That toy story Franchise has been going on for nearly 30 years and with the recent release of light year, it is clear that his legacy will live on. With that in mind, it’s interesting to look back at how much the series has changed over the years, but that begs the question: which ones toy story movie is the best?

While all 4 have their own unique traits and charm, it’s difficult to tell which one stands out from the rest as they all aim to do something different. The first film is a timeless classic; The second, however, is a perfect sequel that introduces lovable new characters. But the third offers a satisfying closeness to several characters’ arcs, and the fourth is by far the most gorgeous of the bunch, with some of the show’s most comedic moments.

Everyone toy story Film isn’t like the others, and the best way to tell which one comes out on top is by weighing the good and bad of each. Here is our list of all four toy story Movies from worst to best.

4. Toy story 4

Official Toy Story 4 trailer filmed

While it seems appropriate to put the fourth film in fourth place, this list looks solely at the quality of each film, and unfortunately toy story 4 happens to be at the bottom of that bracket. While the film is easily one of the most visually stunning Pixar films to date, being able to see the individual fibers on Woody’s arm doesn’t belie the film’s lack of substance.

For starters, the setup for the film seems a bit unnecessary as the third film gives an incredible sense of the film’s completion in every way toy story Saga. It was clear that the toys’ journey with Andy was over, and while the idea of ​​seeing her life with Bonnie sounds fun on paper, it felt unnecessary based on how good the ending was.

In addition, the entire writing of toy story 4, especially for the characters, feels very odd in a lot of places. Buzz is perhaps the worst example of this because throughout the film it feels like he’s forgotten the fact that he’s a toy and the “inner voice” inside him is literally just his larynx, as if the growth, that he’s gone through for three movies gone. But it’s not just buzz: all of the characters have been incredibly underused, and while the Woody and Forky arc is interesting as it explores the sensibility of toys, not every question needs an answer.

Having to explain why the toys are alive takes away the magic of a story called toy storyIs not it?

3. Toy Story 3

Official Toy Story 3 Movie Capture

toy story 3 came out a few years later toy story 2, so by default it had a bit of legacy to fulfill. Needless to say, the film shone in that regard, exceeding expectations in some aspects. It manages to perfectly balance the emotional theme of letting go of the things you love, while also telling a wonderful story about what it means to move on, while giving every single character we’ve come to love over the years gives a good amount of screen time and focus in the narrative.

The narrative itself is also wonderful and has all the makings of it: comedy, genuinely emotional moments and a satisfying ending that wraps everyone’s story in a nice little loop at the end. It just feels like a perfect way to close these characters as they move on to a new life.

2. Toy story

Official Toy Story Promotion

It should be clarified that the first toy story Film is by no means a bad film. On the contrary, it is a timeless classic that will probably be cherished for many years to come. But the important part is understanding why that’s the case, and that the reasons it’s so low on this list have more to do with how much the sequels improved on the story and the characters.

Needless to say, the original toy story created a clear and solid foundation for the characters and themes in question and revolutionized the way animated films were made from that point on. One could say that this is the reason why so many animated films are made with CGI these days. But even disregarding the industrial change it brought about, toy story is a film that stands the test of time for its simplicity, humor, characters and themes.

In the center of toy story are Woody and Buzz, an unlikely duo with vastly different lives who somehow manage to put their differences aside to work together and become inseparable. It manages to create a believable and deep character arc for Buzz Lightyear as he comes to terms with being a toy and what that means for him to evolve.

It’s still an absolutely hilarious and heartwarming film, and although the sequels (viz toy story 2) are far better in terms of character and story, the original will always be special because it was the one that started it all.

1. toy story 2

Woody, Jesse and Bullseye

In many ways, toy story 2 is the epitome of a perfect sequel. While it’s difficult to argue what makes a perfect film, a perfect sequel is one that manages to breathe new life into its characters and expand on the established world in a way that’s both satisfying and respectful of the original, and toy story 2 does both and more.

toy story 2 has it all: lovable new characters, an interesting origin story for Woody, a new rescue mission where all the toys work together, an emotional core tied to Woody and Jessie, a well-written villain, really good animation that still holds up , and so many other things that make it work. It’s a perfect sequel because it takes every character we’ve seen so far into new territory while also telling a story about what it means to make sense of the world, and that makes it quintessential toy story Experience.

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