With the upcoming release of the second season of his animated show Originallyacclaimed animator, Genndy Tartakovsky, has announced that he has finally started work on his latest animated feature film, Firmly via Entertainment Weekly. The animation legend revealed the film will be aimed at adults with a rare R rating.

“We’ve finally gotten started on ‘Fixed,’ the R-rated 2D animated film about a dog who finds out he’s going to be neutered in the morning and what does he do with his next 24 hours? I’ve been trying to sell it for 12 years. It’s going to look really good and it’s got heart, but then it’s got the super slickness. I’ve never really seen anything like it,” Tartakovsky told Entertainment Weekly. With an acclaimed talent at the helm with a unique and hilarious premise, Firmly could potentially serve as a refreshing animated film for older audiences.


The film is being produced by Sony Pictures Animation, who previously released the R-rated computer-animated film sausage party who made full use of his R rating with his extreme and grotesque humor. Tartakovsky’s story with animation is typically geared towards children with films like this Hotel Transylvania Franchises and TV shows like Cartoon Network’s Dexter’s lab, Samurai Jackand the Star Wars: Clone Wars microseries. However, the creator recently dabbled in more adult-oriented animation with the latest season of Samurai Jack Debut on Adult Swim and Originally which premiered on the same network. Next to Firmlywhich Tartakovsky is also working on Black Knight under Sony Pictures Animation, which will carry a PG-13 rating.

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While adult animation remains popular on television, full-length feature films are usually rare, with some notable examples such as The Simpsons Movie, Shane Ackers 9, Robert ZemeckisBeowulfand Wes Andersons Island of Dogs, all of which received a PG-13 rating. Even rarer are notable R-rated animated theatrical releases, including sausage party South Park: Bigger, longer and uncut, and anomaly. With Tartakovsky at the forefront of animated features for older viewers, maybe adult animation can find its audience in theaters in the near future.

While the release date for Firmly Due to the development status of the film it is not yet certain, fans of Tartakovsky can now look forward to the premiere Originally Season 2, which recently released a new trailer, features fun prehistoric action that reflects the creator’s previous work, such as: Samurai Jack. More details on the new season will be revealed later this month at San Diego Comic Con.

Tartakovsky’s Firmly has no set release date yet. Originally Season 2 arrives this summer on July 22nd at Adult Swim.

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