Johnny Depp fans believe that Amber Heard took her daughter’s name from the same movie that Depp allegedly used to name his two children.

Depp has two children named Jack and Lily-Rose Depp from his relationship with Vanessa Paradis. Heard welcomed a daughter named Oonagh in 2021.

The former couple never had children together, but Depp’s fans seem to think Heard is trying to connect to his children through their daughter’s name

Amber Heard’s daughter has a surprising connection to Johnny Depp’s children’s names.

This is what one user claimed on Reddit “Amber Heard named her child to relate to Johnny.” Expand the line by saying that Depp’s children and Heard’s daughter all have names that appear in the 1985 film Legend starring Tom Cruise.

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The two main characters in the film are called Jack and Lili, the Reddit user points out. “There’s another character, a fairy who falls in love with Jack, can you guess her name? Oonagh.”

“Please tell me what the likelihood of this is because ever since I found out, I’ve been struck by this woman’s obsession,” they concluded.

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