Henry Cavill has long been cast by fans as the MCU’s Wolverine, but a chilling AI-generated image of Cavill as the character makes it even better.

There are many ways that Marvel can incorporate wolverine into the MCU, but Henry Cavill’s anti-Logan horror film would be one of the most interesting. Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is iconic, and trying to make another interpretation similar to this one might lead to unnecessary comparisons. However, if Henry Cavill were cast as Wolverine, he would be perfect to bring out a new side of the X-Men’s most iconic member.

The idea of ​​a horror version of Wolverine, played by Henry Cavill, has been floating around the internet for a while, with the concept originating from Dall-E mini, an AI art generator. At the prompt “Henry Cavill as Wolverine‘ it produces images of the actor in the role, but with a horribly distorted face. Though creepy, this AI art of Henry Cavill as Wolverine accidentally created one of the most unique shots of Logan in the MCU.


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While the character wouldn’t actually have a distorted face, the idea of ​​a more terrifying Wolverine in the MCU is intriguing. An aspect of Wolverine that was omitted from Fox X-Men movies was Wolverine’s rage, which is an integral part of the character in the comics. While Hugh Jackman’s version was quick to anger and belligerent, a horror Wolverine was able to show the primal rage that is key to the character. A more villainous take on Wolverine would give the MCU a fresh take on the character while staying true to his berserker rage.

Could Henry Cavill Actually Play Wolverine in the MCU?

Henry Cavill as Wolverine Split Image

Hypothetically, Henry Cavill could play an awesome Wolverine, especially a villain one. Cavill has a history of portraying superheroes after playing Superman in DCEU, so he’s no stranger to huge cinematic universes. Then there’s Cavill’s Superman man of Steel is a darker version of the character, which would also be a horror Wolverine. However, Cavill’s Superman stoicism isn’t the only trait he could transfer to Wolverine. Cavill plays an antagonist in it Mission Impossible: Falloutand that rudeness combined with Cavill’s physicality could create a fantastic Wolverine.

While the idea started with an AI-generated image, a darker Wolverine played by Henry Cavill could work amazingly well. Cavill has the talent and notoriety to pull off the legendary X-Man, but the violence and fury would add an unprecedented aspect to the character and the MCU. Henry Cavill’s previous films have shown his ability to play the part and a horror wolverine in the MCU could be perfect.

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