After a dry spell, Dracula is poised for a big comeback on the big screen, and here’s every big Dracula movie slated for release in the near future.

Here are all coming Dracula Movie, including the highly anticipated Renfield. Dracula is probably the most famous monster in all of pop culture, with Bram Stoker’s novel and its many subsequent cinematic adaptations making him a global icon. Dracula has also had many famous portrayals, from Bela Lugosi to Christopher Lee (who played Dracula in ten films) and Gary Oldman. He’s a character who’s constantly being reinvented, from appearances in R-rated horror movies to kid-friendly outings like this Hotel Transylvania Franchise.

stokers Dracula has been told and retold so many times that filmmakers are constantly challenged to find new angles on the story. That could be one reason the Count has been largely absent from the big screen lately. Absence is heart-pounding, of course, and there are plenty of Dracula movies on the horizon for fans to look forward to.


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In keeping with Dracula’s shape-shifting nature, these upcoming projects span multiple genres.

Dracula is making a big cinema comeback

From sci-fi westerns to horror comedies to a good old-fashioned monster movie, there’s a Dracula for every mood.

The Invitation – August 26, 2022

Nathalie Emmanuel looks shocked as Evie in The Invitation trailer
Nathalie Emmanuel looks shocked as Evie in The Invitation trailer

Originally titled The bride, The invitation stands in front of it F9 Nathalie Emmanuel as a woman invited to a mysterious wedding at a gothic mansion soon to be run by vampires. The film looks like a combination The Brides of Dracula and Ready or Not, and while the character of Jonathan Harker has been confirmed to appear, it’s unknown if Dracula himself will make a cameo. While the film looks intriguing, much of the mystery it teased has already been spoiled by its own trailer.

The Last Voyage of Demeter – January 27, 2023

The next upcoming Dracula movie is The Last Voyage of Demeter based on the chapter “The Captain’s Log” from the original novel. The film chronicles the grim fate that befalls the crew of the title ship carrying Dracula in its cargo. Directors like Neil Marshall and 30 days of the night David Slade were previously attached, but André Øvredal – Helmer of witch horror Jane Doe’s autopsy – is now the captain of this special ship. Dracula himself is played by the well-known Javier Botet 2 summon Crooked Man and the titular monster in 2013 mother. Hopefully the decades of waiting The Last Voyage of Demeter will be worth it.

Renfield—April 14, 2023

Renfield wrap

Arguably the most exciting Dracula movie to come simply because of the role of the monster. Renfield is a horror comedy revolving around the titular henchman (played by Nicholas Hoult) of the count who decides to leave his boss after falling in love. Renfield based on a pitch of the Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman, who has promised, will keep his trademark gruesome violence. The film also cast Nicolas Cage as Dracula, which promises to be one of the most unique iterations of the character ever seen.

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Chloe Zhao’s Sci-Fi/Western Dracula – TBA

Chloe Zhao directs Eternals

The most mysterious upcoming Dracula movie is from eternal Helmer Chloe Zhao. The movie – just like Renfield and The Last Voyage of Demeter – will come from Universal and was named “Science Fiction/Western“Adventure. Unfortunately, no casting has been announced, nor does the project have a planned release date. Zhao has stated that she is intrigued by the concept of immortality, which she has also explored eternaland the mix of genres alone should point to them Dracula Project will explore new territory.

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  • RenfieldRelease date: July 10, 2022

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