Owen Wilson has accumulated many credits since the beginning of his career in the ’90s, and here is every film of his that is currently available in the Netflix library.

Here’s a guide for everyone Owen Wilson Movie currently available on Netflix. Wilson’s first breakthrough came through a series of collaborations with director Wes Anderson, with the actor making his screen debut in Anderson’s bottle rocket in 1996. Wilson later served as a co-writer rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums with the director and starred in the latter. After a string of scene-stealing supporting roles in the vein of ArmageddonWilson became famous thanks to films like Shanghai noon, Behind enemy lines and Zoolander.

Wilson is probably best known as a comic book actor, but he’s worked in a variety of genres over the past two decades. In addition to hits like The Wedding Crashers and Pixar cars Film franchise, he has appeared in neo-noir films Inherent Viceaction thriller No escape and acclaimed spectacle Wonder.


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In 2021, he received great reviews for his role in the MCU series Loki, where he played Mobius M. Mobius, an agent for the Time Variance Authority. He’s racked up quite a few credits since he began his acting career in the ’90s, and here’s every Owen Wilson movie currently available on Netflix.

Anaconda (1997)

Anaconda ice cube movie

That was the effect of Jaw that even 20 years later the studios were making monster movie rip-offs. Few would argue anaconda is great cinema, but it’s undeniably a fun B-movie ride and has a ridiculously overqualified cast, including Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Jon Voight and Owen Wilson in one of his earliest film roles.

Starsky & Hutch (2004)

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in Starsky and Hutch

Starkey & Hutch — which James Gunn almost rebooted — was among a slew of iconic ’70s TV shows hitting the big screen in the 2000s alongside series like ‘Remakes’ Charlie’s Angel. Starkey & Hutch Reuniting Wilson with his friend and regular collaborator Ben Stiller, with this Todd Philips (joker) directed reboot that turns the concept into comedy. As funny as the leads were, the film is stolen by co-stars Snoop Dogg and Vince Vaughn.

How do you know (2010)

Jack Nicholson in How Do You Know?

How do you know is another Owen Wilson film available on Netflix, but despite being cast with Paul Rudd and Reese Witherspoon, it’s one of his weakest. The film is a mix of comedy and drama that never fully gels despite its game ensemble, and the film is notable for being a box office bomb — grossing less than half of its $120 million budget — and being the last Film directed by Jack Nicholson (who died many times in Tim Burton films).

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Midnight in Paris (2011)

Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris was celebrated on release in 2011 when the Woody Allen-directed comedy cast Wilson as the writer who travels back in time to the 1920s each night while visiting Paris. The film was a huge success upon its release and features one of Wilson’s finest performances, alongside a cast that also includes Rachel McAdams and his future Loki co-star Tom Hiddleston.

Free Birds (2013)

Free Birds 2013 Owen Wilson

The final Owen Wilson Movie on Netflix uses the actor’s distinctive voice. This animated comedy is another time travel adventure in which Wilson and Woody Harrelson voice turkeys who must travel back to prevent turkey from being on the menu for the first Thanksgiving. free birds received mostly poor reviews from critics at the time, but was a modest success.

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