Original by Fox X-Men series was one of the early landmark superhero franchises. It came out of the gate with two of the biggest entries in the genre, X-Men and X2then began to stumble X Men: The Last Stand, one of many disappointing Dreiquels. After that, the franchise was hit-and-miss for more than a decade until it came to an abrupt end with Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

Some of the X-Men Franchise entries are gems to watch endlessly, such as: Dead Pool and loganwhile others barely withstand a single ad, such as Dark Phoenix and The new mutants.


13 Dark Phoenix (2019)

Simon Kinberg had been working on it X-Men franchise as a writer and producer before making his directorial debut Dark Phoenixthe unspectacular end of the Fox series.

Despite Sophie Turner’s best efforts in the title role, Kinberg managed to screw up the seminal “Dark Phoenix Saga” a second time after writing the screenplay for it the last Stand.

12 The New Mutants (2020)

New Mutants Maisie Williams

Delayed by years of re-recordings, The new mutants was intended to be both a horror film and a coming-of-age film. It ended up being edited as a muddled combination of the two together.

Considering all the drama behind the scenes, The new mutants is surprisingly consistent. But brilliant actors like Maisie Williams and Anya Taylor-Joy are let down with generic characters.

11 X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

The series’ first fiddly adaptation of The Dark Phoenix Saga X Men: The Last Standwas the first of several X-Men Films to get mixed reviews from critics. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine and Halle Berry’s Storm are always a joy to watch; Vinnie Jones’ Juggernaut, not so much (“I’m the Juggernaut, b***h!”).

There are many exciting action sequences the last Standbut the threequel doesn’t have nearly as much depth or character development as its predecessors.

10 X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

Deadpool in X-Men Origins Wolverine

Jackman’s first Wolverine solo film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, promising to explore the character’s backstory in more detail. But it ended up being just another mediocre superhero team with all the other Weapon X candidates. The film doesn’t advance Wolvie’s origins any further than the previous one X-Men movies already.

Ryan Reynolds makes his deeply disappointing debut as Deadpool with his mouth sewn shut and unaware he’s in a movie. There are some exciting action sequences X-Men Origins: Wolverinebut not enough to warrant more than a few reps.

9 X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Oscar Isaac in the X-Men apocalypse

Oscar Isaac is massively underwhelmed with the title role X-Men: Apocalypse. Apocalypse is one of the Marvel Universe’s most powerful supervillains, but he doesn’t show his full range of powers in the film.

X-Men: Apocalypse is, as always, bolstered by the cast’s gaming efforts, but their committed performances aren’t enough to make up for a muddled script.

8th The Wolverine (2013)

The Bullet Train Battle in The Wolverine

Wolvie’s second solo film, simply titled The Wolverineis a huge improvement over X-Men Origins: Wolverine. James Mangold doesn’t have as much fun with Logan’s powers as he does in the next R-rated film, but there’s still plenty of brutality within the confines of The Wolverine‘s PG-13 rating.

The film’s Japanese setting is a refreshing change and paves the way for some interesting action scenes, like the prologue set during the atomic bombing of Nagasaki or the battle on top of a speeding bullet train.

7 X-Men: First Class (2011)

Magneto ends missile crisis in X-Men First Class.

After the disappointing double strike of the last Stand and X-Men originFox restarted X-Men Series with a prequel set in the 1960s. First class revitalized the franchise with stunning graphics and compelling character work.

It was a shame to see Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen go, but James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender did a great job in their place. The final battle begins with the ancient history antics of the prequels and connects the mutants to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

6 Deadpool 2 (2018)

The X-Force gathers in Deadpool 2

The highly anticipated sequel to Dead Poolaptly titled dead pool 2It takes a while to get going. After Vanessa’s untimely death, the mercenary with a mouth makes a lot of misery and ends up in prison without his superpowers.

The sequel picks up when Cable arrives to kill Firefist. The X-Force sequence is a hilarious highlight, and the third act has a much more faithful version of Juggernaut than the version Vinnie Jones plays in it the last Stand.

5 X Men (2000)

Storm threatens Toad with her lightning powers in X-Men 2000

The original X-Men Released back in 2000, the film was one of the groundbreaking early comic book films that proved the superhero genre could be mined for box office gold.

This film still holds up today, but it takes a while to get to the plot because, like every superhero origin film that followed, it is burdened with introducing all the characters.

4 Deadpool (2016)

It took years to put together a faithful Deadpool solo film, so only the best jokes survived the rewrites and edits. Origin stories tend to be less re-watchable than sequels, which can jump straight into the action, however Dead Pool is an exception.

Dead Pool avoids the pitfalls of Origin movies while still jumping straight into the action, complementing the backstory in a parallel storyline along the way. Even the original scenes never get old thanks to the film’s unique, confident style.

3 X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

The time travel adventure of X-Men: Days of Future Past mixes the old cast with the new cast, with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine taking the spotlight as the timeless time traveler who bridges the two timelines.

days of the future past Cuts between a post-apocalyptic future where mutants are hunted by Sentinels and the 1970s when the US government first introduced the Sentinel program.

2 Logan (2017)

Hugh Jackman in Logan

By far Wolvie’s greatest solo adventure, Oscar nominated logan, provided the perfect bittersweet ending to Hugh Jackman’s tenure in the role. This dark neo-western gem is an overpowered version of Shane with the father-daughter road trip of paper moon.

The film is as emotionally gripping as it is exciting. Jackman plays the title character as a grizzled, reluctant anti-hero at the end of his life. He makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the next generation of mutants, captivating audiences every time. Plus, logan finally gave Wolverine’s adamantium claw antics the R rating they deserve.

1 X2 (2003)

The second X-Men Movie, given the streamlined title X2set the template for great superhero crossovers like Infinite War. X2 dives into the action early with the destruction of Xavier’s school and never lets up from there.

That X-Men Sequel has a lot of spectacle, but it’s also very moving. X2 tells the most effective version of a story that would rehash the series over and over again as Wolverine digs into his past and confronts Stryker.

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