Musicals are once again a hot topic of conversation, with the recent release of the musical biopic elvis and news of the musical version of Mathilde is coming to the big screen this year. The stage version of the updated Roald Dahl classic is being bought for the big screen so music lovers can see the return of Miss Honey, Miss Trunchbull and of course the title character himself.

But during the revival of Mathilde awaited by fans, there are many other film musicals that have found a permanent place in the hearts of many fans. From animation to live action, fans have voted on Ranker for the film musical they think is the most rewatchable.

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10 The greatest showman

Hugh Jackman as Barnum in Greatest Showman poster

The greatest showman reinvented musicals, modernized the way songs were written and sounded, and adjusted what would be heard on the charts. Each tune had a purpose and was a tool to move the story forward, with lyrics as important as the script.

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The cast was led by Hugh Jackman as PT Barnum, but each character had their place in the film to convey the message of acceptance and love. The theme of circus extravagance and brilliance is never dull, leaving every viewer feeling like an overwhelmed kid who wants to see the cast of seemingly magical characters over and over again.

9 Chicago

Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago

An energetic and fast-paced film based on the stage production of the same name, Chicago is one of the best Broadway adaptations to date. In fact, it won Best Picture at the 2003 Academy Awards.

Although the musical is a visual spectacle akin to 1920s vaudeville and glamor, the plot is by Chicago has a dark side, but that’s what keeps viewers coming back for more. Apparently, the darker side of the story, accompanied by songs that have become popular in theatrical culture, is a perfect recipe for a movie musical that you can watch over and over again.

8th Fat

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta in Grease

Although there are things that would be different if Fat was released today, the film still attracts attention for its catchy tunes and boy-meets-girl storyline that many are nostalgic for.

Just before its 45th anniversary Fat offers viewers a glimpse into 1950’s fashion and dancing as seen in scenes such as the Rydell High dance. Most fans will at some point have pictured themselves as part of the T-Birds or Pink Ladies and got caught up in the glamorous look of high school life, making this movie musical easy to watch over and over again.

7 Beauty and the Beast

Belle dances with the beast.

The more recent live-action remake proved popular at the box office and largely stayed true to the original story. But that’s nicely animated Beauty and the Beast will always remain the best version of the fairy tale that remains a timeless film to this day.

The magic that Disney brings always leaves audiences amazed at its films, but with the beloved characters singing unforgettable songs combined with spectacular animation, the aforementioned film brings an infectious joy. The characters transport viewers to another world, are fascinating and a pleasure to watch, each with unique personalities that all fit well together.

6 Moiana

Moana stares at the sky and smiles at the ocean

Moiana is a relatively new animated film from Disney. Although set thousands of years ago, the film has a modern interpretation of inspirational messages and human empowerment that has touched the hearts of viewers everywhere.

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It’s the epitome of well-being, enhanced by beautifully unique songs sung by lovable characters like the hilarious demigod Maui and the flamboyant giant crab Tamatoa. With a message of bravery and loyalty, the film lacks no element, making it a modern music classic.

5 The Lion King

Simba, Timon and Pumbaa walk across a log with the moon behind them and sing.

Til today, The Lion King has remained arguably Disney’s greatest animated film. Well received by critics and fans alike, one of the reasons this film was such a hit was because of the wonderful songs by Elton John and Tim Rice.

Even with one of the saddest deaths in Disney movies, The Lion King evokes joyful feelings of friendship and loyalty, with great life lessons to be learned along the way. The film’s main demographic might have been young children, but adults still find it entertaining to watch, especially those who grew up watching it. With emotional scenes, comedy and timeless songs, it is definitely one of the most watchable music movies.

4 my beautiful lady

Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady

my beautiful lady is one of the most popular musicals out there, and that’s thanks in part to the film adaptation, starring Audrey Hepburn in one of her most iconic roles. Based on the myth of Pygmalion, the story of Eliza Doolittle’s transformation is as captivating as it is delightful.

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Featuring classic songs that let Doolittle’s Cockney accent shine through, viewers are drawn to her charisma, backed by a terrific cast. Hepburn’s Eliza is a delight to watch, and her chemistry with her co-stars, whether they sing or not, remains a constant for many viewers to watch.

3 The Wizard of Oz

Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road

It’s been 83 years since it was first published, but The Wizard of Oz still holds a place in today’s entertainment world as one of the most iconic films ever made. The story of Dorothy and her journey down the yellow brick road has been retold from generation to generation.

While the film begins and ends in black and white, the majority of the film is rendered in Technicolor, adding to the already compelling storyline and setting it as one of the best Technicolor films out there. With characters of all kinds and magical songs full of heart and hope, it’s no wonder the film ranked so highly for being watchable over and over again.

2 sing in the rain

Singing in the Rain 1952

Even those who haven’t seen the film will likely find the tune of “Singin’ In The Rain” when hearing the title. Just like the famous song, One Viewing of sing in the rain captivates the audience and they cannot get enough of this famous musical.

Gene Kelly’s dance, steeped in song and romantic scenes, is a beautiful nod to the period that prevails as a classic film that stands the test of time. The enjoyment that viewers find in the film means that it is viewed many times over and passed down through generations.

1 Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins flies away with her magic umbrella.

Julie Andrews has garnered a following through years of exquisite work, but one of her best-known roles as an enchanting nanny continues to be a part of many childhoods. Mary Poppins remains still one of Disney’s most timeless films and one of the most popular musicals of all time.

The heartwarming classic musical features an unforgettable cast of characters like Bert the Chimney Sweep and the uptight Mr. Banks. With the inclusion of a memorable animated sequence, the film has an element for every viewer and catchy songs that only add to the recurring atmosphere of the entire film.

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