war of stars fans know that Obi Wan Kenobi originally launched as a planned standalone film and then as a trilogy. We can’t say how many ideas from this period made it into the later show. However, one fan decided to take matters into their own hands and adapt the entire series into a movie.

While Obi Wan Kenobi was generally well received, one of the recurring complaints being that there seemed to be a lot of padding. If Disney actually expanded what was planned as a movie into a six-episode television season, it would make sense. However, war of stars Fan Kai Patterson has now gone viral after adapting the Disney+ series back into a two-hour, 30-minute film.

“That Obi Wan I felt the show suffered from things that were easy to fix in the script and editing,” Patterson writes on his website. “Awkward pacing, entire scenes that ultimately meant nothing, silly dialogue and directorial decisions, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and change what I could. I want to be very clear: this is my own artistic interpretation of how these scenes could be strung together to create something that works better for me personally.”

Star Wars: Obi Wan Kenobi started life as a movie

Speak with The DirectScreenwriter Stuart Beattie gave some insight into the cancellation Obi Wan Trilogy. “I wrote the movie that the series is based on,” Beattie said. “I worked on this for about a year, year and a half. And then when the decision was made not to do any more spin-off films after Solo came out, I left the project and went on to other things. joby [Harold] came and took my scripts and turned them from two hours to six. So I didn’t work with them at all; I only got credit for the episodes because it was all my stuff.”

That Obi Wan The trilogy was canceled after disappointing box office results Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, Patterson has now resurrected that original vision and fans can experience some of it Obi Wan movie may have been.

Patterson does not sell his version but initially makes it available for streaming on his website. Lucasfilm has traditionally been very lenient with fan productions and editing. “[W]We support all of the original artists on this show by not allowing this to become a means of piracy,” Patterson said.

Yesterday Patterson said he intends to take the film edit offline, adding that he will only share it with “VIP guests upon request”. However, the film is still available on Patterson’s website.

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