Elvis Presley, the best-selling musician of all time, is finally the subject of a major movie. Directed by Baz Luhrmann, the creative mind behind the Oscar nominee Moulin Rouge!this musical biopic shows Elvis young, mature and ready for action when he is snagged by the former circus sideshow manager and made into a superstar. Colonel Tom Parker.

The movie stars are relatively new Austin Butler like Elvis, and he’s a force of nature. Butler begins when Elvis is a teenager, so you can watch him believably transform from young man to music superstar, and then enjoy the rise and fall of Elvis’ fascinating career. He’s so good at this film, I’m predicting multiple nominations, awards, and a turbocharged career in his future.

Austin Butler has actually been working as a television actor since 2007. His breakout role zoe 101 led to recurring roles Ruby and the Rockets, Live unexpectedly, changed at birthand a starring role in The Carrie Diaries. His only notable film role before that was a supporting role in Quentin Tarantino Once upon a time in Hollywood. Butler is currently filming a WWII miniseries about American bombers called master of the air.

Much of the film focuses on Colonel Tom Parker, Elvis’ business manager, who he plays to chilling perfection tom hanks. The juxtaposition of the lovable Tom Hanks, one of America’s most popular actors, playing a seedy circus cracker who controls Elvis’ life and career works beautifully. He’s constantly engaged, even as their two lives unravel and unravel to their inevitable conclusions.

As most of you know, Tom Hanks is a two-time Oscar winner for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump. He started out on TV in the sitcom bosom friendsHe then started one of the most successful acting careers in film history with the comedy “Ron Howard”. syringes.

Hanks spent the 1980s in comedies like Bachelor Party, The Money Pitand Big. With his two Oscar-winning films and he became a superstar in the 1990s Sleepless in Seattle, Apollo 13, Toy Story, Saving Private Ryanand You have mail. Since 2000, he has appeared in several other Oscar-nominated films, produced several Emmy-winning miniseries, and played all the characters in the modern Christmas classic The Polar Express.

Tom Hanks has been the most welcome face on the big screen since the pandemic. When he immerses himself in a role as fully as he does in the role of Colonel Parker, it takes the film to a new level.

Still, for me, Elvis’ biggest star is co-writing, directing, and producing Baz Luhrman. Since its debut Ballroom onlyLuhrmann was happy to take on great tragedies Romeo + Juliet, The Great Gatsbyand Moulin Rouge!, and presented them in a dazzling frenzy of color and music. His style fits perfectly with the story of Elvis.

Luhrmann presents Elvis not as a legend, but as a flesh-and-blood teenager and musical prodigy who takes all the gospel, rhythm and blues and country music that surrounds him and turns it into the music that rocks brought ‘n’ roll to the masses. Luhrmann’s Elvis feels fresh, modern and alive. Watch this movie and prepare to be dazzled.

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