Thor: Love and Thunder

Warning: This article contains full spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Gods have been a part of the MCU since the introduction of the Asgardians in 2011, but in Phase 4 the franchise really went god-crazy. First, eternal then explored the overpowering Celestials and their legendary creations moon knight debuted the Egyptian Ennead, and now Thor: Love and Thunder goes even further and offers an extravagance of supreme beings.

As you would expect from a movie that has a character named Gorr the God Butcher as the main antagonist, love and thunder contains a flurry of deities, from Thor and his friends to the Greek pantheon and a range of gods from other parts of the cosmos. Some are drawn from real-life mythology, some are from Marvel Comics, and some are straight out of the weird brain of Taika Waititi herself.

With so many knocking around in the film, here’s a handy guide to all of the divine entities that appear in it Thor: Love and Thunder.


Thor love and thunder
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The god with the god body himself (Chris Hemsworth) returns for his fourth solo appearance – a record-breaking first for the MCU love and thunder. Some time has passed since then Avengers: Endgame and he’s been saving the cosmos with the Guardians for some time when the movie starts.


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Valkyrie isn’t normally thought of as a god, but all Asgardians technically are, so she deserves her place on this list. Tessa Thompson’s heroine is busy wrestling with the boring side of being King of New Asgard early in the film, but she is able to spring back into action as the story progresses.

Jane Foster

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Does Jane (Natalie Portman) count as a god? Apparently yes. The astrophysicist gains Thor’s powers as she becomes worthy to wield Mjolnir, and after her tragic death from cancer, gains access to the Asgardian afterlife of Valhalla, validating her newfound divinity.


Thor Lady Sif
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After skipping Thor: RagnarokLady Sif (Jaimie Alexander) is back love and thunder. Sif loses an arm in battle with Gorr, but is last seen training the children of New Asgard and finding a new home on Earth. Sif also gets a new wardrobe for this film, which she adapts more to her comic counterpart.


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Russell Crowe offers one of the greatest MCU performances of all time as Zeus, the king of the Greek pantheon and Thor’s childhood hero. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a massive tool. The gold-blooded god appears to have been killed off by his former fan, but ultimately reappears no worse for the attrition.


Image via Marvel Comics

Technically, Hercules is a demigod – since his mother was mortal – but we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention him here. Herc is introduced Latin‘s mid-credits sequence, portrayed by Brett Goldstein, in which Zeus chooses his favorite son as his champion to get revenge on Thor.

Heimdall (and family)

Idris Elba Heimdall

Idris Elba returns for a brief cameo in the film’s after-credits scene, welcoming Jane to Valhalla. Significant, Latin also introduces his son Axl (Kieron L. Dyer), who inherited his father’s “strange eyes.” We also see Axl briefly with his mother, Grace (Eliza Matengu), presumably Heimdall’s wife.


zeus thor love and thunder
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As Zeus rages at Thor, the film cuts to a clearly drunk god screaming “Good, Papa!” This is Dionysus played by Simon Russell Beale. In Greek mythology, he is actually one of the sons of Zeus and (among other things) the god of wine.


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Bast or Bastet was introduced Black Panther as the panther goddess worshiped by the people of Wakanda, who serves as the guardian of their dead. In a moment you’ll miss it, she can be seen in Omnipotence City in front of Jane and Valkyrie.

Ninny the Nonny

Taika Waititi as Korg
Image via Marvel Studios

Referred to as the Old Kronan God, Ninny of the Nonny – as he is known on-screen – meets his subject Korg in Omnipotence City. Unlike the other gods, he seems surprisingly easy-going and laid-back. Taika Waititi doubles as Ninny for his brief cameo appearance.


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The cutest god of all is Bao, the god of the dumplings, who – as his name suggests – is a living Bao with a chibi-style face. It’s a good thing Thor is also made by Disney, otherwise by the makers of Pixar bao would probably complain.


gorr thor love and thunder
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Rapu (Jonny Brugh) has the distinction of being the very first god he appears in love and thunder, and also the most short-lived. It is his cruelty in the face of Gorr’s suffering that transforms him from a loyal acolyte to a vengeful God Butcher, with Rapu being the Necrosword’s first victim.

Falligar the Behemoth

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Though he’s no doubt killed many more in between, Gorr Falligar’s next documented victim is the Behemoth, the massive rocky beast that Thor sadly sees felled, as he describes him as “the kindest god there is” despite his fearsome appearance to meet .”


Image via Marvel Comics

To call eternity a god is almost to do the omniscient entity a disservice. In truth, the personification of time makes Zeus look like a pimple on the face of the universe. love and thunder declares that he exists at the center of reality and grants a wish to anyone who finds his lair.


Thor love and thunder
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Although not confirmed in the film itself, Love (India Hemsworth), unlike Jane, can probably be classified as a mortal turned god. After her resurrection, Love is described as “a child born from eternity” and is capable of wielding Stormbreaker. Expect great things from her.

other gods

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If you look at the credits, you’ll find a ton of other gods that you might have missed during the film itself. These are Flower God, Aztec God, Artemis, Elk Goddess, Mayan God, Minerva, Goddess of the Dead, Jademurai God, and fur god.

Thor: Love and Thunder is in cinemas now.

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