Adjacent to a full service bar and restaurant called the Press Room.

Alamo design house DC

The Boston theater will look exactly like the one featured in Bryce Bernier’s DC Photo.

There’s a new light at the end of the tunnel for those of us who like to relax and put our feet up during a movie, perhaps after a day of strolling the seaport with friends: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, the Austin-based theater company , has put to good use the long-vacant screens of the former Showplace Icon Theater and plans to open its first New England location there. The new theater will be called the Alamo Drafthouse Boston Seaport, which is a bit mouthy, so we can all agree to just call it the Alamo, right? Great, glad that’s sorted out.

As first reported by the Boston globe, the Alamo (see how easy that was?) will have 10 screens, according to a press release, and is set to open “early 2023.” Expect a mix of new films, plus some more special programming and a full food and drink menu, and plan 4k digital projection and surround sound to keep you awake as you settle into a luxurious kick back and lay your feet on the footrest. Parents might be happy to know that after visiting the Children’s Museum, they can spend a full day watching inexpensive Kids Camp demonstrations. And yes, there will be a location of the Press Room, the full-service bar located in the theater chain’s New York location.

Everything is in one piece with the previous tenant. When the Showplace Icon Theater opened in the seaport in 2018, it was met with much fanfare. The new theater brought more than the latest blockbusters to the neighborhood: it was a luxurious theater with comfortable, reclining chairs and an attached table where you could nibble on treats made by a bunch of bold names from Boston’s cooking community, including Tiffani Faison, Will Gilson, Jamie Bissonette and more.

Back then, it seemed to fit well into the seaport’s collection of upscale retail experiences, glitzy restaurants and vibrant nightlife. Then the pandemic struck, ending the idea of ​​hopping nightlife for months and months. Cinema never really recovered – although theaters were allowed to reopen in July 2020, new releases were rare and many production companies gave anxious moviegoers the option to stream new releases at home, and cinemas closed again in September of the same year that it became March 2021 it finally closed. It was a hard blow as it came weeks before the closure of the North End’s similarly glitzy ArcLight theater, which never reopened after the original closure.

But now! The movies are back, baby (2023, barring unfortunate delays). In a press release, the folks at the Alamo wisely cajoled us a little about our fondness for cinema. Alamo Drafthouse CEO Shelli Taylor said, “We couldn’t be more excited to bring our love of film, food and beer to Boston, a city with rich culture, deep history and a vibrant cinema scene.” Hello, that’s us!

The new theater will of course open with the help of WS Development who owns the building where you can also find Lululemon, Scorpian Bar, Kings Bowling and more. In a statement, Ariel Foxman, general manager at Seaport Boston WS Development said, “We are very excited to welcome Alamo Drafthouse to Seaport and host its first Boston location. It is a premier theater that brings films and food together to create an all-round exceptional and entertaining experience for all.”

the press room manhattan

The press room in Manhattan. Photo by Michael Mansfield

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