That evil Dead series is one of the most popular horror franchises of all time, and series creator Sam Raimi named the upcoming one Evil Dead Rise “dreadful.” However, the film is not a Bruce Campbell film directed by Raimi evil death 4, which fans want most, but a standalone film. The upcoming movie follows two sisters trying to survive and save their family from demonic creatures called Deadites.

While it’s like owning much of the typical evil Dead Humor the film will have, sounds like it’s unique to the series. This isn’t the first time the franchise has tried something new, and fans have enjoyed it evil Dead in many different forms. Between the classics, a controversial remake, and a hilarious TV show that was canceled too soon, even non-horror fans will enjoy some of these.


5 Evil Dead (2013) – 6.5

A still image of a dead man from 2013's Evil Dead Remake.

The bad death series has grown into a hugely successful multimedia franchise consisting of movies, TV spin-off series, and even video games. evil Dead, the 2013 remake of the original film, marked the first time the series branched and ventured outside of the original Ash-led timeline. Results were mixed, as the series stripped of its signature horror comedy and focused more on being a full horror.

While the film doesn’t feel like a evil Dead Release without the characteristic comedic violence, it’s by far the scariest evil Dead Movie. As a standalone horror film evil Dead is perfectly usable, entertaining and sometimes really frightening. And compared to other horror remakes released at the same time, such as 2010 The Nightmare on Elm Street and 2009 Friday the 13ththe 2013 film is a classic.

4 Army of Darkness (1992) – 7.4

Ash describes his shotgun to the villagers in Army of Darkness

fans of the evil Dead Shows, and horror fans in general, are used to the tried and true premise that ghosts haunt teenagers in a remote area. Hence the first two evil Dead Movies worked so well because they were inventive, yet still worked within the confines of the genre. The Threequel, on the other hand, is a bold film that took some big risks. Army of Darkness is completely different from its predecessors and takes the series to the Middle Ages.

The 1992 film is as much an epic historical comedy as it is a horror film, but it was worth it. With the beloved Ash still at the forefront of the series and the humor as always silly, it worked perfectly. It’s priceless that Ash explains to the knights what a shotgun is and where it came from. Army of Darkness is one of the best films under 90 minutes and it makes you want more because it could have been a full hour longer and nobody would have complained.

3 The Wicked Dead (1981) – 7.4

Linda with a knife in The Evil Dead

The original feels very different from its sequels and shares almost as much in common with the remake as it does with it Evil Death II or Army of Darkness. It doesn’t have the typical comedy of the series, nor is Ash the main character since the film has an ensemble cast. Compared to the follow-up The bad death is a run-of-the-mill horror film of its time, but Raimi was still more imaginative with camera techniques and jump scares than any other filmmaker at the time.

These techniques can still be found in modern blockbuster films like Raimis Spiderman trilogy and last Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. As The bad death was the start of Ash that couldn’t take a break, the 1981 release is one of the greatest films where everything goes wrong. And now that audiences know how the character’s life just keeps getting worse with each release, that’s doing it retrospectively The bad death all the more entertaining.

2 Evil Dead II (1987) – 7.7

Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead 2

Evil Death II is something of a soft reboot of the franchise, as the first five minutes of the film fully recreates a condensed version of the original and then continues with Ash struggling to survive. Everything the general public knows about them evil Dead Series is from this movie. It’s the 1987 film where Ash wages war with his own hand, and that’s it Evil Death II This also causes the character to replace their hand with a chainsaw.

The film has the most surprising ending of any horror film, as Ash is sucked into a portal that teleports him to the Middle Ages. He slays a dragon and is then hailed as a god while repeatedly screaming “No!” For as entertaining as Army of Darkness is that this shocking ending might have been even more effective had the threequel never existed. Anyway, it’s in a league of its own, the practical, low-budget gore is more effective than CGI, and Evil Death II still holds today.

1 Ash vs. Evil Dead (2015-2018) – 8.4

Brandy and Ash in Ash vs The Evil Dead

Little hardcore evil Dead fans believe so Ash vs Evil Dead is better than Evil Death II, and TV shows are generally rated higher than movies on IMDb. But the series is exactly what viewers would expect from you evil Dead show as it’s full of goofy humor and gore, and Raimi even directed the premiere episode. The show lasted three seasons before being canceled, and each one was as good as the last.

But while the series stays completely true to the film franchise, frustratingly it doesn’t tie in with it Army of Darkness, which ended with another twist in which Ash is teleported to a dystopian future. Instead, the show is a direct sequel to Evil Death II, entirely ignoring the threequel. As unsatisfying as that is, it leaves the window open for Evil Death IV. Another sequel is a possibility, and it could see Ash fend off wards from robot zombies, something the TV series failed to deliver.

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