One of the best characters from the short-lived but critically acclaimed sketch comedy series The Catherine Tate Show is The Nan – which is essentially a series star Catherine Tate disguised as an old lady – a woman with no BS who speaks her mind and can become quite aggressive when confronted, making for incredibly funny situations. That’s why she’s earned her solo adventure on the big screen The Nan Moviefeaturing the title character with her grandson Jamie (Matthew Horn) to get back with her sister Nell (Catherine Parkinson).

The trailer for The Nan Movie shows that a lot can (and will) happen on the way from London to Dublin. What looks like the funnest part is that we’ll see Nan in hard party mode, hitting clubs, taking tequila bodyshots and even rapping! At the same time, her ultimate fate may be a sad one: Nan is forced by Jamie to get over her bad blood with her sister because the estranged relative is dying. Nan says “fine,” but we all know that at least part of her feels more than anger.


The trailer also reveals that Nan and Jamie’s road trip adventure is set to get pretty wild, with explosions, cars driving off piers, cops being taunted, Nan messing around with a whole rugby team and of course farting and sleeping – she is an old lady after all.

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The Nan Movie is co-written by Tate himself Brett Goldsteinwho writes and stars in acclaimed and hugely popular Apple TV+ series Teddy Lasso. Goldstein also wrote two of the four TV specials based around The Nan, as well as the 2014 TV movie starring the same character. The comedy plays along too Parker Sawyer (Southside with you), Tom Vaughn Lawlor (Peaky Blinders), Jack Doolan (The young), and Nicky Wardley (The Catherine Tate Show).

The Nan Movie Premiered in theaters and will be available on demand on July 22nd. You can check out the trailer and official synopsis below:

Catherine Tate’s iconic character Joannie Taylor aka Nan comes to the big screen as she takes her long-suffering grandson Jamie on a wild road trip from London to Ireland to make amends with her estranged and dying sister Nell. Through a series of flashbacks, we see how the young sisters fall in love with the same handsome GI during WWII, and how the aftermath of that love triangle formed Nan into the quarrelsome old b***** she is today. Militant vegan arsonists, Australian rugby teams, all-night raves and crazed cops on motorbikes make for a real day trip. This hilarious, action-packed and surprisingly moving film is a love letter to outrageous, outspoken old ladies around the world.

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