Author RL Stine gives an update on new Goosebumps and Fear Street movies and confirms he’s heard talks about more from both franchises.

After the successful debut of one of the franchises last year, RL Stine has given a promising update on new developments goose flesh and street of fear movies. Stine launched the earlier book series in 1992, with each of the 62 entries centered on young children who find themselves in the midst of a supernatural threat. Since its debut, over 400 million books have been sold worldwide goose flesh Franchise is the second best-selling book series in history after JK Rowlings Harry Potter and has expanded into other media, including the ’90s live-action TV series and two films in the 2010s starring Jack Black as the fictional Stine.


street of fear first hit shelves in 1989 and carried a formula similar to that goose flesh Books, although they took a much more mature approach as they focused on teenagers in the fictional town of Shadyside dealing with a variety of supernatural threats, some resulting in gruesome deaths. Amid some hiatus, Stine has written 51 mainline novels as well as several spin-offs, all of which have sold over 80 million copies. street of fear would come to the big screen with a trilogy of films co-written and directed by Leigh Janiak, originally set at 20th Century Fox, later acquired by Netflix and releasing for three consecutive weeks in mid-2021.

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In a recent interview with Yahoo! entertainment Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the fan-favorite book series, RL Stine provided an update on what’s new goose flesh and street of fear movies. The beloved author confirmed he’s overheard talk of both franchises having a possible future and expressed surprise at how Netflix is street of fear films were made. See what Stine shared below:

“There’s still talk of more goosebumps movies and I hear rumors of more Fear Street movies coming to Netflix because the first ones did so well last summer. Those movies kind of shocked me because they were all R-rated, and I’ve never done anything R-rated before! All these teenagers got gutted. I was like, ‘All of a sudden I have a slasher movie!’”

Stine’s discussion of hearing speaks of more goose flesh Movies comes a few months after it was announced that Disney+ has started development on a new live-action TV adaptation of the iconic novels. The series marks the second major collaboration between Stine and the House of Mouse streaming platform, following the author’s well-received series adaptation Only over graphic novels. The pilot for the new goose flesh The series was written by Nick Stoller and Rob Letterman, the latter of whom directed the first Jack Black-directed film.

While some will surely be intrigued by the possibility of more goose flesh Movies, it’s Stine’s note who’s heard rumors that Netflix is ​​working on more street of fear Movies that fans of the R-rated horror trilogy are sure to find exciting news in store. As the author notes, the street of fear The trilogy proved a hit with critics and audiences alike for its nostalgic setting, subversions of classic horror genres and LGBTQ+ portrayal, and director Leigh Janiak had previously confirmed ideas for future films and the credits for Third part: 1666 When an unknown figure steals the satanic book, Netflix has the door open to keep the franchise alive. In the meantime, the audience can revisit both street of fear trilogy and original goose flesh Series streaming now on Netflix.

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Source: Yahoo! entertainment

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