tells a story in which death is the villain. Alex was supposed to die on this journey and for interfering with fate, he’s now in trouble. The film tells a powerful story about a bright and determined teenager who doesn’t mind being or appearing different.

5 I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

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I know what you did last summer is a teenage slasher that many horror fans love to watch regularly thanks to its ’90s vibe and unforgettable story. Julie James and her friends hit someone with their car and while Julie’s friends want them all to forget it, Julie is having a terrible time moving on. The film focuses on the following summer when Julie returns home and she and her group of friends are being pursued by a killer.

The film falls into the guilty pleasure horror film category and that explains why it ranks quite high. For some it is not enough Screamand while it might not be as smart or as interesting, the movie is still fun.

4 Scream 2 (1997)

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Scream 2: Mickey and Sidney

scream 2 continues the hilarious and clever tone of the original film, and this time Sidney Prescott is at college. She is stunned to discover that there is another Ghostface and that her hope for a happier, more peaceful college experience is being jeopardized.

scream 2 combines the entertainment and thrills of a slasher with the emotions of teenage years as Sidney is in her late teens and is doing whatever it takes to move on, grow up and find out who she is. While many prefer the first film, scream 2 is still an excellent sequel that is as dramatic and exciting as Scream.

3 A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

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Nancy Thompson looks serious in A Nightmare On Elm Street

A nightmare on Elm Street can focus on the evil and sinister Freddy Krueger, and while the classic has amazing visual effects and killings that fans are still talking about, Nancy Thompson’s teenage life makes the film special.

Nancy and her group of friends are dying to beat Freddy in this nightmare game and it seems like Nancy will succeed as she puts everything she has into this fight. If the film was about older characters, it wouldn’t be quite the same. The fact that Nancy and her friends are still figuring out who they are and are so vulnerable gives Freddy his power.

2 Halloween (1978)

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Halloween 1978 young Michael Myers clown

horror fans love Halloween for his score, the way Laurie Strode fights back, and the scary factor of Michael Myers walking around slowly yet determined to kill. The movie is also a perfect teen slasher as Laurie is trying to have a nice Halloween night with her friends and she also wants to be a good babysitter.

Halloween always remains scary and impressive, and the well-made film shows how clever, creative and powerful a teen movie can be. It raised the bar very high.

1 Scream (1996)

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Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott and Skeet Ulrich as Billy Loomis in Scream

Scream will always be many people’s favorite horror movie of all time, so its ranking makes sense. The combination of last girl Sidney, her discovery that her boyfriend Billy Loomis is the killer, the smashing of the horror genre, and the hilarious jokes make it a great experience no matter how many times people watch it.

If Sidney wasn’t a high school student in that first film, the story would feel different and less compelling and meaningful. Sidney grows up and learns about herself while fighting Ghostface, and that makes the story that much more compelling.

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