In the 2010s, fans thought they would never see new Jackass content again, but not only have two new movies been released this year, but a new Jackass series is in the works for Paramount+. Ironically, even though the crew is in his late 40s and Johnny Knoxville is 51, there are more donkeys than ever.

In between Donkey forever, donkey 4.5, and the upcoming series, fans of the series will be inundated with things to see. And that’s not even including the entire back catalog of movies and TV series. Jackass doesn’t have much of an appeal, but despite its vulgar content, some of the series’ films are surprisingly well viewed on IMDb.


10 Donkey Presents: Bad Grandpa .5 (2014) – 6.2

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

The problem with Bad Grandpa .5 is this in contrast to the other .5 entries in the donkey Series that show almost completely new footage, bad grandfather is a narrative film. This means that the same story scenes remain unchanged.

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There is 40 minutes of unused footage of the film, but the other 50 minutes of the film are still the same as the original version. And those 40 minutes of new footage are sadly inferior jokes compared to those in the movie, which weren’t great to begin with. Bad Grandpa .5 is an unnecessary bonus film, and it’s not even a must-see for the most die-hard fans.

9 Donkey 2.5 (2007) – 6.3

Donkey number 2

Donkey number two meant a huge increase in production value in the series, and it felt like so much money had been poured into the series. And that even seemed to be the case for Donkey 2.5 also since many of the outtakes have just as much spectacle.

The 2007 film contains one of the funniest donkey Stunts of all time when the entire crew tries an obstacle course full of alligators and pigs while being blasted with paintballs. And impressively, there’s a full hour of unused footage. However, as with most .5s in the series, it’s clear why many of these didn’t make it into the main film. Watching Preston Lacy get attacked by paper airplanes while being painted as King Kong should have been scrapped in the writers room.

8th Donkey Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013) – 6.5

bad grandfather

bad grandfather Based on the alter ego of Johnny Knoxville’s old man, Irving Zisman. The character made brief appearances in the films, whether offering cigarettes to children or losing control of a scooter while driving down a San Francisco-esque hill. Irving is to Knoxville what Borat is to Sacha Baron Cohen, and exactly the same borate, bad grandfather is a hidden camera film that exposes and pokes fun at certain American cultures.

Although there are a few too many jokes related to toilet humor, bad grandfather is one of the funniest hidden camera movies, but it still doesn’t think a camera is right donkey movies. And it runs into some speed bumps when parodying Little Miss Sunshine’s Beauty pageant scene that was already satirical so didn’t quite work.

7 Donkey 4.5 (2022) – 6.5

donkey forever showed how the crew still had it despite being well into their forties, touching 50, and hadn’t committed to Jackass stunts in 12 years. But the stunts are in Donkey 4.5 are more disgusting than showing how brave and tough the crew is.

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Between rockets and bulls, the fourquel was like the greatest hits of the most popular and bigger scale donkey stunts And if donkey forever is a greatest hits album, Jackass 4.5 is a collection of B-sides, for better or worse. Between pinching certain body parts and shoving sushi into other specific crevices, the outtakes film comes close to body horror at points, and it’s not for everyone.

6 Donkey: The Movie (2002) – 6.6

Donkey: The Movie

That donkey Movie series have a surprisingly high cinematic value given that so much production goes into the stunts and the films are also filled with action set pieces and musical performances. However, many of the first films in the series felt like the usual low-budget stunts and pranks found in the series, only set in Japan rather than California.

The 2002 release didn’t quite adopt the film format as its successors did, and many of the pranks felt staged. Rent-A-Car Crash-Up Derby and The Burglars, where Bam Margera and Knoxville fall through a ceiling into an office as jewel thieves, are definitely not real. But they’re still funny, and for fans of the franchise, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a feature-length episode.

5 Donkey 3.5 (2011) – 6.7

Seann William Scott in Donkey 3D

Unlike the other .5 entries in the series, Jackass 3.5 is very close in quality to its main film counterpart. Not only are many of the cut stunts just as impressive and outrageous as donkey 3but the outtakes movie is also full of stunts and pranks.

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At 85 minutes, the film is almost as long as the main film, and it’s all completely unseen footage with 44 original stunts. Between snow tubing and barrel surfing, the stunts have more in common with Takeshi’s Castle than the original donkey series, and for that reason it has broader appeal than any other film in the franchise.

4 Donkey Forever (2022) – 6.9

Johnny Knoxville soars through the sky in Jackass Forever, warning wings on his back

12 years after the last donkey Movie, fans watching Knoxville, Steve-O, Danger Ehren and the rest of the crew felt like they were seeing their friends get back together. It’s like they had never been apart in over a decade and immediately started getting in each other’s way. In that regard, it’s one of the best legacy sequels of all time.

Knoxville was rocketing again, Ehren was being attacked by animals again, and Chris Pontius went back to stripping down to his birthday suit whenever he got a chance. It might not have been a good idea for the stunt performers to return as Knoxville suffered his worst injuries Forever, but fans of the series had an uproar. The film also introduced new and younger members of the crew who will no doubt carry the torch in further sequels and television series.

3 Donkey Number Two (2006) – 7.0

Donkey number two

Four years after the first film, the donkey The crew returned larger than ever. With a production budget more than double that of the last film, Donkey number two contains things fans couldn’t have imagined, and the studio essentially gave Knoxville $11.5 million to torment and molest the crew in the most sophisticated ways.

The film features the now-classic Big Red Rocket as Knoxville attempts to take to the skies after nearly being killed on the first attempt. And it’s the first film in the series to also use the film format. A final sequence is a song-and-dance number in which the crew is beaten and injured while attempting to perform a routine to “The Best of Times.”

2 Donkey 3D (2010) – 7.0

Donkey 3D cast

The audience never thought there would be one donkey 3, not to mention a movie sequel to the MTV reality series that was 3D. By this point, the Jackass crew was already aging and had laundry lists of near-fatal injuries, but nothing could have stopped them from returning. And ironically Donkey 3D 3D better than some blockbuster films.

Shot on the Phantom film camera, the 2010 film made shooting sex toys through a garden at the face of someone with an apple in their head look more cinematic than audiences could have imagined. Even outside of what some might consider novelty, donkey 3 still has the show’s most dangerous stunts, like The Invisible Man and Buckethead Golf.

1 Donkey: The Series – 7.3

Johnny Knoxville roller jumps on Jackass

TV shows are generally rated higher than movies because people are usually reluctant to rate a series if they haven’t finished it. And when they finish a series, they have to like it to some extent. Nevertheless, Donkey: The Series, where it all began has a higher rating than any other donkey Publication. It’s a cult classic show and it has a legacy unlike any other series.

The crude way it’s shot with home camcorders, the way it’s simply edited and the iconic music makes for such a charming TV series, even if the content is vulgar and disgusting. It was the most unlikely show to ever become a successful film franchise, but it has grossed over $550 million at the worldwide box office.

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