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Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck could make it to the top two comic book companies in the world. He has had a number of portrayals of Batman in the Synderverse, to much praise from many fans around the world. Although he was supposed to be writing a solo film, it never came about. However, through our trusted and trusted sources, we can report that Ben Affleck has been offered to direct a Marvel film. We can also report that the actor’s interest in making a film within the MCU is also strong.

While it may sound strange that Ben Affleck would direct a Marvel film, he has produced, written and directed many times before. In fact, being one of his best films goodwill hunt, for which he and co-star Matt Damon won an Oscar for Best Screenplay. He also directed The town, which happened to be a pretty awesome heist movie on par with 1990’s Heat. He’s also reunited with Matt Damon for an untitled project that follows a Nike salesman. Basically, he has a resume that should warrant a lot of confidence that he could handle an MCU film. Now that Affleck and Marvel could potentially happen, what should he hire? Marvel Phase 5 is starting to fill up and most of the confirmed movies already have directors ie, blade, dead pool 3and Captain America 4. However, there are others to consider.

Jon Watts recently left the director’s chair for Fantastic Four, so this could be a place where Ben Affleck leaves his Marvel mark. In fact, we think Affleck could be perfect for directing an ensemble hero team film. After all, he was part of the Justice League movie. Granted, that movie was a mess, but what we’re saying is that Affleck probably learned a lot about what not to do in superhero movies simply by being a star of said movie. There are also rumors of movies centered around the X-Men, Thunderbolts, Shang-Chi 2 and World War Hulk. Granted, all of these are currently rumored titles, but the likelihood of all of these films being made is still pretty high. Our vote would be Affleck going up against the Fantastic Four, Thunderbolts or World War Hulk. They just seem to suit the man.

Ben Affleck’s move from DC to Marvel is a fantastic idea. He could use his experience writing the solo Batman film to help him come up with a good script for a future MCU project. Well, that doesn’t mean he’s going to write the screenplay, but he can work closely with the writer and direct a great feature film. We trust in man’s abilities as a creator and not just as an actor.

Ben Affleck and Marvel seem inevitable as he’s been unceremoniously subverted when it comes to Batman. We want to say The Batman was fantastic, Affleck is so sorry the film replaced his idea. Still, we’re more than excited to see what the MCU Affleck has to offer.

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