Which MCU film or Disney+ show will Brett Goldstein’s Hercules be in after debuting in Thor: Love and Thunder? Every possibility is here.

Warning! SPOILERS for Thor: Love and Thunder.

These are the upcoming MCU projects where Brett Goldstein’s Hercules could appear next after its debut Thor: Love and Thunder. Thor’s latest adventure opened the door to the gods and goddesses of the MCU, and luckily for all of them, Gorr the godslayer couldn’t live up to his name. Therefore, future MCU installments may borrow popular characters from ancient myths. Most notable among them is the character Hercules, who will praise the gods after Thor almost killed Zeus.

Marvel’s Hercules has a very similar backstory to its mythological counterpart, complete with a quest for the Golden Fleece, the Twelve Labors, and his death at the hands of Deianira. But as a comic book character, Hercules has been brought back to life not only as an Olympian but also as an avenger. Since his first encounter with Thor in the comics, Hercules has crossed paths with the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, and has taken part in major events such as: civil war and World War Hulk.


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It took a long time for the MCU to introduce Hercules, but finally Thor: Love and Thunder The first post-credits scene showed that Teddy Lasso Star Brett Goldstein will bring it to life. Now that the groundwork has been laid for a war between the Asgardians and the Olympians, what upcoming MCU film or TV show will feature Hercules’ next appearance? Here’s every future Marvel movie and show where Hercules could appear next.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Marvel's Hercules and the MCU Guardians of the Galaxy

The Guardians of the Galaxy have become Thor’s friends since they first met Avengers: Infinity War. Given how much Thor overshadows them in terms of power, the MCU needs to find creative ways to tell them apart. in the Thor: Love and Thunder, the Guardians of the Galaxy split off early on to deal with various emergencies across the universe, potentially leaving them occupied with threats as large as Gorr the God Butcher. But eventually, it’s possible that Hercules, on his quest to find the god that almost killed his father, might stumble upon the Guardians that he can use as bait to lure Thor in. This would flip the plot of Dark Olympians from the comics a bit. where the Guardians of the Galaxy released a captive Hercules and hunted down the corrupt family of Zeus.

When Hercules makes a little entrance Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, he can’t have too much screen time. The Guardians will be more than busy with a villain of their own, possibly Will Poulter’s Adam Warlock or the High Evolutionary. Still, a quick meeting between them and Hercules would be a nice touch for them Thor fans, which confirms that Thor and the Guardians have become famous intergalactic figures.

Hercules Disney+ series

Hercules from Marvel Comics and Zeus from Thor Love and Thunder

Perhaps an easier option for Hercules’ next appearance is via his own Disney+ series. Greek mythology is an ideal source of material as it is as vast as Asgard and remains unexplored by the MCU to this day. A Hercules The Disney+ series could follow the title character on his crusade to make the gods relevant again, but it could also take a look back at the early years of Hercules and reinterpret the mythical hero’s classic stories. It could therefore feature Russell Crowe’s Zeus, as well as other popular gods such as Ares and Hades, and show how Omnipotence City came into being or how the Olympians first interacted with the Celestials.

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Eternal 2

Marvel's Hercules and the MCU Eternals

Alternative, Eternal 2 could show the same meeting between the Celestials and the Olympians, but from the perspective of the Celestials and the Eternals. In the comics, the Olympian gods and the Eternals agreed to coexist in harmony despite their similar characteristics. In the MCU, they could instead get into brawls, with Zeus and Hercules leading the Olympians against the beings they see as a threat to their divinity. The conflicting ideals between the Eternals and the Olympians are a major source of conflict, as the former vowed never to interfere in human affairs and the latter seemingly seeking nothing but admiration. Undoubtedly, their fight could be one of the most visually striking in the entire MCU.

gate 5

Thor vs Hercules in Marvel Comics

The most obvious implication for Hercules’ next appearance is an eventual sequel to Thor: Love and Thunderwhich could focus on the staged one-on-one battle between Thor and Hercules. Thor: Love and Thunder In the first post-credits scene, Zeus orders Hercules to specifically hunt down Thor, suggesting that it won’t be long before Hercules finds Valkyrie, Thor, and new MCU character Love in New Asgard and demands a fight. The MCU has already used up most of Thor’s main villains, so pitting him against another god would be a good way to shake up Thor’s solo franchise.

However, there is also a possibility that Thor and Hercules will become allies once they meet. Together they could face enemies like the Midgard Serpent or Cul Borson or even a villainous Beta Ray Bill trying to take Thor’s place gate 5. Anyhow, Hercules may not remain Thor’s enemy for long, as the Olympian hero tends to side with the heroes in most realities of the Marvel Multiverse.

The Avengers 5

Marvel's Hercules and the Avengers in the MCU's Civil War

If there’s one movie that allows every Phase 4 character introduced so far to return, it’s the eventual sequel Avengers: Endgame. Even if it remains unconfirmed The Avengers 5 is one of the most anticipated events in the MCU’s new saga. An event that brings together all new and established heroes is only a matter of time, and Hercules is a good candidate for the superhero team that has joined many iterations of the Avengers in the comics. However, Thor: Love and ThunderThe Hercules post-credits scene suggests that Hercules is the perfect dark antithesis of Thor, which would make him an equally ideal member of the MCU’s Dark Avengers.

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