There are 136 entries for the 2022 Emmys pick for Best Limited or Anthology Series or Best Directing, which will yield six nominations. As a reminder, last year’s winner was The Queen’s Gambit (Scott Frank), while the other nominees “Hamilton” (Thomas Kail), “Mare of Easttown” (Craig Zobel), “Wandavision” (Matt Shakman), “The subway” (Barry Jenkins) and two episodes of “I May Destroy You” (Sam Miller for “Eyes Eyes Eyes Eyes” and Miller and Michaela Coel for “ego death”).

In six of the last eight years, the Best Limited/Movie Directing category has been recognized for directors who have directed the entirety of their limited series. That could work in your favour mike white, who has directed all six episodes of The White Lotus, should have enough endorsements overall to be competitive in the series category. “Gaslit” is one of the miniseries that, according to the Emmy verdict, even submitted its only director for the entire series Matt Ross“A Very British Scandal” for Anne Sewitsky and “We own this town” for Reinaldo Marcus Greene.

Of course, aside from a possible split vote, voters more than often opt for the director considered to be at the top of the series category, which could help Danny Stark for his only entry for the “Dopesick” finale. Strong is a former two-time Emmy-winner for producing and writing Game Change (2012), but this would be his first triumph as a director.

John Wells has been a long-time staple of Television Academy with ER and The West Wing and is set to direct the penultimate episode of Maid. In reality, many Emmy darlings and past nominees from various series seek a mention, including Thomas mud for “Under the Banner of Heaven” Hiro Murai and Jeremy Podeswa for “Station Eleven” Daniel Minhan for “The Girl from Plainville” and Ryan Murphy for “Impeachment: American Crime Story” (which won in 2018 for an episode of the previous episode), which could benefit them since the directors’ names are on the ballot.

There will also be a number of creators vying for the nomination of their respective series, such as Antonio Campos for “The Stairs” Taylor Sheridan for “1883”, Hagai Levi for “Scenes from a Marriage” Lisa Hannah also for “The Girl from Plainville” and Dustin Lance Black also from “Under The Banner of Heaven”.

Additionally, both “1883” and “Under The Banner of Heaven” went extra in their directorial submissions Ben Richardson and Christina Alexandra Voros for the former and Isabel Sandoval and Courtney Hunt for the latter while adding “Station Eleven”. Helen Shaver and added Impeachment: American Crime Story Rachel Morrison, who is also a contender on The Morning Show. “The Dropout” also won with double submissions Michael Schaualter and Francesca Gregorini.

Barry Levinson was the last director to step in for a made-for-TV movie when he was nominated for 2018’s Paterno, and could do it again with The Survivor Megan Park for The Fallout. This category was friendlier to TV movies than the writers’ race, and has nominated five TV movie directors since 2014 (with the exception of “Hamilton” and “Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert,” both filmed stage specials). So it will be exciting to see who makes the cut on July 12th.

Here are some of the best Limited Film/Directing entries from top Emmy nominees:

“The People Against Purdue Pharma” (Danny Strong)

“The Dropout”
“Green Juice” (Michael Showalter)
“Iron Sisters” (Francesca Gregorini)

“Sky Blue” (John Wells)

“The White Lotus”
All Episodes (Mike White)

“The stairs”
“911” (Antonio Campos)

“station eleven”
“Unbroken Circle” (Jeremy Podeswa)
“Wheel of Fire” (Hiro Murai)
“Who’s there?” (Helen Shaver)

“Under the Banner of Heaven”
“Blood Atonement” (Thomas KMU)
“Revelation” (Isabel Sandoval)
“Church and State” (Courtney Hunt)
“A Mighty and Strong One” (Dustin Lance Black)

“A very British scandal”
All Episodes (Anne Sewitsky)

“Scenes from a Wedding”
“The Illiterates” (Hagai Levi)

“1883” (Taylor Sheridan)
“The Catches of Freedom” (Christina Alexandra Voros)
“This Ain’t Your Heaven” (Ben Richardson)

“This town is ours”
All Episodes (Reinaldo Marcus Greene)

“gas light”
All Episodes (Matt Ross)

“The Girl from Plainville”
“Talking is Healing” (Liz Hannah)
“Space” (Daniel Minahan)

“Impeachment: American Criminal History”
“One Treats” (Ryan Murphy)
“Stand by your man” (Rachel Morrison)

“The survivor”
Barry Levinson

Megan Park

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