Tyler Perry’s Madea has become a rising star over the past decade. Her cutthroat honesty and uncompromising nature is understandable on so many levels. For most minority viewers, there is at least one family member who reflects Madea’s actions.

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Despite their over-the-top antics, Madea cares about her family and is happy to give them the guidance they need made one Franchise began as a series of recorded stage plays spanning eleven films since 2005.

10 The Diary of a Mad Black Woman Started It All (2005)

Nobody can forget that made one Movie that started it all: Diary of a Crazy Black Woman. The 2005 film was Tyler Perry’s debut and took audiences by storm with his hilariously raw performance as Mabel Earlene Simmons, affectionately known as Madea. Her creation pays homage to his mother and aunt and serves as an emotional pillar in their family and community.

After Helen’s husband leaves her and ruins their seemingly patchwork life, she visits her grandmother Madea, who agrees to let her stay. She gradually begins to rebuild her life, but still harbors a grudge against her ex-husband. The film does a great job not only showing Helen’s problems but also exploring other hidden issues within the family.

9 Madea’s Family Reunion builds on the success of its predecessor (2006)

Madea’s family reunion is a direct continuation of Diary of a Crazy Black Woman, which brings in almost ten times its budget at the box office. While his first film introduced audiences to the no-nonsense Madea, the second was the push Perry needed in the film industry.

The film explores more family issues that intersect with other members of the Simmons family. While planning her family reunion, Madea was granted custody of a rebel teenage girl named Nikki while also dealing with her niece’s troubled love life. In this touching film, Madea must do whatever it takes to keep the family from falling apart before the big day.

8th Madea goes to jail, had a change of scene (2009)

Along with some of its predecessors Madea goes to prison has to be one of Perry’s best known films. Instead of an outsider whom the characters turn to for advice or guidance, Madea takes a more active role as the film’s protagonist.

Madea’s bad mood overwhelms her and the judge sentences her to a prison anger management course. At the same time, she meets a young prostitute named Candace who is imprisoned for drug use. The two have different backgrounds, but Madea takes the young woman under her wing anyway.

7 I can do anything bad by myself takes a different turn (2009)

Unlike his plays, Perry decided to develop a different plot for his fifth play made one Movie: I can make everything bad on my own. It brings with it a sense of originality and melodrama – with Madea as a supporting character, while still incorporating her signature humor.

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Madea finds three siblings trying to rob her and takes them to her only aunt: a nightclub singer named April. At first she doesn’t want anything to do with the kids and only cares about getting drunk and kidding her boyfriend. But after meeting a young man named Sandino, her perspective on life begins to change.

6 Madea’s big happy family gave the fans what they needed (2011)

After receiving a devastating health diagnosis, Shirley wants to surround herself with loved ones. However, their three adult children have more important things to take care of in their personal lives. At Shirley’s request, Madea is tasked with rounding her up and bringing the family together.

Despite its mixed reviews, Madea’s big happy family still made double its budget at the box office. It ranked #2 behind 2011’s 3-D animated filmRio and held made one Fans who want more from their favorite trash-talking granny.

5 Madea’s witness protection brings a new family (2012)

Recognized as one of Perry’s most successful made one movies, after boo! A Madea Halloween and Madea goes to prison, Madea’s witness protection had the audience at the box office roaring with laughter.

The film is unique in that it doesn’t focus too much on Madea’s immediate or extended family members. Instead, she takes a family under witness protection after the patriarch is framed for his company’s Ponzi scheme. Laughter still ensues as Madea is more than happy to keep her new guests engaged.

4 A Madea Christmas is the franchise’s first Christmas film (2013)

In 2013, Lionsgate was blessed made one Fans with the first official Christmas film: A Madea Christmas. The concept of a Santa Madea was too fun to pass up as she takes a part-time job as Santa Claus at a mall but gets fired on her first day.

Still a made one Movie isn’t complete without a bit of family drama. Madea is visiting her daughter Lacey over the holidays with her niece Eileen. However, Lacey has been hiding something from her mother, most notably her interracial marriage.

3 boo! A Madea Halloween mixes two movie genres (2016/2017)

A comedy horror film is a fun subgenre that delivers a good mix of scares and heartbreaking laughter. That boo! A Madea Halloween Two-part films are perfect for fans looking for something just scary enough to pass the horror checklist while still being fun. While both films received negative reviews, the first is the third highest grossing made one movie to date.

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In the first film, Madea’s great-niece, Tiffany, sneaks out to attend her friends’ Halloween party. However, the police and Madea soon shut down the event, much to the ire of Tiffany’s classmates. The second film takes Tiffany and Madea to Derrick Lake for another Halloween party, but this time they have to deal with some unwanted non-human guests.

2 A Madea Family Funeral Forces Madea to Attend an Unexpected Event (2019)

2019 A Madea family funeral definitely brought laughs to a normally somber event. The film is Perry’s final production with Lionsgate as he now partners with ViacomCBS.

Madea travels to Georgia for a family reunion. But instead it turns out to be an unexpected funeral for her nephew-in-law. What was intended to be a celebration has now become a hilariously uncomfortable battle for the honor of the deceased.

1 A Madea Homecoming Shows Fans That Madea Didn’t Miss Out (2022)

A Madea homecoming is the latest installment in the film series, coming to Netflix in February 2022. It is Perry’s second film he has partnered with Netflix after splitting from Lionsgate in 2019.

Typically, another family reunion falls into chaos. Madea struggles with the drama that unfolds during her great-grandson’s college graduation.

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