The 700MHz spectrum can provide 6-10km signal range with one tower and forms a good base for 5G offering

Why is 700MHz better?

New Delhi: As Reliance Jio adopts the 700MHz premium band in all 22 telecom circles or zones, the company will bring much faster and more efficient indoor 5G coverage to its customers in densely populated cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune and Chennai get more subscribers.

700MHz unique features

The 700MHz spectrum can provide 6-10km signal range with one tower and forms a good base for 5G offering.

The expensive 700MHz band saw bids worth Rs 39,270 crore, led by Reliance Jio.

The allocation of the 700MHz band is one of the key solutions to address the challenge of the mobile data explosion facing the telecoms industry and regulators, who are looking for additional spectrum to deploy new mobile broadband networks and capacities.

Pulkit Pandey, a principal analyst at Gartner, told IANS that telecoms’ interest in the 700MHz band “suggests that communications service providers (CSPs) are focusing on improved indoor coverage where the 700MHz band is a… could play a crucial role”.

“This band could also help CSPs deploy standalone 5G services and adopt network slicing. This could be an indication for CSPs trying to work on standalone 5G as well,” Pandey added.

Tower Advantage

The availability of valuable 700MHz spectrum means Jio only needs to upgrade 1,000 towers out of 3.5,000 to cover 80 percent of the targeted 5G opportunities in India, while competitors have to upgrade a larger number of towers.

The 5G era will begin 10X faster than 4G and 30X faster than 3G, bringing an unprecedented experience to millions of people.

Jio said its unique 700MHz spectrum will make it the only operator offering “true 5G” services nationwide.

“The speed, scale and societal impact of Jio’s 4G rollout is unmatched anywhere in the world. Now, with greater ambition and determination, Jio will lead India’s march into the 5G era,” said Akash Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio Infokomm.

download speed

According to chip manufacturer Qualcomm, the 700 MHz spectrum can achieve a download speed of more than 300 Mbit/s under test conditions.

The 700MHz spectrum will also help Jio provide 5G SA (standalone) services for businesses.

“An operator that has the sub-GHz spectrum in its 5G layer can gain between 200 and 300 basis points (2 to 3 percent) of the total subscriber market and a much higher number (10 percent market share gain) than an operator that does does not have a sub-Ghz layer in its 5G rollout,” says a white paper from global consulting firm Analysys Mason.

Ideal for long distances

Sub-Ghz bands (typically in the 700MHz and 900MHz range) are ideal for wireless applications, bridging long distances and consuming less power.

“Jio is fully ready for 5G rollout in a very short time due to its nationwide fiber footprint, all-IP network with no legacy infrastructure, native 5G stack and strong global partnerships across the technology ecosystem,” the company said.

Jio said its 5G network will enable the next generation of digital solutions that will accelerate India’s AI-driven march towards a $5+ trillion economy.

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