Adam Sandler has been making laugh-making movies for more than three decades. Out of Lucky Gilmore and BillyMadison to 50 first dates and I now declare you Chuck and Larry What’s more, his filmography reads like a list of must-see comedies. Sandler was one of the first major A-list stars to sign a contract to produce films for Netflix in 2014, which was renewed for four films in 2017 for $250 million. Sandler matched that deal for four movies for the streaming service for $275 million.

One of the films Sandler made for Netflix was in 2019 thriller with Jennifer Aniston. The film was the biggest and most streamed Netflix film of the year. Murder Mystery II is on the way, but in the meantime, Sandler’s latest film breaks some new ground for the former Saturday night live Actor. Hurry is a basketball film about redemption and pursuing your dreams at any cost.


in the Hurry, Sandler plays Stanley Sugerman, a scout for the Philadelphia NBA team. He’s ready to make the long-awaited move to assistant coaching when the team’s owner and mentor, Rex Merrick (Robert Duvall), dies, leaving his self-centered, arrogant, short-sighted son Vince (Ben Foster) to run the team. Stanley’s promotion is immediately cut short, and Vince tells him his job is at stake if he doesn’t find the next big NBA star soon. The film features a who’s who of current NBA stars as well as Queen Latifah as Sugerman’s wife Teresa. Hurry is poignant, endearing and hits you in a big way. It differs from the other films by Sandler and his production company Happy Madison in several ways.

Hustle is a drama

Hurry isn’t Adam Sandler’s first foray into the world of dramatic rather than comedic storylines, but it’s one that seamlessly integrates Sandler’s well-developed personality into the narrative, so both pay tribute to the types of characters he’s played in previous nons -Netflix movies like Lucky Gilmore, Billy Madisonand The Waterboy and evolves that persona to be more in line with the middle-aged and career-oriented storyline of Hurry. The film has some sad scenes and many tense moments and ends up being heartwarming and endearing.

Adam Sandler plays a serious character

As mentioned above, this isn’t Adam Sandler’s first attempt at a dramatic, serious character. He received rave reviews for his performance in 2019 Unpolished gems and did great work at Paul Thomas Anderson Beat drunk love. But there’s something about Sandler’s portrayal of Stanley Sugarman that’s so authentic that it actually feels like Sandler is playing a version of himself. It’s as if basketball is the metaphor for his career and he’s looking for his next role and movie in search of the great new NBA player.

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Stanley Sugarman is an every man (or woman). At at least one point in everyone’s life, they find themselves at a crossroads in career and life where the next decision could make or break their happiness or lack thereof. We all know (or are/were) Stanley Sugarman. He’s a very relatable character.

Sandler’s wife is not in a rush

Even though Hurry is the latest Happy Madison production for Netflix, the film breaks with a very big Adam Sandler/Happy Madison tradition: Sandler’s wife Jackie is not in the film. At least one member of Sandler’s family usually appears in his films, with Jackie being the most common. The pair met in 1999 when they both appeared in it big dad Since then, the couple has appeared in many films together, including 50 first dates crime thriller and Little Nicki. Hurry breaks with this tradition. Sandler’s daughter, Sunny, appears briefly in one scene and is referred to as a “Greek 13-year-old girl.”

Hustle feels like a true story

The plot of Hurry feels like a true story, and that’s unusual for an Adam Sandler/Happy Madison project. Billy Madison, Hot Chicks, Don’t Mess With The Zohan, and Little Nicki (to name a few) aren’t exactly believable storylines. Sandler’s career has largely focused on the more ridiculous and over-the-top sides of life. Hurry, the other is a film about a man at a crossroads in his career. Anything he wants is just out of reach unless he has the balls to try. If that’s not a relatable scenario, we don’t know what is.

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Sandler’s fans have aged and so has his storytelling

Adam Sandler is 55 years old (he will be 56 in September 2022). He’s not young enough to pull off the kind of characters that made him famous. He seems to have realized that his storytelling strengths today lie in stories about the situations of middle-aged people. This works because as Sandler has aged his fans, and this shift to deeper, more nuanced and dramatic characters with life-altering conflicts is as true for Sandler’s fans as it is for Sandler himself. Sandler’s fans will continue to flock to his films as Sandler’s characters continue to evolve. This is how Sandler can ensure he has a successful film on his hands.

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