Netflix has a pretty big week ahead as we enter mid-month. From action thrillers starring huge stars to highly anticipated original TV shows, Netflix has quite a lot coming up over the next seven days. If you’re looking for something new to watch on Netflix this week, there’s plenty to add to your watchlists, and we’ve got it all here in one place to make sifting through the streaming chaos a breeze little to facilitate.

On Sunday the week started with the addition of 12 Strong, an action film starring Chris Hemsworth. It’s only fitting that the film will be added to Netflix over the weekend, with Hemsworth taking first place at the box office Thor: Love and Thunder. The action movie trend continues on Friday with the arrival of Unexploredthe adaptation of the popular video game series starring Tom Holland.

If television is more your speed, you have July 14 circled on your calendar. On this day the new Netflix will be released resident Evil Adaptation as well as the first season of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knightin which Jack Black returns to the role of Po for the first time since Kung Fu Panda 3.

You can check out this week’s full lineup of what’s new on Netflix below!

July 11th

When her best friend Jojo falls in love and pulls away from her wild dating adventures in Berlin, Paula does everything she can to sabotage their wedding.

Valley of the Dead — NETFLIX MOVIE
During the Spanish Civil War, a small group of sworn enemies must work together when they encounter flesh-eating zombies created in a Nazi experiment.

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July 12

Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks — NETFLIX COMEDY
Comedian Bill Burr opens up on abandon culture, feminism, bad reviews from his wife and a life-changing epiphany during a fiery stand-up set.

How to change your mind — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
Academy Award-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney and New York Times bestselling author Michael Pollan present this documentary series in four parts, each focusing on a different mind-altering substance: LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, and mescaline. With Pollan as our guide, we journey to the frontiers of the new psychedelic renaissance – and look back to an almost forgotten historical context – to explore the potential of these substances to heal and transform minds and culture. How to Change Your Mind is directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Alison Ellwood and twice Academy Award-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmaker Lucy Walker.

My daughter’s killer — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
A father struggles for decades to bring his daughter’s killer to justice in France and Germany before resorting to extreme measures. A true crime documentary.

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July 13th

Big wood: Season 2 – NETFLIX SERIES
With Kevin’s new claim inaccessible and facing a massive federal penalty, he and Sarah need a plan B to keep their business afloat.

DB Cooper: Where are you?! — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
In 1971, a skyjacker parachutes out of a plane with a bag of stolen cash — and gets away with it. Decades later, his identity remains a compelling mystery.

hurts like hell — NETFLIX SERIES
From illegal gambling to match-fixing, uncover the seedy underworld behind the once-revered sport of Muay Thai in this real-life drama inspired by events.

Never Stop Dreaming: The Life and Legacy of Shimon Peres — NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY
In politics, most people strive for power. He strove for peace. The influence and integrity of Shimon Peres was instrumental in the founding and preservation of Israel.

Sintonia: Season 3 – NETFLIX SERIES
While Doni resents the price of fame, Rita considers a new career and Nando reflects on the path he has taken. The stakes are now higher than ever.

Under the Amalfi sun — NETFLIX MOVIE
Vincenzo and Camilla put their love to the test during a vacation on the Amalfi Coast. Meanwhile, her friends Furio and Nathalie have affairs of their own.

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July 14th

Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight — NETFLIX FAMILY
Legendary warrior Po joins forces with an elite English knight on a global mission to rescue magical weapons, restore his reputation – and save the world!

resident Evil — NETFLIX SERIES
Nearly three decades after the discovery of the T-Virus, an outbreak reveals the Umbrella Corporation’s dark secrets. Based on the horror franchise.

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15th of July

Alba wakes up on a beach bearing evidence of a rape but with no memory of the night before. Then she learns that her rapists are her boyfriend’s buddies.

country queen — NETFLIX SERIES
A Nairobi events planner returns to her village after 10 years, where she confronts her past — and a mining company that threatens to destroy her home.

Prince Fichael lives in a human colony on an alien world and vows to rid the planet of evil – only to learn that his father is the greatest villain of all.

Love Goals (Jaadugar) — NETFLIX MOVIE
A small town wizard with no interest in soccer must lead his local team to the finals of a tournament if he wants to marry the love of his life.

Mom, don’t do that! — NETFLIX SERIES
After the death of her husband, a 60-year-old mother decides to find love again – to the delight and anger of her two daughters. Based on a true story.

conviction — NETFLIX MOVIE
Eight years after Anne Elliot was persuaded not to marry a dashing humble man, they meet again. Will she grab her second chance at true love?

Remarriage & Wishes — NETFLIX SERIES
A divorced woman seeks revenge on her ex-husband’s scheming lover through an exclusive recruitment agency that caters to the super-rich.


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