Summer movies in the park are undoubtedly great—but finding a spot where you and your friends can spread the blankets and still see the screen can be a pain. Add to that the fact that you’re probably lugging a heavy cooler full of drinks back and forth to the park every weekend, and you might want a fun summer hillside option that’s a little more relaxing for a little less effort.

Why not create your own backyard projector setup and watch whatever you want instead? Just follow these five steps and with a little help from Walmart, you can create a movie-in-the-park vibe with some pretty sweet home court perks, like a stocked fridge just steps away and a great view of the #1 screen no matter where you sit

1. Get a big screen streaming machine

The first thing you need for your backyard movie nights is a good projector. Forget that old-fashioned projector in your parents’ attic where you watched home videos as a kid, you want one that you can connect to your laptop or games console with an HDMI cable. This(opens in a new tab) supports a whopping 1080p resolution that’s ideal for all those detailed battle scenes, and it comes with a 100-inch screen because projecting a grown-up movie onto one of your childhood sheets just isn’t enough.

Movie projector outdoor on starry background

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2. Make every seat a VIP seat

If you’re expecting your guests to be seated in beat-up old camp chairs for your summer blockbuster premieres, think again. Invest in chic backyard furniture that lets you kick back and put your feet up like adults. This sofa bed(opens in a new tab) is as comfy as the sofa in your living room, but it’ll weather the fickle summer showers like a champ. It also comes with two tables for your pizza boxes and cold bevs to go. It almost makes your days of lugging it to the park feel like slumming.

Outdoor furniture on grass and sky background

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3. Immerse yourself in great sound

We’ve all watched movies on our laptop at some point and the speakers suck, right? If you’re serious about immersing yourself in your favorite movies, which you do, you need a sound system with a Bluetooth speaker like this one(opens in a new tab). Not only is this speaker waterproof and suitable for the garden, it offers great sound for the price. Get two and place one on each side of your outdoor sofa and feel the world slip away until the credits roll.

Outdoor speakers on starry background

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4. Prepare your overflow seating area

Don’t be surprised if your friends and neighbors show up on your doorstep once word of your weekly movie nights gets around. You should definitely plan ahead and have some overflow seating and some of those blankets available(opens in a new tab) will do the trick. One blanket fits two adults and two children and has stakes so you can secure it to the ground and keep it from blowing into the neighbor’s yard. You can also use it for your beach trips between your movie screenings.

Blue Blanket on Grass

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5. Make your film franchises the envy of the block

Half the fun of going to the movies is picking your snacks, right? Since your movie theater is in your own backyard, you can upgrade your snacking situation to be tastier than the food you get at an actual movie theater or having to queue at the park to buy something. Grab a snack-size microwave(opens in a new tab) and make a large batch of kettle popcorn, some frozen veggie pizza, and platters of cheesy nachos to keep the crowd happy. Next, stock up your fridge with cold drinks — better yet, keep a cooler outside so you don’t have to pace and block the screen — and then all you have to do is wait for the sun to set and leave it at the start of their very own backyard summer film festival.

Pizza moon on starry background with microwave in foreground

Credit: Walmart/Mashable Composite

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