Stars Hari Nef and Ariana Greenblatt have confirmed they have wrapped up filming on WB’s upcoming live-action Barbie movie starring Margot Robbie.

Two actors out Barbie have announced that they have completed filming on the film, indicating that the film may be close to completing principal photography. The upcoming live-action film is based on Mattel’s iconic line of fashion dolls and is helmed by an Oscar winner lady bird Director Greta Gerwig based on a screenplay she co-wrote history of marriageis Noah Baumbach. Margot Robbie stars in the title role, while Ryan Gosling plays Ken, Barbie’s male counterpart. Robbie and Gosling star alongside a star-studded cast that includes America Ferrera, Simu Liu, Issa Rae, Ncuti Gatwa and Alexandra Shipp, Among others Ariana Greenblatt, Sharon Rooney, Ana Cruz Kayne and Hari Nef.


filming on Barbie has been running in Los Angeles and Leavesden since spring. First look pictures direct from WB showed Robbie’s Barbie driving a pink convertible and Gosling’s Ken, who wore a denim vest and bleached blonde hair. A flood of set photos and videos then leaked online, giving fans a good look at Barbie and Ken’s western ensembles and their neon skater outfits. However, over the past week updates have been received from the Barbie Sets were sparse, although there seems to be a good explanation for this.

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Nef and green leaf have just confirmed that they have finished filming their scenes in Barbie Movie. Greenblatt made the statement on Twitter, acknowledging that she has nothing but affection and respect for her colleagues and that she looks forward to everyone seeing the film in theaters. Nef, on the other hand, shared a photo on Instagram where she posed alongside her castmates Robbie, Ferrera, Shipp, Kayne and Rooney. In her post, the actress confirmed that she had wrapped up filming Barbie. Take a look at the announcements below.

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At the moment it’s unclear if it’s just Greenblatt and Nef who finished filming or if they Barbie The film has fully completed production. While the film is still in production, it looks like it’s nearing the finish line and official confirmation of a production close appears to be due soon. It’s been almost four months since the main shoot on the Barbie Live-action film began, so it’s not that surprising that the film is now in the final stages of production.

Redeem nostalgia with enough upgrades for contemporary viewers, Barbie has taken Twitter by storm, sparking conversation and curiosity among fans new and old alike. It’s true that every outfit drop was pretty exciting, but there’s still a lot to learn about the film’s plot, which is largely enmeshed in secret. With several stars completing production on the film, details about the film’s plot could be revealed soon. Of course there’s still a whole year to go Barbie Live-action film release date, so it’s unlikely the promotional campaign will begin until early 2023.

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  • Barbie (2023)Release date: July 21, 2023

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