On July 29th, Warner Bros. will release their latest DC animated film, DC League of Super Pets. With Dwayne Johnson as Superman’s trusty super dog Krypto, the faithful pet embarks on a mission to save his owner and the rest of the Justice League. Unlike previous DC animated films Super Pets is a light-hearted family film, a far cry from DC’s current trend for intense and often darker plots.

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Among DC’s animated films is the justice league Movies are some of the most heartbreaking movies on the list. Supported by great soundtracks, talented voice actors and moving storylines, each film brings something new to the table. For all DC fans hungry for some Justice League action, DC animated films have a lot to offer.

13 Justice League: The New Frontier

The Justice League’s first ever appearance in an animated film, Justice League: The New Frontier is an origin story for the titular superhero team. When an extraterrestrial being threatens humanity, superheroes from around the world band together to defeat it.

Released 2008, The new frontier was the second installment in DC’s list of next animated superhero films Superman: apocalypse from 2007. While most superheroes like Superman and Batman were already established, others like Green Lantern made their debut in this original adventure.

12 Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Originally intended as part of the animation justice league shows from the early 2000s, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths saw the Justice League face off against their evil counterparts in an alternate universe. The film was then scrapped and the story was worked into a two-part story arc called “A Better World”.

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Ideas for the film were called first Justice League: Worlds Collide still floating around in the DC archives. a few years later Crisis on Two Earths was greenlit and released in 2010 and the heroes were thrown into a parallel-Earth conspiracy.

11 Justice League: Downfall

A standalone sequel to Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, Justice League: Downfall dealt with the aftershocks after the League battle in the parallel universe. It also posed tough questions about power, security vs. freedom, and the nature of good and evil.

Sometime after the events of Crisis on Two Earths, enemies of the Justice League unite under Vandal Savage to destroy the League and take over Earth. To do this, they steal and modify Batman’s contingency plans and use them to attack the League. If the League cannot save itself in time, it will not be able to save Earth.

10 Justice League: Gods and Monsters

Justice League: Gods and Monsters Stars alternate versions of the Big Three. Superman is the son of General Zod rather than Jor-El, Batman is the Man-Bat rather than Bruce Wayne, and Wonder Woman is Bekka from New Genesis rather than Diana from Themyscira.

gods and monsters presents a more heroic version of Lex Luthor supporting the Justice League and starring Amanda Waller as President of the USA. Blamed for a plan they didn’t plan, the trio work to clear their names and find the real culprit behind the scenes.

9 Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is an adaptation of flash point Graphic novel in which Flash, aka Barry Allen, travels back in time to save his mother. Unfortunately, in the process he messes up the timeline and creates a world where the Justice League doesn’t exist.

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In the alternate world, Barry Allen has no powers. There is no Superman, Bruce Wayne dies in his parents’ place, and Wonder Woman is at war with Aquaman. Though Batman still holds the trophy for saddest DC hero of all time, Flash comes in a close second in this film.

8th Justice League: War

Darkseid, the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips, makes his debut in Justice League: War. Leading his forces in an invasion of Earth, he kidnaps Superman and ships him to the Apocalypse, where he is brainwashed and turned into a slave.

While Batman embarks on a one-man rescue, Green Lantern leads the Justice League on a mission to cripple Darkseid and make him disappear. They are joined by Cyborg, who is given his own origin story in the film. After being injured during a battle, Cyborg is reborn as a superhero and becomes an indispensable fighter in the war against Darkseid.

7 Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

Justice League: Throne of Atlantis is a standalone sequel to Justice League: War and serves as the origin story of Aquaman. The film shares some similarities with the live-action film Aquaman. Born from a love affair between Atlanna and a human, Arthur Curry is torn from his normal life.

To prevent Prince Orm from waging war against the humans, Arthur must challenge Orm for the throne. In an interesting twist, Prince Orm wants to wage war in revenge for his father’s death caused by Darkseid’s invasion. While the Justice League intervenes, Atlanna does not survive.

6 Justice League vs. Teen Titans

The young generation takes up the torch Justice League vs. Teen Titans. In their official debut in the film series, the Teen Titans must battle the Justice League after the legendary heroes are possessed by the Demon King Trigon, Raven’s evil father, and save the world.

Aside from Raven, much of the drama revolves around Damien Wayne, Batman’s son and a reluctant new recruit. Featured in one of Batman’s solo films, son of BatmanDamien continues his character development in the film, forming a budding romance with Raven.

5 justice league dark

More of a Batman movie than a Justice League movie justice league dark brings some of DC’s most powerful mages and demons to join the fray. Along with Zatanna, John Constantine, Deadman and Etrigan/Jason Blood, Batman’s investigation of supernatural events morphs into a battle with what is essentially a bogeyman on steroids.

Following the pattern set by Justice League vs. Teen Titans, the Justice League is knocked out again to allow the new characters to shine. Whether or not this has a negative effect on the story is debatable, justice league dark remains a unique entry in the animated list.

4 The Death of Superman

Based on the comic book story of the same name The Death of Superman lives up to its name. When a monster is unleashed on Earth and decimates the rest of the League, Superman sacrifices his life to destroy them.

The original comic aims to shake things up and move audiences with a vision of a world without Superman. The film goes out of its way to achieve a similar goal by giving the characters time to process the tragedy that has transpired. For many, the turning point comes when an old, nameless man asks God why Superman had to die when a nobody like him must live on.

3 domination of supermen

The sequel to The Death of Superman, domination of supermen is based on the second half of the original comic which features the characters trying to cope without Superman and then with Superman’s resurrection. After Superman’s death, four new superheroes rise to fill the void.

Viewers are introduced to Steel, a combination of Iron Man and John Henry; Superboy, a clone created by Lex Luthor; Eradicator, an alien AI who takes on Superman’s appearance; and Cyborg Superman, a former astronaut with a huge grudge against Superman. As tensions rise and Supermen clash, the real Superman makes his biggest last-minute parade yet.

2 Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

Justice League vs. the Fatal Five find past heroes clashing with villains of the future. After a group of 31st-century villains escape into the 21st century, the Justice League must stop them from destroying their future.

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Unlike the other Justice League films Justice League vs. the Fatal Five is a companion piece to the late 1990s/early 2000s animated series. While much more family-friendly than others, it contains heavy material with a heroic sacrifice and depictions of trauma.

1 Justice League Dark: Apokolips War

The grand finale of the DC film series, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War states that the Justice League is waging a hopeless war against Darkseid. After a disastrous plan cost them the entire Justice League, the remaining heroes gather to resist one last time.

Got down as one of the darkest films in the franchise, Apokolips War Pack enough blood and corpses to fill a horror franchise. Whether this is meant to be a realistic approach or to set it apart from other superhero films, one thing is certain: nothing will ever be the same.

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