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Apple TV happiness

AppleTV is certainly doing everything it can to capitalize on its new animation projects. It has been announced that Skydance Animation is collaborating with Apple to create its first animated film, for which a trailer has already been released. This movie is happiness, which features an impressive cast and could be a film to rival Disney, Pixar and Illumination. However, Apple does not stop releasing this new animated film. The film’s theme is also being adapted into a board game via a tabletop game company called Breaking Games.

happiness will be a tabletop board game that will take players through the Land of Happiness, which is a place that exists in the animated film. The aim of the game is to claim squares by drawing cards with the goal of landing four squares in a row. Characters from the film are also used in the board game. That could mean that happiness is set to be turned into a full-fledged franchise if the film doesn’t become a hit on the streaming platform. We’d say it’s a safe bet as AppleTV+ has become a premier streaming platform, especially after the film won Best Picture at the Oscars KODA. Apple was the first streaming platform to achieve this grand goal.

happiness Stars Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, Eva Noblezada, Simon Pegg and John Ratzenberger. Noblezada will play Sam Greenfield, who describes herself as “the unhappiest person alive”. There she finds a lucky coin that changes everything, but belongs to a black cat named Bob (Simon Pegg). She is then taken to the Land of Fortune, where she meets more magical and lucky creatures who help her change her life. The film looks like a heartwarming adventure, and pairing the film’s release with a board game is a smart marketing plan. Children and fans can then enjoy both at the same time. You can see the trailer below:

happiness It’s set to debut on AppleTV on August 5, although the board game is only available for pre-order on Breaking Games’ website. The game is priced at $20, which isn’t a big price for a game that coincides with a movie. We could imagine that the game company would want the board game to come out around the same time as the movie. With pre-orders taking place right now, it makes sense that the board game would be out in early August. At least that would make the most sense. Fans will need to keep their eyes peeled for the board game’s release date.

happiness will debut on AppleTV in just a few weeks. Simon Pegg is set to head this new roster of voice actors in a movie that seems quite charming. Should kids fall in love with this movie, parents can go to the Breaking Games Store and buy the game to make Land of Luck even more fun.

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