While Joey King is currently venturing into the world of fantasy action with Hulu’s The princess, the young actor has appeared in more than her fair share of horror films. Of course, almost every actor has a couple of horror films in his filmography. The notoriously cheap, profitable, and quick-to-produce nature of horror cinema makes it a bonanza for young actors looking to make their mark. and The princess Lead has appeared in a handful of notable horror films since her acting debut at age 4.

One of Joey King’s earliest feature film credits as a child actor was a small role in the 2008 horror remake quarantine. Since then, the Emmy-nominated actor has also found success in true-crime miniseries, action films, and romantic comedies like the hit Netflix series That kissing booth trilogy, but she continued her horror production with film titles like desire for, Thin manand The lieas well as the anthology TV shows RL Stine’s The Haunting Hour and scary show. Meanwhile, her most famous film of all genres may still be James Wan’s hugely successful haunted house story that spawned the horror franchise The incantationfrom 2013.


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Not all of the actor’s endeavors in the horror genre are celebrated like this Ed and Lorraine Warren-inspired film. Some of Joey King’s horror films have received very poor reviews and would give viewers hope that her thankless early roles have given the actress at least some publicity and profile. Here is a ranking of Joey King’s horror movies from worst to best.

Thin man

Joey King takes on Slender Man

Overshadowed by a tragic real-life crime involving a young girl’s stabbing and the eponymous urban myth, Slim Man was a doomed attempt to bring a famous piece of online folklore to the big screen. Though he boasts of the talent of Joey King and director Sylvain White, Thin man is hardly a movie, let alone a good horror movie. A messy, indecipherable effort ripped to pieces by overzealous editors to avoid controversy. As a result, not only is it unable to bring the eponymous internet boogeyman to life in a chilling way, but the 2018 film fails even to deliver a relatable plot. Thin man‘s trailer warned viewers about the weak, undersigned, and borderline indecipherable slog they were getting themselves into, but the film still managed to do well at the box office.

desire for

desire for

desire for has a classic horror film premise in which Joey King’s heroine is given a magic box that grants wishes, but the wishes come at the expense of those around her. It’s a solid “be careful what you wish for” parable that could have been a fun, darkly comical teen horror had it had a sense of humor, memorable characters, and a fast pace. But despite the work of Annabelle Director John R. Leonetti, there’s nothing scary about this 2017 teenage howler. Lots of laughs while watching desire for as cheesy, goofy evil horror, but none of the happiness the film evokes is in any way intentional.

The lie

Welcome to the Blumhouse The Lie Peters Sarsgaard keeps Joey King

The Joe Hill adaptation The black phone proved that a horror film can be successful with just a few locations, a game of cat and mouse between a creepy adult and a helpless teenager, and a simple plot. Veena Suds The lie isn’t as successful thanks to its unnecessarily convoluted plot, but at the core of this 2019 anthology horror effort there’s a powerful thriller with an effective, mean punch line. A tense psychological horror film that sees Joey King show off her considerable talent as a dramatic actress. The lie pits her against a mad friend’s father in a story that’s a little too smart on its own but still manages to get under the viewer’s skin. Dark and unsettlingThe lieThe unnervingly plausible plot of makes the chilling tale all the more compelling until the final act pushes things a bit too far to remain grounded in any reality.

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Joey King in quarantine 2008

quarantine proves that not all Hollywood horror remakes are offensively unoriginal slasher movies. Joey King plays a relatively minor role in the found footage zombie film, but that doesn’t stop this suspenseful shocker from being one of the few foreign horror remakes of its time worth seeking out. quarantine can’t quite recapture the unrelenting intensity of the original 2007 breakout hit [REC] and as always with shot-for-shot remakes, it has to be argued that viewers who’ve seen the superior original film needn’t bother with this one. However, judged on his own merits, quarantine is an effective zombie horror, a fast-paced and often brutal pursuit thriller, and an admirably grim attempt at imagining a relatively realistic response to a plague of murderous undead.

The incantation

The conjuring Perron family

The Terrifying and Brilliant The incantation is still director James Wan’s best film yet, a hit that raised the bar for haunted house movies and hasn’t been surpassed since its release in 2013. Joey King shines in a small role as one of the children affected by the haunting that haunts a remote farmhouse, but she’s just one of many extraordinary stars in a cast that has no weak links. The chemistry of Patrick Wilson and Vera Farming makes up for the film – and the franchise that followed – by ignoring the real-life controversies and scandals that plagued the Warrens, while underestimating Lili Taylor as reliably as ever.

However, the real star of The incantation is filmmaking, with Wan’s film milking a true story done to death for all the premise it’s worth. The Giallo tributes from Wan’s Malignant could be more spectacularly gory, but it’s hard to beat The incantation for subtle, slow-burning chills. Thanks to Wan’s smooth, fluid cinematography and ingenious sound design, an old story becomes creepy again and a simple game of “hide and seek” becomes the stuff of nightmares. With more frights in its infancy than some filmmakers manage in their entire careers, Wan’s is The incantation remains a Hollywood horror classic and the best film ever The princess Star Joey King has contributed to the genre so far.

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